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Jacob Morgan

TheFuturein5 Episode 17: Do You Know the Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 03.03.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

Over the next couple of years, I think these are going to be pretty much the five trends to pay attention to: 1) millennials, 2) new behavior, 3) mobility, 4) technology, and 5) globalization. These are the trends that organizations are, ultimately, trying to figure out what to do about.

TheFuturein5 Episode 16: Are You Ready for the Shrinking Employee Tenure?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.24.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

The Future in Five is a regular video series where best-selling author, speaker, and futurist Jacob Morgan shares his ideas, insights, and commentary around the future of work in five minutes or less!

The State of Women in Management

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.20.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

Last year when I was writing my most recent book on The Future of Work, I shared some ideas with my wife (Blake Morgan) around topics that I wanted to...

Does Connectivity Mean Availability?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.17.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

In this episode of The Future in 5 I talk about some strategies that employees and managers can use to help make sure that connectivity and availability aren't muddled together.

Creating a Great Corporate Culture: Inside The Offices of Mulesoft

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.13.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

MuleSoft is another organization that was recently ranked by Glassdoor as one of the best places to work in America and they have also won plenty of other awards for being a great place to work.

What's Does Your Corporate Culture Look Like?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.13.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

In this video, I talk about corporate culture while visiting Mulesoft in San Francisco. They were recently ranked as one of the "Best Places to Work" ...

Why Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Career

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.12.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

I remember when I first started speaking in front of large groups of people how strange and awkward that felt, but I had to force myself to do it because it's an important way to spread ideas and build a brand.

The Future of Work Isn't Just a Millennial Thing

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.09.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

When people think about the future of work they immediately gravitate towards talking about how millennials are changing the way things get done.

TheFuturein5 Episode 13: How Do You Deal With Negative Feedback?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.06.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

In this episode of The Future in 5 I ask the question: How do you deal with negative feedback? As we move to a more connected, interactive, communicative and collaborative world, it's imperative that we learn how to deal with feedback, especially negative feedback.

#TheFuturein5 Episode 12: Why Am I So Passionate About the Future of Work

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.04.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

I'm constantly asked why I am so passionate about the future of work. In this video I share a few personal work stories, which I have to say were not always very good. I realized that many people struggled with similar negative experiences.

How Organizations Evolved

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.30.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

To specifically show how organizations are evolving from past to future I wanted to create an image that depicts the "Evolution of the Organization."

Why Managers Need to Be Leaders

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.22.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

We must stop referring to leaders and managers as two separate people. And perhaps most importantly, we need to give leaders at our organizations the opportunity to be officially recognized as managers.

Hierarchy: A Necessary Evil

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.16.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

In this episode of the Future in Five, I share my views about hierarchy and whether it's a necessary evil. Many companies around the world are trying ...

The 14 Principles of a Future Organization

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.15.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

We are seeing an amazing evolution around how we work, how we lead and how we structure our companies.

The Death of Email

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.14.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

The complete elimination of email is highly unlikely, at least for the foreseeable future, however some companies are embarking on a journey to do just that, at least for internal communication and collaboration purposes.

Work The Way You Know it is Dead

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.07.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

I don't mean that work doesn't exist and that we should all just drop what we are doing and quit our jobs. In fact, far from it.

The End of Knowledge Workers and the Rise of Learning Workers

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.05.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

During the past few decades we have spent a lot of time talking about knowledge workers and knowledge work. However today knowledge is nothing more than a commodity and to be the smartest guy in the room all you need access to is a smartphone

Exploring What the Future Of Work Won't Look Like

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.09.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

We spend a lot of time exploring what the future of work is going to look like (myself included). However, it's helpful to take a step and examine some of the outdated practices and ways of thinking about work that WON'T be coming with us.

New Research: The Top 10 Factors for Employee Happiness on the Job

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.08.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

Employee engagement and happiness is definitely one of the topics du jour for modern management and the future of work. Plenty of studies continue to come out that show how low employee engagement is around the world.

How Focused Are You on the Big Rocks

Jacob Morgan | Posted 02.01.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

Understanding how the world of work is changing and what trends are shaping the future of work is only a part of what organizations need to focus on. Of course, to take this to the next level some kind of action needs to take place.

This Is the Single Greatest Cause of Employee Disengagement

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.31.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

When it comes to the future of work, organizations must focus on closing this gap. Consider an organization such as gaming company Valve which has completely gotten rid of managers altogether in favor of an approach where employees pick what they want to do, who they do it with, and when they do it.

Do We Need Offices?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.25.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

We do not need to rely on offices. Today, as long as we can connect to the internet we are able to get our jobs done regardless of where we are or when we are connected. This means employees can work from home offices, cafes, co-working facilities, or anywhere else they can get wifi.

10 Principles of the Future Manager

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.24.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

When it comes to the future of work, it's not just employees that are changing; managers are also having to change the ways in which they lead and in fact are HAVING to become leaders.

Will Facebook at Work, Work?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.18.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

Here is the second episode of The Future In 5, the video series where I share my ideas, insights, and commentary on the future of work in five minutes or less!

Are You Spending Too Much Time Focusing on Millennials?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 01.17.2015 | Business
Jacob Morgan

Many organizations are concerned about the impact that millennials are going to have on the workplace. However, oftentimes too much of an emphasis is ...