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5 Reasons to Build Your Own Forest Garden

Ashley Wren Collins | Posted 08.17.2016 | HuffPost Home
Ashley Wren Collins

Derived from woodland ecosystems and incorporating layers of fruit trees, nut trees, herbs and perennial vegetables, root plants, ground cover plants and a vertical layers of vine plants, forest gardening is a low maintenance and sustainable gardening system that also yields a useful food supply.

A More Sustainable Mother's Day

Danielle Nierenberg | Posted 05.08.2013 | Green
Danielle Nierenberg

Planting a vegetable garden at home is not only a fun Mother's Day activity, but is also an excellent way to make sure that Mom has fresh produce available for the rest of the summer.

PHOTOS: Lego Animals Take Over The Bronx Zoo

Posted 09.21.2011 | Green

From Inhabitat: A different breed of animals has invaded the Bronx Zoo -- ones made entirely of LEGOs! That's right, these colorful lions, tigers, ...

The Great Downsizing Debate Continues

Jennifer Schwab | Posted 09.18.2011 | Green
Jennifer Schwab

What is an appropriate number of square feet per person to live comfortably yet sustainably?

Six Tips To Escape The Summer Heat At Home

Inhabitat | Posted 09.14.2011 | Green

The heat is on this summer and many of us will be escaping it with the press of a button. Air conditioning is a big reason cities and suburbs can be b...

Downsizing -- A Thousand Square Feet Per Person, A New American Standard

Jennifer Schwab | Posted 08.09.2011 | Green
Jennifer Schwab

I know many successful boomers who are now moping around their 8 to 12,000-foot monuments to capitalism. But has America's long-standing love affair with this type of -- not very green -- home finally run its course?

The Story Of Inhabitat

Inhabitat | Posted 07.06.2011 | Green

If you've ever been curious about how Inhabitat got its start, today is your lucky day....

Nonprofits Get Creative to Keep the Donations Coming

Jennifer Schwab | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Jennifer Schwab

Many previously flush donors have been forced to cut back on their generosity. Asking the remaining contributors to dig deeper is not the answer in most cases. What's a nonprofit to do?

Is 'The Ark' Humanity's Solution To Rising Seas And Unpredictable Floods?

Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

From Inhabitat: Speaking to the world's rising sea levels, Russia-based architectural firm Remistudio proposes this arch-shaped floating hotel as a r...

Test Driving The Chevy Volt

Inhabitat | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

When Chevrolet offered me a chance to test drive their brand new electric car, the Chevy Volt, last month, I jumped at the chance. After all, I have b...

BLOG WATCH> Minimalist Water Tower Transformation On Inhabitat

Green Design Will Save the World | Posted 05.25.2011 | Arts

Chateau d'eau is a remarkable home made from a reclaimed water tower in the small town of Steenokkerzeel in Belgium. Interior design firm Bham Design ...

Reinvent Your Old Jeans For The Recycled Denim Challenge

Ecouterre | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

You and your favorite pair of jeans have had some swingin' times together, but there's a fine line between casually distressed and wardrobe malfunctio...

PHOTOS: 'Mired In The Bayou,' An Exhibit About The BP Oil Spill

Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

From We've all seen images of the Gulf Oil Spill - filmy waters, desolate shorelines and blackened, lifeless animals. But what about t...

Where Are the Women in the Green Stratosphere?

Marguerite Manteau-Rao | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Marguerite Manteau-Rao

It appears, that 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling are not enough. Never mind, we shall be like ants, patiently building a different world, one tiny green step at a time.