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Incarcerated Teens

From Teens in Jail to Teens Onstage: The Odyssey Project

Ming Holden | Posted 08.12.2016 | Education
Ming Holden

The Odyssey Project, now in its fifth year, is using the arts to combat recidivism for juvenile offenders in a completely unprecedented way: by creating an arts-based "intervention" at that critical point near the end of a juvenile offender's teen years, when, like Odysseus, they have life choices to make that will indelibly determine their future's path.

L.A.'s Shockingly Archaic Treatment Of Its Juvenile Offenders

Jacqueline Caster | Posted 04.20.2015 | Los Angeles
Jacqueline Caster

L.A. has long maintained an image in America as a progressive, cutting-edge, and trend-setting environment. So it should come as a huge shock that regarding the treatment of children in the juvenile justice system - Los Angeles may be the most backward major metropolitan area in the nation.

16 People Who Made a Big Difference in 2014

Ari Nessel | Posted 02.21.2015 | Impact
Ari Nessel

Mobility for physically and mentally challenged people in Northern Uganda. Widespread humane education in Australia. Community gardens for all in Chico, California.

NFTE Solutions: A Pioneering Entrepreneurial Group Business Program for Low-Income Youth

Steve Mariotti | Posted 10.21.2012 | Education
Steve Mariotti

My fundamental belief remains that the craft of small-business ownership holds the solution to creating sustainable employment for young people, particularly those in marginalized economic scenarios.

The State of Our Children

Michael Piraino | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Michael Piraino

If we want to succeed as a nation, then we absolutely have to start with our children.

Why Teach the Hard to Reach? Books Can Make a Difference

David Chura | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
David Chura

There's a question every teacher asks with each new school year: "Why do I teach?" For me it was always, "Why teach the hard to reach?"

Empowering Incarcerated Teens: An Interview With Meade Palidofsky

Tabby Biddle | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Tabby Biddle

For 20 years, Meade Palidofsky has been working in juvenile prisons, helping young people find their voice and tell their stories through performance art. I learned about her incredible work through the documentary, "Girls on the Wall."

Privatized Hell

J. Richard Cohen | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
J. Richard Cohen

As a society, we are facing a crucial decision: We can continue to criminalize our children and groom them for adult prisons. Or, we can invest in programs that help rather than harm them.

Robert Graham and the Homies

Tom Hayden | Posted 05.25.2011 | Style
Tom Hayden

Robert Graham's fear has come true; LA leads California, California leads America, and America leads the world, in the population of the incarcerated, most of them young men of color.

A Promise for Our Children

Carol Chodroff | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Carol Chodroff

The Youth PROMISE Act Rejects "one size fits all" approaches that will funnel more youth -- particularly poor youth and youth of color -- into the juvenile and criminal justice systems.