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Insect Behavior

Hungry Bugs Use 'Math' To Find Fastest Route, Study Shows

Posted 04.18.2013 | Science

By: Tanya Lewis, LiveScience Staff Writer Published: 04/17/2013 02:00 PM EDT on LiveScience Just as light does, ants traveling through different m...

Bees Have 'Sixth Sense' For Buzzing, Study Suggests

| Posted 03.28.2013 | Science

By Sid Perkins The electric fields that build up on honey bees as they fly, flutter their wings, or rub body parts together may allow the insects to...

Tiny Sensors Reveal Secret Of Bee Navigation

| Posted 09.22.2012 | Science

By Katherine Harmon Bumblebees, it turns out, don’t bumble. Using tiny radar tracking devices, motion-activated cameras and artificial flowers, sci...

Tiny Bugs Do Dirty Work For Meat-Eating Plants

Posted 05.10.2012 | Science

By: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 05/09/2012 05:32 PM EDT on LiveScience Carnivorous plants can have valuable allies in ants,...

Spider's Creepy Offering To Mates Spotlighted In New Study

| Posted 04.24.2012 | Science

Nothing says love like chewed-up body parts—at least for nursery-web spiders (Pisaura mirabilis). In some populations of these European arachnids, f...

'A Bug's Life' Gets Drawn Out

Posted 03.23.2012 | Arts

Normally we're so preoccupied with what's going on that we never stop to smell the roses or watch the insects! Come to think of it, insects probably w...