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Huffington Issue 52

Posted 06.03.2013 | Huffington

In this week’s issue of Huffington, we take you inside evangelical megapastor Joel Osteen's massive social media operation, designed to save souls, ...

Moving Image: Our Week In Photos

Posted 05.30.2013 | Arts

Welcome to "Moving Image," our slideshow of the best photos of the week from around the world. The following photos tell the story of the most comp...

Arianna Huffington's Commencement Speech Also Perfect for Boomers

Francine Toder, Ph.D. | Posted 07.29.2013 | Fifty
Francine Toder, Ph.D.

While intended for Smith College graduates, Arianna Huffington's wise words to graduates of Smith College struck me as similar to the advice I give Vintage Years folks -- those over 55.

8 Good Reasons To Stop Worrying

Posted 06.07.2013 | Healthy Living

When the Cornell Legacy Project asked elderly Americans about their biggest regrets, an overwhelming number said that they wished they hadn’t wasted...

Huffington Issue 51: The Third Metric

Posted 06.06.2013 | Women

In this week’s issue of Huffington, we look beyond money and power, toward a new definition of success. In a package prefaced by Arianna Huffington,...

Gazelle Emami

What Surf Music And Punk Have In Common | Gazelle Emami | Posted 06.13.2013 | Entertainment

The story goes that when The Beatles landed stateside in 1964, they killed surf music. But one lone surf act escaped Americans’ selective amnesia of...

Our Week In Photos

Posted 05.16.2013 | Arts

Welcome to "Moving Image," our slideshow of the best photos of the week from around the world. The following photos tell the story of the most comp...

Huffington Issue 49

Posted 07.14.2013 | Huffington

In this week’s issue of Huffington, we explore an unusual service taking hold across the U.S. — deathbed choirs that use song to comfort the dying...

WATCH: What You Didn't Know About The Modeling Industry

Cameron Russell | Posted 05.10.2013 | TED Weekends
Cameron Russell

2013-05-09-russellpullWomen are often worried about how they look and that's not superficial. We know that our appearance has nothing to do with how smart, creative, or hardworking we are, but it plays powerfully into what society decides we are worth.

People Dying For Our Clothes

Peter S. Goodman | Posted 07.09.2013 | Business
Peter S. Goodman

We already know that our banks remain too big to fail, threatening regular people with crisis. Now, a parallel reality is emerging in the garment trade: Most of our clothing is produced by global enterprises so vast and complex that they are simply too big to supervise.

Moving Image: Our Week In Photos

Posted 05.09.2013 | Arts

Welcome to "Moving Image," our slideshow of the best photos of the week from around the world. The following photos tell the story of the most comp...

Here Is What You Should Invest In For Summer 2013

The Huffington Post | Michelle Persad | Posted 05.10.2013 | Style

Believe it or not, spring is nearly over and it's time to start thinking about the warm summer months ahead. While you're stocking up on SPF, planning...

Postcard From Tokyo: What Zen, Haiku and Tea Have to Do With Surviving the Financial Crisis

Arianna Huffington | Posted 07.07.2013 | World
Arianna Huffington

Japan's spirit is being tested by the same recession and financial crisis afflicting all industrialized nations. But paradoxically, there are answers to be found to Japan's very modern crises in its most ancient traditions. There are shrines and temples and gardens everywhere. It is common to see monks meditating and easy to join them in meditation. And the latest twist is Buddhist temples using Zen meditation, cold-water ablutions and other traditional ceremonial practices to help young people looking for jobs! By taking its traditions and adapting them to solve new problems, by going both forward and backward, both outward and inward -- juxtapositions that in Japan don't have to be contradictions -- the people of Japan are poised find a new and vibrant balance for the 21st century.

Saki Knafo

The Grease Trap: KFC And The Working Poor | Saki Knafo | Posted 05.10.2013 | Business

The Kentucky Fried Chicken where Joseph Barrera works stands at a busy intersection in the working-class Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up, down ...

9 Smart Reasons To Do Nothing At All

Posted 07.06.2013 | Healthy Living

Truman Capote once described himself as a “completely horizontal author” who wrote his best works lying down, often with a cigarette or sherry in ...

Huffington: Issue 48

Posted 05.06.2013 | Huffington

In this week’s issue of Huffington, we profile a 22-year-old KFC worker who represents the fastest-growing cohort of American workers — those who ...

WATCH: How A Teacher Encouraged Her Students With An 'F'

Rita F. Pierson | Posted 07.03.2013 | TED Weekends
Rita F. Pierson

2013-05-02-piersonpullIn the spring of my career, I found myself questioning the choice of my life's work. The students did not appear to be motivated, the paperwork was overwhelming and the constant change of educational direction was discouraging. But, I just could not seem bring myself to do anything else.

Small Screens, Big Business

Arianna Huffington | Posted 07.03.2013 | Crime
Arianna Huffington

In this week's issue, Gerry Smith looks at one of the less savory effects of recent technological innovation: the billion-dollar black market for stolen smartphones. And Lila Shapiro considers the career of former New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey, nearly a decade after he resigned with the admission that he was "a gay American."

Does 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Live Up To The Hype?

Mike Ryan | Posted 07.02.2013 | Entertainment
Mike Ryan

The first word on Star Trek Into Darkness is ...

Moving Image: Our Week In Photos

Posted 05.02.2013 | Arts

Welcome to "Moving Image," our slideshow of the best photos of the week from around the world. The following photos tell the story of the most comp...

Jason Linkins

Despite 'Buckwild's' Ignominious End, Reality Television May Not Be Done With Ridiculing Rural Americans | Jason Linkins | Posted 05.10.2013 | Entertainment

MTV's "Jersey Shore in Appalachia" reality series "Buckwild" had a very brief and very unhappy lifecycle. It launched amid censure from critics and la...

Jaweed Kaleem

The Growth Of Deathbed Choirs | Jaweed Kaleem | Posted 09.26.2013 | Religion

WASHINGTON -- Always face the person in the chair. Sense their breath, the rising and falling of the lungs, the blood's flush on the cheeks. Watch the...

Dave Jamieson

Retailers' Pledges On Garment Worker Safety Ring Hollow | Dave Jamieson | Posted 05.03.2013 | Business

The climbing death toll in the wake of a massive building collapse in Bangladesh has put increasing pressure on Western retailers to commit themselves...

The Ultimate Summer TV Premiere Guide

The Huffington Post | HuffPost TV Staff | Posted 05.10.2013 | TV

You may have been planning to use this summer to catch up on the TV shows backlogged on your DVR, but there are more than 80 series premiering in the ...

8 Mistakes You're Making With Burgers

The Huffington Post | Taste Editors | Posted 05.22.2014 | Taste

Like all things worth cooking, you have to mess a few up before you hit your stride.