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Traveling the "World in Slow Motion" With a Three-Wheeler

Bibbi Abruzzini | Posted 12.08.2016 | Travel
Bibbi Abruzzini

Have you ever thought of putting together a team and embarking on a journey aboard tuktuks, mopeds, bicycles, or any other means of transportation who...

The Ultimate Guide To 8 Famous Stereotypes Italians Have About Germany

Lisa Fontana | Posted 08.05.2016 | Travel
Lisa Fontana

My first time in Germany was quite shocking, especially because of having to deal with all the stereotypes and misunderstandings which are counterproductive and misleading in the encounter between cultures.

You're Pronouncing These Italian Foods Completely Wrong

Thrillist | Posted 07.01.2016 | Taste

It's time to eat food you actually have to pay for and know how to say.

Trump Joins Narratives of Hate over Immigration Battles

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted 06.17.2016 | Politics
Warren J. Blumenfeld

The gigantic cover banner headline, "CLOWN RUNS FOR PREZ," appeared on the New York Daily News the morning following real estate mogul Donald Trump's announced run for the office of the presidency.

3 Things We Can Learn About Celiac Disease From Italians

Celia Kaye | Posted 05.18.2015 | Healthy Living
Celia Kaye

Being Italian (or traveling to Italy) and being Celiac might seem incompatible, but the opposite is true. Italy is one of the most accommodating places for people with Celiac disease, and has a lot to teach about how to handle it.

Rick Santorum and Your Grandparents

Robert Slayton | Posted 05.10.2015 | Politics
Robert Slayton

Rick Santorum just endorsed measures created, not to save jobs, but to block the arrival of people the framers did not want in this country. People like many of our grandparents.

The Bucket Stops Here

Charlie Carillo | Posted 04.05.2015 | Parents
Charlie Carillo

Not long ago I was helping my father with a job at his house, and a five gallon bucket of water had to be carried outside. I grabbed the handle to h...

Columbus Day Is Done. Can We Talk?

Janus Adams | Posted 12.15.2014 | Politics
Janus Adams

We can honor Italians for their music, their culture, the unsurpassed art and phenomenal food. But, does it really harm those who would do so if we also respect the Pietro Alonzo Ninos, Norsemen -- and (Ms.) Freydises too?

Our Italian Anniversary Trip: He Went for the Soccer, I Went for Sicily. What We Got Was the Surprise of a Lifetime

Denice Duff | Posted 10.04.2014 | Travel
Denice Duff

While in Sicily something magical happened on one day, without any planning or use of technology... Just me, my husband and two bad photocopies of a picture of my great-grandmother and a street in her village, Sperlinga.

The Weight of Italy's Loss

Jackie Townsend | Posted 08.24.2014 | Sports
Jackie Townsend

It's 110 degrees in the desert. Driving, I stare out at the desolate, barren landscape thinking this is how I feel -- after Italy's game against Urugu...

The Italian Guide To Flawless Style

Refinery29 | Connie Wang | Posted 03.07.2014 | Style

Out of the four major Fashion Weeks, Milan has the reputation of being a little off — but definitely not in a bad way. Smaller, quieter, and more in...

10 Indispensable Italian Slang Expressions

Whitney Richelle | Posted 05.03.2014 | Travel
Whitney Richelle

You won't find them in Italian books, but you'll hear them all over the streets. Understanding them will give you a huge boost in comprehension. Using them will make you much more fun to talk to.

7 Things Americans Can Learn From Italians

The Huffington Post | Lisa_Miller | Posted 11.06.2015 | Travel

If you've spent time in Italy you know that life in Italy and life in America are very different. While both cultures have their pros and cons, we thi...

Celebrating My Mom On Her 94th Birthday

Doug Bradley | Posted 06.09.2013 | Fifty
Doug Bradley

My mother, Lucy (Lucia) Basile Bradley, celebrated her 94th birthday this week in fine fashion -- with family, friends, food, card games (pinochle is her favorite) and presents. She likes to get presents. This year's bounty included a cake and flowers.

What Do Foreign Tourists Think Of The U.S.?

Peter Mandel | Posted 05.15.2013 | Travel
Peter Mandel

It's high time, I think, that we stopped forcing everyone to pore over our own vacation albums and, for once, take a peek at theirs. For example, what do tourists from abroad think of traveling here? Are they keen on American food, comfy in our hotels? Do they find it tricky getting around?

Amazons With a Cause

Jasmina Tesanovic | Posted 01.28.2013 | World
Jasmina Tesanovic

Why are women first to pay for every crisis? In every society, capitalist, socialist, or transition? It's because the bodies of women are expendable....

PHOTOS: Inside Francis Ford Coppola's New Italian Hotel

Kathy McCabe | Posted 08.25.2012 | Travel
Kathy McCabe

While few people can afford a night at Palazzo Margherita, most can appreciate the sentiment and drive behind what might be considered one of Coppola's greatest works.

I Am White

Pedro C. Moreno | Posted 07.07.2012 | Latino Voices
Pedro C. Moreno

I would rather call myself an American. But if you press me, if you really want me to adopt a label, for the sake of equality and freedom I will tell you: I am white.

What Is It About the Italians?

Jinny Ditzler | Posted 09.12.2011 | Travel
Jinny Ditzler

For a country with ostensibly similar values to the US, Italy is a world away from the hustle of home.

Libya and Obama's Embrace of the Imperial Presidency

Joseph A. Palermo | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Joseph A. Palermo

Obama believes that as commander-in-chief he has the power to order the U.S. military into battle. But by attacking Libya he has greatly expanded the unchecked executive powers that Bush's excesses and overreach established.

150 Years of Italy and We're Not Getting Any Older

Marta Mondelli | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Marta Mondelli

Italians are constantly reminded of how great we were: we live in a museum that shows us our past but doesn't help us with our future. Our past weighs on us.

The Barrio: Home To Immigrants, Mother Cabrini And My Inner Child

Wayne Trujillo | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Wayne Trujillo

I happened upon this barrio, East Highlands, as a college student. Paradoxically, 20 years later, my education and professional experience allowed me to move into the neighborhood.

Reviving the Neighborhood -- At What Expense?

Wayne Trujillo | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Wayne Trujillo

How long before Lower Highland becomes the neighborhood equivalent of a tourist trap where long-time Latino locals can't afford to live?

Jason Linkins

Strange Zombie Pasta Art Undercuts NYT Editorial | Jason Linkins | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

On the New York Times' op-ed page today, Chiara Volpato offers readers a piece entitled "Italian Women Rise Up," which details the extent to which a n...

Don't Go to Italy: They'll Shoot You

Marta Mondelli | Posted 05.25.2011 | Style
Marta Mondelli

Sicily is one of the most beautiful places I've been in the world: great landscape, incredibly rich history and art, fantastic food, and... mafia. We all know that.