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Islamic Extremism

Indonesians Reject ISIS's Terror and Embrace a Pluralistic, Welcoming Society

Wimar Witoelar | Posted 01.15.2016 | World
Wimar Witoelar

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- There is a base of support for ISIS in Indonesia. But public declarations by a thousand or two people do not represent active support for ISIS. Here, Islamic terrorism and professions of support for it remain curiosities.

On the Anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre: A State of Intellectual Emergency

Bernard-Henri Lévy | Posted 01.13.2016 | World
Bernard-Henri Lévy

What is enlightenment, who wishes to share it, and how shall we defend it? That was Kant's question, and it is the question of our dark new age.

Islam Condemns Religious Extremism

Kamaldeen Ayodele Muili | Posted 12.14.2015 | Religion
Kamaldeen Ayodele Muili

The spate of violent crimes being committed by mentally deranged, religious hypocrites is very concerning, and could not have been ordered by God the ...

Muslims Fight ISIS in Their Hearts and Minds

Usman Ahmad | Posted 12.09.2015 | Religion
Usman Ahmad

As western leaders determine themselves to enter the folly of launching airstrikes in Syria to try and kill off the ISIS evil, Muslims are warring with the group where it actually matters: in the battleground for hearts and minds. Unlike war planes many of these efforts fly under the radar

5 Truths About Counterterrorism Presidential Candidates Should Keep in Mind

Daphne Eviatar | Posted 11.15.2015 | Politics
Daphne Eviatar

Before jumping on the "tough on terrorism" bandwagon, candidates should reflect on the lessons learned in the 14 years since the 9/11 terror attacks, and consider what actually works to counter this global problem - and what doesn't.

Where Is The Right on Radical Christian Extremism?

Christian Chiakulas | Posted 10.20.2015 | Religion
Christian Chiakulas

I would love to hear a single GOP presidential hopeful decry the radical Christian extremism that led to this young man's death. Or the Christian terrorist group Army of God, which has been bombing, threatening, and attacking abortion clinics since 1982.

Terrorism and the Crisis of Sunni Islam

Soumaya Ghannoushi | Posted 10.19.2015 | World
Soumaya Ghannoushi

The roots of Sunni Islam's ailments it must be noted are not entirely to do with religion, as most journalists, politicians and "experts" in Europe and across the Atlantic never tire of repeating. Rather than scripture and theology, it is in politics and economics, in power balances, foreign interventions and the scramble for influence and resources that the causes of its ills reside.

Shooting Our Mouths Off

John A. Tures | Posted 07.30.2015 | Politics
John A. Tures

Nationwide, we mourn the victims of the Lafayette Theater shooting. It is a particularly sad time for people in West Georgia and East Alabama who knew the shooter, and have to come to grips with someone they know perpetrating such a deed. Yet some want to keep the hate that helped fuel Rusty Houser going.

Julia Craven

White Supremacists More Dangerous Than Foreign Terrorists: Study | Julia Craven | Posted 06.24.2015 | Politics

Nine people were added to a long list of lives taken by domestic terrorism when Dylann Roof allegedly began shooting inside a historic black church in...

In Praise of Blasphemy

Bernard-Henri Lévy | Posted 06.30.2015 | World
Bernard-Henri Lévy

American friends, especially PEN Club writers, please read, right now, Caroline Fourest's new book, Eloge du blasphème (In Praise of Blasphemy, Grasset 2015), if you wish to understand.

Film Offers An Inside Look Pakistan's Extreme Islamic Schools

HuffPost Live | Rahel Gebreyes | Posted 04.23.2015 | Religion

The film "Among the Believers," which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this past weekend, gives an in-depth look into the rise of Islamic school...

Let Not Jihadi John Distract Us From the Real Evil

Azeem Ibrahim | Posted 06.12.2015 | World
Azeem Ibrahim

Jihadi John is the new international Bogey-Man. He gets plenty of media coverage these days, and has become a lightning rod of moral outrage in the West. But the media narrative around this new Evil Incarnate comes with a huge price tag: it obscures much more significant realities.

Her Son Was Killed In Syria While Fighting For ISIS, Now This Mom Is Taking A Stand

HuffPost Live | Rahel Gebreyes | Posted 03.20.2015 | World

Christianne Boudreau's life completely changed when her son Damian was killed fighting for the Islamic State group in Syria at just 22 years old. A...

Pakistan's Fight With Extremism: Are Things Really Changing?

Raza Habib Raja | Posted 05.11.2015 | World
Raza Habib Raja

Pakistan needs its state capacity to be enhanced because essentially it has a weak state which has not been able to really penetrate into the society. Due to low tax base coupled with bureaucratic incompetence, state has not been able to provide even basic facilities to a large chunk of population.

Implications of Boko Haram's Allegiance to the Islamic State

Daniel Wagner | Posted 05.09.2015 | World
Daniel Wagner

By pledging allegiance to Daoesh, Boko Haram will surely gain more credibility and attract more recruits, making it even more difficult for the region's governments to successfully combat it.

The Hubris of the Islamic Label

Parvez Ahmed | Posted 04.27.2015 | World
Parvez Ahmed

Labels such as, Islamic Republic, Islamic Finance, or Islamic State, are an exercise in hubris arrogantly suggesting that whatever takes place under such banners is sanctioned by Islam.

Why Obama Won't Call Violent Extremists 'Islamic'

HuffPost Live | Rahel Gebreyes | Posted 02.20.2015 | HuffPost Live 321

Although President Obama has come under fire for avoiding the word "Islamic" in his discussions about violent extremist groups, not everyone is up in ...

Boko Haram Wins as Nigeria Postpones National Elections

Stan Chu Ilo | Posted 04.10.2015 | Chicago
Stan Chu Ilo

For starters this is not the first time that Nigeria has postponed national elections. Elections were postponed as recently as 2011 in the last presidential poll. Former military dictator, Ibrahim Babangida holds the unenviable record in tinkering with timetables for elections.

Opening Shots Fired in the War Over Guantanamo

Daniel R. DePetris | Posted 03.25.2015 | Politics
Daniel R. DePetris

Republican lawmakers are exploiting the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo in order to strengthen their argument that Washington is still in the middle of an active war on Islamist extremism. To put the message more alarmingly: If it could happen in broad daylight in Paris, it could happen in DC or New York.

I Have the Freedom to Say that the Charlie Hebdo Massacre Is Not About Free Speech

Galanty Miller | Posted 03.20.2015 | Politics
Galanty Miller

To support free speech is to accept the legality of satire without question. To oppose free speech is to support a government law banning political cartoons. Neither of these positions has anything to do with what happened in France.

Italy Expels Nine Suspected Islamist Militants

Reuters | Posted 03.20.2015 | World

ROME, Jan 18 (Reuters) - Italy has expelled nine suspected Islamist militants so far this year as part of a heightened security alert throughout Eur...

Je Suis Nigeria

Michael Shammas | Posted 03.18.2015 | World
Michael Shammas

American media should not pretend as if nothing is happening as Nigeria continues to battle the ignorant cancer calling itself Boko Haram. Nigeria's struggle with radicalism is at least as newsworthy as our own.

Boko Haram in Baga: One of the Deadliest Terrorist Attacks in Modern History

Daniel Gastfriend | Posted 03.16.2015 | Media
Daniel Gastfriend

We should strive to reaffirm the most basic principle upon which our societies stand: that all individuals are created equal. We have failed to provide Baga's victims that recognition. Let us demand that all individuals be protected from its reach, not merely those similar to us.

Pakistan: A Tale of Two Countries

Zehra Mehdi-Barlas | Posted 01.18.2015 | World
Zehra Mehdi-Barlas

The circumstances in Pakistan are disabling it. But these circumstances, brought on by the extremism in religion and thought, can only be changed by the people themselves.

Sarah Harvard

Muslim Leaders Asked To Condemn Extremism ... Again | Sarah Harvard | Posted 10.15.2014 | Religion

WASHINGTON -- Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on Monday offered Muslim leaders from around the world an invitation to appear on her show to condemn I...