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Human Relations

8 Soft Skills That Make for a Great Assistant

Sharon Tsao | Posted 01.25.2015 | Business
Sharon Tsao

Not everyone can be an administrative assistant. It takes a very specific set of skills to assist an executive or manager. The following soft skills make for a great assistant: time management, project management, strong communication, and active listening skills, as well as common sense.

Four Questions All Technology Users Need to Ask

Louis Efron | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business
Louis Efron

Does your neck hurt from looking down at your mobile device hours everyday? Do your hands tingle and cramp from using it or your computer? Are your eyes tired? Do emails, texts, and calls disrupt your workouts, your meals, personal time, and sleep?

Make April 8, 2013 International Friendship Day

Chip Berlet | Posted 06.04.2013 | Impact
Chip Berlet

We can help build a peaceful, prosperous, and diverse nation. On April 8 our family will mark the day as a day for building friendship among nations and peoples. It is especially important that we do this as residents in a nation of immigrants.

Key California Human Relations Conference in L.A. Tackles Overcoming Violence and Injustice

Brian Levin, J.D. | Posted 05.25.2013 | Los Angeles
Brian Levin, J.D.

California's top human relations and academic experts are convening on Tuesday, April 2 for a major all-day public conference addressing violence and injustice in the state. The expertise comes at a critical time for the state

Why Music, Part 3: Music and Diplomacy

Frank Fitzpatrick | Posted 12.19.2012 | Impact
Frank Fitzpatrick

During a television interview following the recording, the show's host asked me this essential question: "In a region wrought with a history of so much war and hatred, can a song really make a difference?" My response was, "If music can't make a difference, I don't know what can."

Can You Speak Human?

Abigail Noble | Posted 09.24.2012 | Impact
Abigail Noble

Many leaders fail not because they do not have good intentions or because they do not have the right professional experience, but because they have forgotten how to "speak human."

11 Things All Good Divorce Lawyers Need To Know

Henry Gornbein | Posted 07.23.2012 | Divorce
Henry Gornbein

People often become totally irrational during a divorce.

How to Terrify an HR Person

Liz Ryan | Posted 07.08.2012 | Business
Liz Ryan

"So how should I react when I get that condescension, that whole 'HR doesn't understand business' routine?" asked Tara. "You smile and say 'Yes, of course' and carry on with your life."

As 9/11 Images Resurface, Remember To Comfort The Victims

Dorian de Wind | Posted 10.14.2011 | Impact
Dorian de Wind

In exactly one month, America will observe the tenth anniversary of that dreadful day when our country, in so many ways, lost her innocence. Between ...

Leaders on Intergroup Relations Converge for Key CA Conference

Brian Levin, J.D. | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Brian Levin, J.D.

A dynamic all day conference on Intergroup Relations and Conflict Resolution held by CAHRO is taking place this Monday, February 7 from 8AM-5PM in downtown Los Angeles on the campus of the California Endowment at 1000 North Alameda Street.