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House Vote On Insurance Industry Anti-Trust Exemption Coming

Baby's Insurance Company Denies Coverage, Family Left In Health Crisis With Over $100,000 In Medical Bills

Insurers Drop Drywall Victims

Health Reform Sit-Ins Thursday Across U.S.; Police Threaten Arrests

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GOP Rushes To Defend Insurance Companies From Dem Attack

Pollster Behind Controversial Public Option Poll Has Long Ties To Insurance Industry

Insurers' Survey Points To Big Bills As Health Care Problem

Morning Joe Allows Guests To Pimp Lewin Group 'Research'

"Nonpartisan" Front For Insurers Has Been Widely Cited

Health Insurance Lobby Supports "Bipartisan Reforms," Attacks Public Option (VIDEO)

Insurance Companies To Lawmakers: We'll Continue Stripping Coverage For Sick People

On Health Care, Americans Trust Obama And Dems Far More Than GOP: Poll

Insurance Bailout: Firms Approved For TARP Money