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Good Talks and Real Health Care Reform

  |   July 17, 2012    2:18 PM ET

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Is it Time for Healthcare to Engage Patients as Consumers?

  |   May 1, 2012    1:07 PM ET

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A New Era of Computing: IBM Research Helps Doctors Choose Best Care Options for Individual Patients

  |   March 29, 2012    2:34 PM ET

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Learning Machines: Watson Could Bring Cancer Expertise to the Masses

  |   March 29, 2012    2:28 PM ET

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Smarter Healthcare: Let's Pay Doctors to Keep People Healthy

  |   February 21, 2012    7:47 AM ET

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New Health Care: Putting More Intelligence in Your Doctor's Hands

  |   November 1, 2011    2:49 PM ET

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The Next Era of Computing: Learning Systems

  |   October 20, 2011    4:19 PM ET

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Perspective on Healthcare

Jarrod Dicker   |   September 13, 2011    1:45 PM ET

Medical records, texts, journals and research documents are all written in natural language -- a language that computers traditionally struggle to understand. The ability to deliver a single, precise answer from these documents could go a long way in transforming the healthcare industry. Watson, the IBM computing system designed to play Jeopardy!, could deliver such a solution.