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Kathleen Miles

Queen Rania: Let's Drop The First ‘I' In ISIS. There's Nothing Islamic About Them | Kathleen Miles | Posted 03.06.2015 | World

LONDON -- Queen Rania of Jordan said Thursday evening that there is nothing Islamic about the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS. She was spea...

ISIS Militants 'Bulldoze' Ancient Nimrud Archaeological Site: Iraq Ministry

AP | Posted 03.05.2015 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities says Islamic State militants "bulldozed" the Nimrud archaeological site near the northern ...

Russian-Speaking Jihadists

Inna Naroditskaya | Posted 03.04.2015 | Politics
Inna Naroditskaya

While there are tensions between Russia and the U.S., there still must be coordinated communication among data analysts, media producers, psychologists and secret services in these countries, and others, to exchange, share, and collaborate their efforts to stop ISIL.

Out-Thinking ISIS

Amanda Botfeld | Posted 03.04.2015 | College
Amanda Botfeld

Instead of proposing a liberal alternative, the United States seems to be apologizing. Statements explaining away the actions of ISIS with lack of job opportunities or poor governance can be used to justify genocide. But the strongest indication that America has entered crisis-mode is that it can no longer make its case.

Congress Should Deny President Obama Authority for Perpetual War

Doug Bandow | Posted 03.03.2015 | Politics
Doug Bandow

The Islamic State is evil. But that's no reason for America to go to war again in the Middle East. Or for Congress to approve years more of conflict.

7 Ways To Fight ISIS

Chaker Khazaal | Posted 03.02.2015 | Politics
Chaker Khazaal

So how do we halt this group's operation and increasing violence? How do we express our outrage and anger without disseminating the propaganda and assisting the enemy? Here are 7 ways that I believe an ordinary person can help fight ISIS.

How ISIS Is Using Marriage as a Trap

Mia Bloom | Posted 03.02.2015 | World
Mia Bloom

One way to ensure that the fighters do not leave is to create anchors to ensure they will stay: a job, a house, a wife and a child.

Iraq Launches Military Operation To Recapture Tikrit From ISIS

AP | SINAN SALAHEDDIN | Posted 03.02.2015 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Backed by Iranian-supported Shiite militias, Iraqi forces launched a large-scale offensive Monday to retake Saddam Hussein's hometown...

Activists Say ISIS Releases 19 Syrian Christians

AP | RYAN LUCAS | Posted 03.01.2015 | World

BEIRUT (AP) — The Islamic State group released at least 19 Christians on Sunday who were among the more than 220 people the militants took captive i...

Emails Suggest 'Jihadi John' Had Suicidal Thoughts

AP | Posted 03.01.2015 | World

LONDON (AP) — Newly published emails suggest the man who became known as "Jihadi John" had suicidal thoughts before leaving Britain for Syria. In a...

Akbar Shahid Ahmed

Pentagon Struggles To Downplay Disclosure Of ISIS War Plan | Akbar Shahid Ahmed | Posted 02.28.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- It could hardly have been a more perfect storm, and it was all because of a single question in a routine briefing. On Feb. 19, U.S. C...

Jessica Schulberg

Congressman Hints He Wants To Prohibit Funding For Ground Troops in Iraq | Jessica Schulberg | Posted 02.27.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) indicated on Thursday that he may move to prevent President Barack Obama from deploying U.S. ground troop...

5 Things to Know About ISIS and the Theology of Evil

Jim Wallis | Posted 02.27.2015 | Religion
Jim Wallis

The faith community must remind the world that evil can be overcome, and that individuals involved in evil systems and practices can be redeemed. But how to overcome evil is a very complicated theological question, which requires much self-reflection. In trying to figure out how to overcome evil, it is often helpful to first decide how not to.

Eric Holder: U.S. Malls Should 'Step Up' Security

Reuters | Posted 02.27.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Shopping mall operators need to increase security through more staff, cameras and other techniques in light of threat...

US and Gulf Confusion in Yemen and Iraq

Raghida Dergham | Posted 02.26.2015 | World
Raghida Dergham

How did a panel of experts with a specific mission manage to understand the equations and developments in Yemen, while Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia were not able to ascertain and prepare for what was obvious in Yemen?

10 Things To Know About Mohammed Emwazi, or 'Jihadi John'

The Huffington Post | Nick Robins-Early | Posted 02.27.2015 | World

On Thursday, British and American security officials revealed they believe the Islamic State member commonly referred to in the media as "Jihadi John"...

Terrorist Labels, Terrorist Sitcoms

Jeff Kreisler | Posted 02.26.2015 | Comedy
Jeff Kreisler

Watch the first episode of The Final Edition's new Jihadistan-based sitcom, "Secret Diaries of a Terrorist."

New ISIS Video Shows Militants Smashing Ancient Iraq Artifacts

AP | SINAN SALAHEDDIN | Posted 02.27.2015 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — The Islamic State group released a video on Thursday showing militants using sledgehammers to smash ancient artifacts in Iraq's north...

ISIS Now Believed To Be Holding 220 Christians Hostage In Syria

Reuters | Posted 02.26.2015 | World

BEIRUT, Feb 26 (Reuters) - Islamic State militants have abducted at least 220 people from Assyrian Christian villages in northeastern Syria during a...

How Many Americans Have Traveled To Syria To Join ISIS?

The Huffington Post | Charlotte Alfred | Posted 02.25.2015 | World

U.S. officials said on Wednesday they have thwarted the plans of three New Yorkers to join the Islamic State militant group in Syria, once again highl...

Clashes And Airstrikes Kill 132 ISIS Fighters, Monitor Says

Reuters | Posted 02.25.2015 | World

BEIRUT, Feb 25 (Reuters) - At least 132 Islamic State fighters have been killed since Saturday in fighting with Kurdish militia backed by U.S.-backe...

The Savages

Sean Whitson | Posted 02.24.2015 | Politics
Sean Whitson

Trafficking in the false claims that most Muslims support ISIL or that their acts are a natural extension of Islam seeks to dehumanize nearly 2 billion mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Not only is that a barbarity in its own right, but it makes it even harder to find the common ground we need to fight the real savages.

So What If ISIL Is a 'Muslim' Terror Group? Obama's Still Right Not to Use the Word

Ian Reifowitz | Posted 02.24.2015 | Politics
Ian Reifowitz

President Obama had a very specific goal in mind for his speech, and that goal is to defeat ISIL by enlisting the support of Muslims worldwide against it. That's why he talked about ISIL the way he did, and that's why he's right to deny ISIL the legitimacy that would follow if he called them "Muslim" or "Islamic" or even "Islamist," no matter how accurate the terms may be.

Should News Outlets, Social Media and Internet Services Curb Public Access to ISIS?

Peter Scheer | Posted 02.24.2015 | Media
Peter Scheer

news organizations, social media and internet services have editorial discretion -- protected by the first amendment--to deny ISIS access to their audiences. To the extent they do so, more power to them. They are acting responsibly, in my opinion.

Defeating ISIS Without American Ground Forces

John B. Alexander, Ph.D. | Posted 02.23.2015 | World
John B. Alexander, Ph.D.

While ISIS can, and must, be defeated as soon as possible, it is wrong to suggest that America should lead the fight. In fact, it must be done without further U.S. ground units as even the threat of intervention by American troops plays directly into the enemy's strategy.