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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing vs. SEO: An Inside Look at How They Work Together

Lucinda Watrous | Posted 09.26.2016 | Business
Lucinda Watrous

According to HubSpot, inbound marketing is used to "turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business." It's built around attracting strangers with your blog, social media, and keywords, then converting those visitors with forms, calls to action, and landing pages.

What Marketers Can Expect When They Use Marketing Automation

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 08.17.2016 | Business
Sajeel Qureshi

Marketing Automation.  To some people that may mean 'cool marketing software' and for others it probably sounds like a crazy pyramid scheme.

Journalism and Content Marketing Need Each Other

Cameron Conaway | Posted 07.07.2016 | Business
Cameron Conaway

Truth is, just as in 1899, journalism and content marketing need each other. As investigative journalists tell some of the most important stories of our time, the publication they work for is often cash-strapped, underpaying those journalists, and too busy or blind to break free from its antiquated ways of distribution--maybe sending truly brilliant content out a few times via their social media channels and calling it "a strategy."

7 Sure-Fire Ways To Create More Engaging Content

Neil Patel | Posted 06.17.2016 | Business
Neil Patel

Whether you chalk it up to a lack of time, the incessant need to "feed the content monster" or any other reason, this an issue that needs to be addressed. We need to ask and answer the critical question: How do we create more engaging content?

The Challenges of Agile Marketing On A Budget

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 05.18.2016 | Business
Sajeel Qureshi

Marketing on a budget is seriously difficult.  Apart from no money, you also probably have no time and no help. 

Inbound Selling Versus Traditional Selling -- What's the Difference?

Yasmin Khan | Posted 05.02.2016 | Business
Yasmin Khan

Inbound marketing is the new-school answer to the age of digital media and online business. It teaches us to use our fancy online tools to drive traffic to our websites.

Four Digital Strategies No Small Business Should Ignore

Lyndon Wood | Posted 04.25.2016 | Business
Lyndon Wood

Small businesses have a lot of competition and if you want to stand out you can't neglect your online presence. Investing in your digital strategy and delivering in all four of these areas will lead to more leads, more sales, increased growth and also customer retention.

Why Isn't Content Marketing Working for You?

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 12.10.2015 | Business
Sajeel Qureshi

Content marketing. You know it when you see it. You also cry a little every time you see it done wrong.

Elon Musk Has a Marketing Plan. Do You?

Neil Sheth | Posted 11.10.2015 | Business
Neil Sheth

Elon Musk and Tesla have cornered their niches, they've turned customers into evangelists, and most importantly, they provide online users with a positive experience based around useful content instead of zealous sales pitches around every corner.

What to Do When You Lose a Customer

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 09.28.2015 | Business
Sajeel Qureshi

You've seen it happen in movies, soaps and to your friends, but you never thought it would happen to you. Your best customer just sent you the news. They want to see other people. Instead of boozing the night away or wallowing in self-pity (or a pint of Ben & Jerry's), do these things instead.

Why You Can't Wait to Launch Your Inbound Marketing Strategy for Business Growth

​Jackie Nagel | Posted 09.23.2016 | Business
​Jackie Nagel

Today's consumer is turning to the web for information about companies and products before buying. In fact, 80% of business decision-makers would rather research custom content to learn about a service than be bombarded with ads. Sound familiar?


Austin Schneider | Posted 09.18.2016 | Business
Austin Schneider

I reflected on countless situations where I was making up obstacles in my head. It is time to get to doing. He left us with this: "I don't know what the question is. But I know the answer is yes."

Why You Should Quit Blogging

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 09.18.2016 | Business
Sajeel Qureshi

'If you build it, they will come.' Hey, it worked for Kevin Costner in a Field Of Dreams, so it can work with your blogging. Right? Wrong. It won't work. Here's why you need to stop blogging.

How Good Customer Service Can Be Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Debra Carpenter | Posted 09.10.2016 | Business
Debra Carpenter

When we talk about marketing, we often talk about defining your ideal customer, creating great content, and making sure that the product you're selling delivers on your promises. But we don't talk enough about customer service and how exemplary customer service is an important element of successful marketing.

How to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 08.28.2016 | Business
Sajeel Qureshi

Let's be honest. Content marketing really sucks. For the most part you're doing it as a means to an end to get new leads and sales. You really have no desire to spend hours channeling your inner Maya Angelou writing blog posts about your topic that all sound the same to you.

The 6-Step Guide for Launching Your Business's Blog

Daniel Scalco | Posted 08.19.2016 | Business
Daniel Scalco

As a small business owner, you may know about the importance of blogging for your business. It's been touted as one of the best ways to bring in new customers through the Internet. But where do you start?

Selecting Between Native Advertising and Content Marketing in 3 Steps

Shane Paul Neil | Posted 07.28.2016 | Business
Shane Paul Neil

A fight is brewing in the world of marketing when it comes to brand budget dollars; how do you choose between native advertising and content marketing? It's not an easy question to answer, brands must wade through a plethora of information to decide what is best for them.

How to Do Content Marketing on a Budget

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 07.22.2016 | Business
Sajeel Qureshi

Content marketing is all the rage these days. We know that good content in many formats like ebooks, webinars and blog posts can attract the right people to our business and those people can become customers.

Make Sure Your Blog Post Has These 7 Things Before You Publish

Michael B. Fishbein | Posted 07.21.2016 | Business
Michael B. Fishbein

With big hopes and dreams, I decided to start blogging. I enjoyed it at first, but I wasn't making any money. I was spending a lot of time on valuable content, for no pay off. I was promoting my writing and at best, only getting a hundred visitors to my blog for each post.

The Problems With Your Marketing Agency

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 06.04.2016 | Business
Sajeel Qureshi

It's hard to avoid marketing agencies.  There seem to be more marketing agencies and experts than there are businesses to benefit from their help. Are these four common marketing agency problems holding you back from winning business?

3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Fails

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 05.15.2016 | Small Business
Sajeel Qureshi

Admit it, you've hired marketing people or agencies and fired them with a nasty break-up. It's ok. There are 'marketing haters anonymous' meetings happening all over the world. Are there things you could have done differently? Absolutely.

Being a "BADASS" With Mark Schaefer's Content Code

Chad Pollitt | Posted 06.06.2015 | Business
Chad Pollitt

Simply publishing a lot of content is not enough anymore. If it doesn't move through relevant audiences, marketers are wasting their budgets. The focus should be on content ignition.

3 Reasons Why Marketing Technologists Are Your Next Hire

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 06.02.2015 | Small Business
Sajeel Qureshi

Marketing is becoming more tech-savvy than the IT department. According to CIO Magazine CMOs are going to spend more than CIOs on technology, software and services.

3 Analytics Reports To Measure The Health Of Your Campaign

Jose Vasquez | Posted 03.22.2015 | Small Business
Jose Vasquez

Regularly checking these three Google Analytics reports can give you an accurate pulse on the overall health of your inbound marketing campaign.

How Microsoft Brewed Compelling Enterprise Marketing with Great Storytelling

Andre Bourque | Posted 03.15.2015 | Business
Andre Bourque

Microsoft's Dynamics product is a line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software applications. Not exactly the type of content you'd search for on YouTube. But the product line's creative marketing team has been able to get viewers to do just that.