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YouTube, Vine and Now Instagram Video: This Changes Everything!

Kim Garst | Posted 09.02.2013 | Business
Kim Garst

Video is H-U-G-E! I know that sounds completely obvious and you are probably saying, "Isn't it already huge?" Yes it is, but it is going to be even ...

Social Snaps Are Not Just About Sexting: It's a Whole New Language

Beverly Macy | Posted 09.01.2013 | Technology
Beverly Macy

You've heard it said that "A picture is worth 1000 words." Wikipedia says that this idea "refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed wi...

PHOTOS: TSA Joins Instagram, Posts Pictures Of Confiscated Items

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grenoble | Posted 07.02.2013 | Travel

Other than toothpaste in quantities greater than 3.4 ounces, ever wonder what the TSA actually confiscates? Wonder no more. A TSA Instagram accoun...

LOOK: Tuna The Dog Was Once Dumped By A Road -- Now He Has 400K Instagram Fans

Posted 06.30.2013 | Good News

Judging from his severe overbite, Tuna is probably another victim of irresponsible breeding. But while most of those dogs end up with more tragic fate...

How Facebook Is Killing Vine In 1 Graph

The Huffington Post | Posted 06.29.2013 | Technology

When Instagram announced the addition of video to its filter-filled photo-sharing app last week, many opined that it would be the end of Vine. But ...

Conflict Between Moms And Social Media Starts Up On Instagram

Posted 06.26.2013 | Parents

The conflict between nursing mothers and social media platforms has moved to a new arena: Instagram. As The Daily Dot first reported, Jessica Mart...

Michelle Obama Finally Has An Instagram!

Posted 06.27.2013 | Style

Michelle Obama is on Instagram! We're so excited we can barely tap our touchscreens fast enough. The first lady's account, @michelleobama, is offic...

How to Use Instagram for Business: Stop Talking and Listen

Lisa Parkin | Posted 08.25.2013 | Business
Lisa Parkin

Whether its branded or un-branded, create a conversation that adds to one Instagram users are already having (with or without you).

The Best Celebrity Instagram Videos (WATCH)

Shira Lazar | Posted 08.25.2013 | Technology
Shira Lazar

Now that Instagram's video feature is all the social media rage (Vine? What's Vine?!), even celebrities are getting in on the action. So, we scoured...

Innovations in Newspapers: Seashell Newsrooms, Floating Incubators

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 08.25.2013 | Media
Magda Abu-Fadil

Newspapers aren't dead and still have much to offer - in different shapes, sizes, and via various platforms - provided they think outside the box. En...

Captive to Modernity

Marissa Lepor | Posted 08.24.2013 | Media
Marissa Lepor

What is freedom? That's a fairly intense question for someone to ask a nineteen-year-old. What do I know about freedom? I live in Los Angeles, Califor...

25 Architects To Follow On Instagram

2012-02-16-archdailyreal.jpg | Posted 08.28.2013 | Arts

(Originally published here) Last year, we published a post (one of our most popular of all time) on the four Apps that every architect should have ...

It's No Accident Instagram Videos Are Exactly As Long As A Television Commercial

Quartz | Posted 08.21.2013 | Technology

Facebook is going to get us all watching television ads again....

Instagram Video Takes Selfies To New Extremes

Bianca Bosker | Posted 08.20.2013 | Technology
Bianca Bosker

In a blog post published Thursday, Instagram introduced the app's new video-sharing feature by showcasing four short cinematic clips people had shared...

Timothy Stenovec

Instagram Gets Video | Timothy Stenovec | Posted 07.16.2013 | Technology

Video, meet Instagram. Facebook on Thursday announced that it had added video recording, editing, filtering and sharing capabilities to Instagram, ...

The Curse of the Network Effect

Nir Eyal | Posted 08.19.2013 | Technology
Nir Eyal

Ethan Stock lived the Silicon Valley dream. He had recently sold his company to eBay and emanated the tanned skin and relaxed composure you'd expect of someone who just cashed a big corporate check. But I was surprised by what he said next. "Mediocrity is worse than failure, you know?"

In Defense of the Selfie

Maurice Tracy | Posted 08.18.2013 | College
Maurice Tracy

I live in a world where I didn't hear someone romantically call me desirable until I was 26. I live in a world where either body privilege or racial privilege is always against me. So I point my camera at my face and I click. I am what some would call ugly, but I don't see it.

24 Travel Apps to Download Now

Fathom | Posted 08.17.2013 | Travel

The best travel apps that help us pack our bags and see the world.

Live Vicariously

Liftopia | Posted 08.17.2013 | Travel

Who you should be following on Instagram for breathtaking pictures from the slopes to the surf.

Say Cheese! #Selfies as the New Marketing Campaign

Rana Florida | Posted 08.17.2013 | Business
Rana Florida

With smartphones, people can snap a #Selfie and share it with their network of friends or followers in an instant; even the Clintons are engaging in the trend.

If the NSA's Spying on Us, I'm Going Down

Courtney Garcia | Posted 08.10.2013 | Comedy
Courtney Garcia

Am I naïve enough to believe the government hasn't being spying on us all this time? No, that's ridiculous. Am I still really mad that it's official? Yes. It's like when your significant other admits to cheating on you even though you already presumed it was the case.

How the #Hashtag Changed the Way We Communicate

Lauren Schuhmacher | Posted 08.10.2013 | College
Lauren Schuhmacher

Recently, the little tic-tac-toe of linguistics has made its way into other areas of communication, including places that don't support tagging: Facebook, text messaging, and even casual speech (out loud, one would say, "hashtag: blessed"). Why?

WATCH: The Amazing Reason You Should Start Instagramming Litter | Posted 07.31.2013 | Green

When Jeff Kirschner was asked by his daughter why there was trash on the floor, he didn't have a good enough answer for her. Watch the video to find o...

Is the Daily Newspaper Passé?

Helene Cohen Bludman | Posted 07.31.2013 | Fifty
Helene Cohen Bludman

It startles me to even think this way, but let's be honest. Who has time to linger over the daily paper anymore? With our rushed morning schedules, we barely manage to pick it up from the driveway and toss it in the house.

How Social Media Is Helping to Bring Fans Back to IndyCar

Matthew Knell | Posted 07.28.2013 | Sports
Matthew Knell

Sunday's 97th Running of the Indianapolis 500 lifted the IndyCar Series to level of awareness rarely seen in the last few years. Social media allowed the drivers to share the highlights, and low lights of the fastest (by average speed) and most competitive (by number of lead changes) race in the 104-year history of the Speedway real-time.