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Iraq War Veterans

San Diego's War on Veterans: A PTSD Controversy

Lisa Nagorny | Posted 08.26.2012 | Impact
Lisa Nagorny

It is easy to voice support for veterans; it's more difficult to act in support of them. The Aspire Center controversy is an unfortunate example of the widespread misperception of veterans.

'America’s Returning Soldiers Don’t Want Handouts'

Matthew Glynn | Posted 08.26.2012 | Impact
Matthew Glynn

America's renewed focus on the employment of veterans is nothing short of remarkable, and yet challenges to our community remain. According to the U...

Meds Not Enough to Bring Down Rate of 1 Vet Suicide Per Day

Joseph Bobrow | Posted 08.14.2012 | Impact
Joseph Bobrow

Service members, veterans and their families benefit from social support approaches. We should make them part and parcel of reintegration and mental health programming and provide the resources necessary for them to grow.

Still Too Many Cracks in the System

Christine Hill | Posted 08.07.2012 | Impact
Christine Hill

After a decade of war, the expectation is our wounded will make a "seamless transition" from military service programs to receipt of needed VA services and benefits.

Openly Healing War's Hidden Wounds

Joseph Bobrow | Posted 06.12.2012 | Impact
Joseph Bobrow

Stephanie's husband, Michael, returned from Iraq in body, but he was plagued by unrecognized post traumatic stress. After six months stateside, he com...

Troops Out, Now What?

American Anthropological Association | Posted 05.29.2012 | College
American Anthropological Association

Militarism in the U.S. seems to have a gravitational force pulling a wide array of resources and sectors into its orbit. Our involvement with Iraq serves as a case study for how deeply rooted militarism is in American culture and political life.

Vet Unemployment Rose To 12.1% For Those Who Served In Iraq And Afghanistan

Posted 03.21.2012 | Impact

Though recent government initiatives incentivize businesses to hire veterans, the overall unemployment rate for those who served after September 11 in...

Cancer of the Spirit

Robert Koehler | Posted 05.08.2012 | Politics
Robert Koehler

The extraordinary documentary On the Bridge bares the deep psychic wounds of America's returning vets.

The Politics of a Ticker-Tape Parade

Dorian de Wind | Posted 04.24.2012 | Politics
Dorian de Wind

A national ticker-tape parade to honor and thank our returning Iraq war veterans. There should not be much controversy about such occasions. But there is.

Wounded Vets Find Healing In Cooking 'Boot Camp'

Posted 02.22.2012 | Impact

By Associated Press HYDE PARK, N.Y. Julio Gerena is in a wheelchair, his long career in the U.S. Navy and Army forever behind him. But the 52-year-...

"A Nation's Gratitude" White House Dinner

Dorian de Wind | Posted 04.17.2012 | Good News
Dorian de Wind

The Pentagon had to -- in just a few days -- select 64 troops to represent the 1.5 million American men and women who fought in Iraq.

A Rainy Day in D.C., Marching to Close Guantanamo

Coleen Rowley | Posted 03.18.2012 | DC
Coleen Rowley

It's now 10 years after the indefinite detention prison of Guantanamo was created. With the recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act broadening, the U.S. government seems to have given up on ever righting itself.

Double Amputee War Vet Runs Disney Half Marathon

Posted 06.14.2012 | Impact

Though racing long distances in his prosthetic legs is painful, that didn't keep Lance Corporal Matias Ferreira from completing the half marathon in D...

29 Wolf Dogs Rescued, Now Cared For By War Vet Volunteers

Posted 01.06.2012 | Impact

Donations poured in when Dr. Lorin Lindner and her husband Matt Simmons became vocal about adopting 29 wolf dogs from Alaska -- including from celebri...

Small Tenn. Towns Find Big Ways To Honor War's Dead, Support Injured Servicemen | Posted 01.03.2012 | Impact

A decade of fighting has claimed the lives of more than 130 members of the military who called Tennessee home, and the loss has felt especially keen i...

Some Final Thoughts About the War In Iraq

Al Eisele | Posted 03.02.2012 | Politics
Al Eisele

With the final withdrawal of American forces from Iraq, I remember the four young Marines and a Navy corpsman I met in Baghdad in March 2005 at Camp Victory.

San Diego Police Cite Marine Corps Vet for Carrying American Flag At Occupy Rally

Benjamin Cossel | Posted 02.27.2012 | Politics
Benjamin Cossel

The San Diego Police Department has cited Iraq war veteran Marine Lance Cpl. John Canter for carrying an American flag at Civic Center Plaza, home to the Occupy San Diego movement.

Our Children Will Finally Learn That Wars Can and Do End

Ryan McDermott | Posted 02.07.2012 | Impact
Ryan McDermott

While waiting in the Kuwaiti desert, I wrote letters to my son as if they might serve as a way for him of understanding why I went to war. For me, writing the letters was a coping mechanism for dealing with the separation.

Isolation Kills and Community Heals

Joseph Bobrow | Posted 01.18.2012 | Impact
Joseph Bobrow

If we cultivate the intention to be of help, if we take the time and energy to listen and connect, if we realize that the responsibility for healing, the impact of war is collective. It takes a village and it begins with each of us.

Occupy Seattle Medic Maced While Attending To Protestors

Wendy K. Leigh | Posted 01.15.2012 | Politics
Wendy K. Leigh

An Iraq War veteran serving as a volunteer medic for participants in the Occupy Seattle movement alleges he was maced 23 times in the face by Seattle police while attempting to render aid to protestors during the November 2 protest at a downtown Chase Bank.

Jason Cherkis

Scott Olsen's Condition Improves: Iraq War Vet, Occupy Activist Now Breathing On His Own | Jason Cherkis | Posted 12.27.2011 | San Francisco

WASHINGTON -- Scott Olsen, the 24-year-old Iraq War veteran and Occupy activist suffering from a head injury after being hit with a police projectile ...

Was the Iraq War Worth It?

Ward Carroll | Posted 12.27.2011 | World
Ward Carroll

Whatever the outcome it's doubtful that military historians will label it as a "victory," and that combined with the toll the war has exacted should serve as a cautionary tale for all of us.

How You Can Help Scott Olsen, Iraq War Vet Critically Injured At 'Occupy Oakland'

Posted 12.26.2011 | Impact

Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen was injured after being hit in the head with a police projectile at Occupy Oakland. Olsen's family is waiting to see i...

Jason Cherkis

Oakland Police Critically Injure Iraq War Veteran During Occupy Protest | Jason Cherkis | Posted 12.26.2011 | San Francisco

WASHINGTON -- The Oakland Police Department fired tear gas on Occupy Oakland demonstrators Tuesday night as they marched through downtown, determined ...

Iraq War Veteran Convicted Of First-Degree Murder

Posted 11.19.2011 | Denver

An Iraq War veteran was found guilty on Friday of murder in the first degree of his girlfriend Brittney Brashers, 22, but not guilty of soliciting the...