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Roadside Bomb Kills 3 NATO Troops In Afghanistan

AP | AMIR SHAH and KIM GAMEL | Posted 08.20.2014 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A proposal for the U.N. to mediate a crisis over allegations of election fraud gained momentum Friday as President Hamid K...

The Mysterious Case of Bowe Bergdahl: An Attempt to Get Inside the Mind of America's Last Prisoner of War

Brian Glyn Williams | Posted 08.04.2014 | Politics
Brian Glyn Williams

In the summer of 2009, I worked as an adviser in Kabul, Afghanistan. My team shared a basement with the ISAF's Public Relations team, and the hottest news story during my stay was the recent capture of U.S. soldier Private Bowe Bergdahl.

Afghanistan Can Use a Strong Dose of Morale Optimism

Sharif Azami | Posted 03.25.2014 | Politics
Sharif Azami

If America wants a strong Afghanistan, the priorities for stable Afghanistan are straight forward and cost effective.

Between Elephant in the Room and Political Hot Potato: The Afghan Opium Problem

Jorrit Kamminga | Posted 01.23.2014 | World
Jorrit Kamminga

As we move from security transition towards the transformational decade (2015-2024), we are faced with even less military and civilian support to assist current counter-narcotics efforts in Afghanistan in a meaningful way.

Winning The War in Afghanistan One Meeting at a Time

Franz-Stefan Gady | Posted 11.06.2013 | World
Franz-Stefan Gady

Afghans have taken charge again of their own destiny. The American officers at the security meeting were witness to this change on the ground. Having not been asked to contribute to the discussion, they were silent observers to the intricate issue of Afghan inter-service coordination.

Afghan Forces Not Worried About U.S. Departure

Franz-Stefan Gady | Posted 11.04.2013 | World
Franz-Stefan Gady

In traditional insurgent hotbeds such as Zormat, dominated by the fiercely independent Mansur tribe and flooded with insurgents from Pakistan, this means that Afghan government forces have to adopt flexible strategies in dealing with the enemy if they are to channel their resources.

A Deadly Artillery Duel in Eastern Afghanistan

Franz-Stefan Gady | Posted 11.03.2013 | World
Franz-Stefan Gady

The war in Afghanistan is winding down, yet the enemy is as determined as ever to inflict mass casualties on U.S. troops.

Afghan Car Bomb Kills 3 Coalition Troops

AP | KATHY GANNON | Posted 07.13.2013 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan — A truck bombing Monday killed three coalition service members in southern Afghanistan, NATO said in a statement. A local of...

U.S. Cargo Plane Crash Kills 7 In Afghanistan

Reuters | Posted 04.29.2013 | World

KABUL, April 29 (Reuters) - Seven crew members of a U.S.-run cargo plane were killed on Monday when their plane crashed shortly after take off from Ba...

How Do You Handle 70,000 Unemployed Afghan PSC? Very Carefully

David Isenberg | Posted 01.13.2013 | Business
David Isenberg

Admittedly, just one of many factors affecting Afghanistan, but an important one nonetheless, is the state of its substantial private security contrac...

The End of the Afghan War?

Matt Zeller | Posted 11.18.2012 | World
Matt Zeller

If the ANSF were an American football team, ISAF just announced that they will cease training the players (most of whom have never played football) and focus entirely on training the coaching staff, with the expectation that the team will win the Superbowl this year.

3 Western Civilian Advisers Killed In Afghanistan

AP | RAHIM FAIEZ | Posted 09.22.2012 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan — The three civilian police training contractors killed by an Afghan policeman over the weekend have been identified as two A...

Joshua Hersh

In Afghanistan, Civilian Casualties Lost In Transition | Joshua Hersh | Posted 07.17.2012 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan -- In May, after an errant NATO airstrike on a remote village in eastern Afghanistan killed a family of eight civilians in their ho...

Toward Post-American Afghanistan

Rajan Menon | Posted 09.11.2012 | World
Rajan Menon

After what Afghans have endured, they have every right to hope that the post-American phase brings good things. That's why they will watch with interest, and trepidation, to see if Hilary Clinton promises and the pledges made at Chicago and Tokyo are kept.

Joshua Hersh

Corruption Is Impeding Independent Afghan Military Operations, Afghan General Says | Joshua Hersh | Posted 05.18.2012 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Close ties between Afghan Taliban or criminal elements and officials highly placed in the government threaten to prevent the Afg...

Max J. Rosenthal

British Lawmaker Warns Afghanistan Could 'Explode' | Max J. Rosenthal | Posted 05.17.2012 | World

WASHINGTON -- With early troop removals by key contributors to the war in Afghanistan, military factors have dominated war news over the past few week...

Deadly Attack On Afghan Capital Hours After Obama Visit

AP | AMIR SHAH and CHRIS BLAKE | Posted 07.01.2012 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan — At least six people have been killed in an early morning suicide attack in the Afghan capital, the Afghan government said. ...

NATO Accused Of Misleading Reports On Afghanistan

AP | HEIDI VOGT | Posted 06.25.2012 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A new report Wednesday by a Kabul-based think tank accuses international forces of misleading the public by calling military ope...

Joshua Hersh

Departing American General's Criticism Of Pakistan Prompts ISAF Response | Joshua Hersh | Posted 04.24.2012 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A spokesman for the international coalition of forces in Afghanistan sought to create some distance on Tuesday from the remarks ...

Joshua Hersh

Local Commando Emerges As Afghanistan Hero | Joshua Hersh | Posted 04.23.2012 | World

KABUL, Afghanistan -- When a half-dozen Taliban militants stormed the Intercontinental Hotel here last June in a bloody overnight siege, a photograph ...

Joshua Hersh

Afghanistan Green-On-Blue Attacks: Minister Of Defense Announces New Measures | Joshua Hersh | Posted 04.12.2012 | World

WASHINGTON -- The government of Afghanistan has begun to take a series of enhanced measures to prevent the killing of NATO soldiers by Afghan forces, ...

WATCH: Shocking Helicopter Crash

Posted 03.22.2012 | World

Afghanistan. An Apache helicopter. A video camera. An epic crash. No, it's not the latest "Rambo" movie, but rather, an amateur video on YouTube th...

Qur'an Burnings Indicate Need for Mission Overhaul

Lisa Schirch | Posted 04.29.2012 | World
Lisa Schirch

International forces need to make cultural sensitivity a priority in a mission focused on protecting civilians and addressing root causes through supporting governance and diplomacy, not waging war.

Calling It Quits in Afghanistan

Malou Innocent | Posted 04.28.2012 | World
Malou Innocent

How many more American soldiers and innocent Afghan civilians have to die before the Obama administration withdraws from Afghanistan?

How Not to Withdraw From Afghanistan

Joshua Gleis | Posted 04.14.2012 | World
Joshua Gleis

Whatever the case may be, without knowing the goals we set out for, it's difficult for us to claim that we accomplished our mission in Afghanistan, or to justify that our men and women need to remain in that country for even one more day, let alone another two years.