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Horror Movies

'I'm Done': Patrick Stewart Says He's Retiring From X-Men Movies

The Huffington Post | Nina Golgowski | Posted 02.25.2017 | Entertainment

The X-Men may have to find a new mutant to seek guidance from. Patrick Stewart has announced that he is retiring from the “X-Men” movie franchise ...

Oscars Night Preview: What Was Your First Grown-up Film?

Murray Forseter | Posted 02.24.2017 | Entertainment
Murray Forseter

It is Academy Awards time Sunday night, so naturally my non-Trump thoughts are focused on the silver screen. This year’s host will be Jimmy Kimmel. ...

Horror Film About Racism Earns Coveted 100 Percent On Rotten Tomatoes

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 02.24.2017 | Entertainment

The actor Jordan Peele is best known for his comedy, or his impression of former President Barack Obama. That may change this weekend, based on early ...

Finally, A Movie Called 'Oscar Bait'

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 02.22.2017 | Comedy

Film awards season has to come to this ― a film called “Oscar Bait.” It may just be in the imagination of Seth Meyers and his “Late Night” o...

Being Awkward At Parties Is Like Living Your Own Personal Horror Movie

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | Posted 02.17.2017 | Comedy

Being awkward at parties is a nightmare. It starts with people thinking you wouldn’t even be there. Then not remembering someone you’ve met before...

'Jackie' Composer Is Breaking Through A Male-Dominated Oscar Field

The Huffington Post | Matthew Jacobs | Posted 02.21.2017 | Entertainment

It’s safe to assume “La La Land” will win the Oscar for Best Original Score this month. It is a musical, after all. But you owe it to yourself t...

10 Netflix Horror Films To Watch With Your Squad On Valentine's Day

The Huffington Post | Abigail Williams | Posted 02.10.2017 | Entertainment

Plenty of people celebrate Valentine’s Day with dinner, roses and champagne. But if that’s not your style, and you’d rather round up your gal pa...

Asian And Black Directors Were Barely Represented In Top-Grossing Films, Study Says

The Huffington Post | Kimberly Yam | Posted 02.12.2017 | Entertainment

Hollywood’s got far more work to do before they’re labeled inclusive ― especially among its directors, a study says. A recent report examined t...

Watch The Trailer For Our Most-Anticipated Horror Movie Of 2017

The Huffington Post | Matthew Jacobs | Posted 02.08.2017 | Entertainment

Warning: This trailer may induce chills. Previewing what could be one of the indie horror events of the year, A24 released the first trailer for “It...

Why You Should Date Someone Who Scares You

Unwritten | Posted 02.08.2017 | Women

Originally published on Unwritten by Laura Van De Walle. Dating someone that scares you may be the best choice that you ever make. Novelty is a scary ...

Watch Rihanna As Marion Crane In Chilling 'Bates Motel' Trailer

The Huffington Post | Cole Delbyck | Posted 01.31.2017 | Entertainment

Somewhere in between blocking Drake’s kiss at the VMAs and eyeing Sandra Bullock’s fries while shooting “Ocean’s Eight,” Rihanna somehow fou...

Trump Stars In Terrifying Spoof Trailer For 'Split 2'

The Huffington Post | Lee Moran | Posted 01.25.2017 | Comedy

As if M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror movie “Split” wasn’t scary enough. Jimmy Kimmel gave the film a terrifying twist on Tuesday by airing a...

This NSFW Trailer Featuring Killer Mermaids Will Give You Nightmares

The Huffington Post | Cole Delbyck | Posted 01.06.2017 | Entertainment

Ever since Chloë Grace Moretz took a hard pass on the live-action “Little Mermaid” movie, we’ve been on the hunt for some under-the-sea goodnes...

Someone Literally Turned 2016 Into A Horror Movie

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 12.29.2016 | Comedy

Everyone’s been saying it: 2016 was one traumatic year. It’s the year we lost David Bowie, Harper Lee, Prince, and Princess Leia and her mother. I...

Drew Barrymore Looks Back At The Shocking Opening Scene Of 'Scream'

The Huffington Post | Matthew Jacobs | Posted 12.20.2016 | Entertainment

By the start of 1997, the question “Do you like scary movies?” needed a trigger warning. Hear it and you’d probably think of Casey Becker, the t...

3 Valuable Lessons I Learned Attempting to Make a Mystery Science Theater Knockoff

Dan Persons | Posted 12.04.2016 | Entertainment
Dan Persons

If you've been tracking my feed, you know my friends -- Andrea Lipinski, Orenthal Hawkins, and Kevin Lauderdale -- and I put out a podcast called Temp...

This 'Don't Breathe' Deleted Scene Finally Explains Some Things

The Huffington Post | Todd Van Luling | Posted 11.28.2016 | Entertainment

Earlier this year, “Don’t Breathe” became a surprise summer hit, grossing over $150 million worldwide on a budget that was reportedly less than ...

Surviving Doomsday: Of Wolves And Penguins

Carla Marcantonio | Posted 11.15.2016 | Arts
Carla Marcantonio

Note: plot spoilers contained herein. As I try to redirect or just manage to do something else with my angst over what may happen on Election Day oth...

The Untapped Potential of "Found Footage" Horror

Michael Darer | Posted 12.03.2016 | Entertainment
Michael Darer

There is perhaps no more maligned subset of the horror genre than so-called “found footage” films. For a while, in the mid-2000s, pictures designa...

Lost Horror Movie Scenes That We'd Love to See

Xaque Gruber | Posted 10.31.2016 | Entertainment
Xaque Gruber

I love horror movies and the uniquely seductive, heart-pounding lure that keeps you in their world of scares. While a film's story is usually told thr...

Office Life With Jigsaw From 'Saw' Can Be Absolute Torture

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 10.26.2016 | Comedy

You think your daily grind is horrifying? Try working 9 to 5 with Jigsaw. The sadistic master of mayhem became famous for testing his subjects’ will...

13 Streaming Scary Movies For Your Next 'Netflix And Thrill'

The Huffington Post | Jillian Capewell | Posted 10.21.2016 | Entertainment

What’s so fun about being scared? Perhaps it’s easier to work through real-life fears when you can experience imagined ones in a spooky book or an...

Fake Horror Movie Trailer Shows What Might Happen If Trump Wins

Outspeak | Posted 10.18.2016 | HuffPost Live 321

Some bottled water, a Swiss Army knife, and directions to Canada. This is not a list of items needed to survive a zombie apocalypse, but with Election Day fast approaching on November 8th, you might just need them if Donald Trump wins, according to SRP TV.

Trump - The Horror Movie

Sherman Yellen | Posted 10.10.2016 | Politics
Sherman Yellen

I don't know about you, but I found that so-called town hall debate the most difficult one to watch.

7 Vintage Movies That Creeped Us Out At Kids And Still Do So Today

The Huffington Post | Yagana Shah | Posted 10.06.2016 | Fifty

Special effects may be far more advanced today, but there’s still nothing like a classic, old-school horror film to give you the kind of heebie jeeb...