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Americans Favour Coffee Over Financial Freedom

Sol Palha | Posted 07.22.2016 | Business
Sol Palha

Individuals are more interested in loading their prepaid Starbucks cards with money as opposed to contributing to their 401K plans. This is a clear illustration of how people today are more concerned with how they look or what image they portray as opposed to building a sustainable nest egg.

Everyone Wants A Robo-Advisor

Robin Raskin | Posted 07.19.2016 | Technology
Robin Raskin

There was a time when you needed a substantial amount of wealth in order to make it worth hiring a wealth manager or even getting a wealth manager to pay attention to your puny investment funds. That picture is changing fast.

How to Recognize When You Are Too Trusting

Carol Morgan | Posted 07.18.2016 | Women
Carol Morgan

I have gotten into trouble because I didn't heed this motto: "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is." I should have used my head, but I also should have acknowledged how I felt about things too. It sounds like it's a difficult line to walk, but it's not.

Follow Shareholder Activists To Find 'Smart Money' Investing Opportunities

Steven Abernathy and Brian Luster | Posted 07.14.2016 | Fifty
Steven Abernathy and Brian Luster

The opportunity to invest with what S&P IQ calls the "Smart Money" is too promising to ignore. Following the work of an experienced and successful activist provides intelligent investors with a fertile list of undervalued targets for which the activist envisions a strategy of change designed to produce a clear path to value creation and a high probability of success.


Jerry Jasinowski | Posted 07.14.2016 | Business
Jerry Jasinowski

Making Cents of Financial Markets - by Jerry Jasinowski "If you really want to double your money," said Will Rogers, "you should fold it over and p...

Six Basics to Consider Before Investing with a Robo Advisor

Nathaniel Sillin | Posted 07.13.2016 | Business
Nathaniel Sillin

You're looking to grow your money, but you're not quite sure how to get started. You've considered hiring a qualified professional to work with you on...

Mortgage Rates Take a Dive - Should You Jump In?

Scott Yancey | Posted 07.11.2016 | Business
Scott Yancey

In the aftermath of Brexit, the exit from the European Union of Britain, some mortgage rates have dropped to near historic low points. In looking aro...

The Most Important Lessons an Investor Can Learn

Harmel S. Rayat | Posted 07.07.2016 | Business
Harmel S. Rayat

Given that a great deal of capital inflow from domestic and foreign investors seeking high-yielding opportunities in a low interest rate environment is taking place, I don't believe the Fed is a 100 percent correct in its assessment.

How To Invest In Innovation For Your Startup -- Advice From Apple's Third Cofounder

Deep Patel | Posted 07.05.2016 | Business
Deep Patel

When ideas and money get together, money usually ends up in control.This astute observation was made by Ronald Wayne, who cofounded Apple Computer Inc. along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and then sold his shares in the company a short time later for $800.

Uncommon Data is the New Frontier in Risk Management

Irene Aldridge | Posted 06.27.2016 | Business
Irene Aldridge

Minimizing volatility is important to investment managers focused on capital preservation. After all, lower volatility helps protect capital and improve the key portfolio performance metric, the Sharpe Ratio, which is equal to the average annualized return divided by annualized volatility. An acceptable Sharpe Ratio for a portfolio starts in the 1.8 range.

Brexit Fallout: What Are They - Nuts?

Jonathan K. DeYoe | Posted 06.26.2016 | Business
Jonathan K. DeYoe

Brexit is not exactly "new" news. Economists and media pundits have complained about the brokenness of the E.U. for the better part of the last decade...

Potash Price Surge Could Lead To Higher Food Costs For Billions

James Stafford | Posted 06.24.2016 | Business
James Stafford

We are on the precipice of a food fight among 7 billion people, and potash will be right at the center of it. If you can add 200,000 people every day...

Business-Building Advice From The 0.1 Percent

John Bowen | Posted 06.22.2016 | Business
John Bowen

What could you do for your business if you knew some of the key success strategies used by the very wealthiest professionals and their families -- not...

Move Over Oil - Lithium Is The Future Of Transportation

James Stafford | Posted 06.22.2016 | Business
James Stafford

Just a few years ago, we would have scoffed at the idea that electric vehicles could be mainstream anytime soon, or that the global appetite for lithi...

Doing Well By Doing Good: An Interview With Steve Case, Chairman And CEO Of Revolution LLC And Co-Founder Of AOL

Alexandre Mars | Posted 06.27.2016 | Business
Alexandre Mars

I heard for the very first time of Steve Case in 2000 when AOL merged with TimeWarner for $350 Billion. For me at that time and at the peak of the int...

How Real Estate Is A Smart Investment For Entrepreneurs

Margarita Hakobyan | Posted 06.20.2016 | Business
Margarita Hakobyan

From the fictional Lex Luthor to the very real Donald Trump, real estate has often been considered a ripe investment opportunity for successful entrepreneurs. But what differentiates a smart real estate investment from one that's going to turn into a disaster?

SIRUM, bluDiagnostics, and Blendoor Win the Women Startup Challenge at LinkedIn

Craig Newmark | Posted 06.16.2016 | Technology
Craig Newmark

Hey, the Women Startup Challenge took place last night, and was a real game-changer. 10 women-led startups pitched, and were all the real deal. Each...

Uranium Prices Set To Double By 2018

James Stafford | Posted 06.15.2016 | Business
James Stafford

With prices set to double by 2018, we've seen the bottom of the uranium market, and the negative sentiment that has followed this resource around desp...

Scott Yancey's Top 10 Fix and Flip Deal Destroyers

Scott Yancey | Posted 06.14.2016 | Business
Scott Yancey

I love real estate and I really love to fix up houses and flip them to other investors. Sometimes I have multiple buyers for a single house, and I'm ...

The Moral Revolution our World Needs

Tobias Roberts | Posted 06.10.2016 | Impact
Tobias Roberts

A couple of weeks ago President Obama visited Hiroshima, the site of the first atomic bomb dropped on a human settlement. During his visit, he said t...

You Don't Inherit Real Estate Investing Genetics

Dean Graziosi | Posted 06.10.2016 | Education
Dean Graziosi

In some ways all of the TV flipping and investing shows and travelling seminars are helping to bring new people into real estate investing. But, in o...

Billionaire Investors Back A Gold Price Rally In 2016

James Stafford | Posted 06.09.2016 | Business
James Stafford

It wasn't so long ago that some of the more famous investor gurus were shrugging off gold as nothing more than shiny trinkets with no investment value...

Battlefields of War and Financial Markets

Renny McPherson | Posted 06.07.2016 | Business
Renny McPherson

Before launching his asset management firm Alpha Architect, Dr. Wesley Gray served as a Marine Corps officer in Iraq. Already a student of economics a...

City Sustainability Reporting: An Essential Best Practice

Adam Sulkowski | Posted 06.07.2016 | Green
Adam Sulkowski

U.S. and Chinese mayors are discussing climate action this week. There's one best practice in particular that all others depend upon: sustainability r...

Your Ideas really don't matter! SXSW Connection with John Frankel of ff Venture Capital

Alfred E. Blake IV | Posted 06.03.2016 | Business
Alfred E. Blake IV

As a millennial, the runway to success is connection. It is finding genuine interest in people and looking to be of service. SXSW is a ideal to meet...