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James Risen

New York Times' James Risen Blasts Eric Holder As 'Enemy Of Press Freedom'

The Huffington Post | Catherine Taibi | Posted 02.18.2015 | Media

James Risen reiterated on Tuesday a warning about the White House that he delivered nearly one year ago. "The Obama Administration is the greatest ...

Journalists Face Increasing Danger As Press Freedoms Collapse Worldwide

The Huffington Post | Jackson Connor | Posted 02.17.2015 | Media

Fueled by myriad wars and widespread political turmoil, 2014 saw a shocking number of journalists jailed, intimidated and murdered with impunity simpl...

CIA Mission: Perfume the Stench of 'Operation Merlin'

Norman Solomon | Posted 04.05.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

Prosecutors were hell-bent on torching the defendant to vindicate Operation Merlin, nine years after a book by James Risen reported that it "may have been one of the most reckless operations in the modern history of the CIA."

The Invisible Man: Jeffrey Sterling, CIA Whistleblower

Norman Solomon | Posted 03.29.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

The mass media have suddenly discovered Jeffrey Sterling -- after his conviction Monday afternoon as a CIA whistleblower. At age 47, he is facing a very long prison sentence. As a whistleblower, he has done a lot for us.

CIA Leak Trial: 'This Case Is Not About Politics' [sic]

Norman Solomon | Posted 03.27.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

A heavy shroud over this trial -- almost hidden by news media in plain sight -- has been context: the CIA's collusion with the Bush White House a dozen years ago, using WMD fear and fabrication to stampede the United States into making war on Iraq.

Leak Trial Shows CIA Zeal to Hide Incompetence

Norman Solomon | Posted 03.24.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

The subject of competence is a sore spot for career CIA employees proud of their hard-boiled affects. From their vantage points, it can't be expunged by dismissing critics as impractical idealists and bleeding hearts merely concerned with the morality of drones, torture or renditions.

Why the CIA Is So Eager to Demolish Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling

Norman Solomon | Posted 03.22.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

With the Sterling trial, the CIA is airing soiled threads of its dirty laundry as never before in open court. The agency seems virtually obsessed with trying to refute the negative portrayal of Operation Merlin in James Risen's 2006 book, State of War.

Race, Leaks and Prosecution at the CIA

Norman Solomon | Posted 03.17.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

Few pixels and little ink went to the witness just before Rice -- former CIA spokesman William Harlow -- whose testimony stumbled into indicating why he thought of Sterling early on in connection with the leak, which ultimately resulted in a ten-count indictment.

Scapegoating CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling

Norman Solomon | Posted 03.17.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

Hearing the testimony from CIA operatives, it's clear that the agency is extremely eager to make an example of Sterling. Despite all the legalisms, the overarching reality is that the case against Sterling is scarcely legal -- it is cravenly political.

New Rules For How Federal Government Can Investigate Journalists

Reuters | Posted 03.16.2015 | Media

By Julia Edwards WASHINGTON, Jan 14 (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department issued new guidelines on Wednesday regarding when the fede...

Sterling Trial Opens in CIA Matrix

Norman Solomon | Posted 03.16.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

When the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling got underway Tuesday in Northern Virginia, prospective jurors made routine references to "three-letter agencies" and alphabet-soup categories of security clearances.

James Risen, New York Times Reporter, Won't Testify In CIA Leak Case

AP | MATTHEW BARAKAT | Posted 01.14.2015 | Media

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — After pushing for years to get testimony from a recalcitrant New York Times reporter in a CIA leak case, prosecutors launched...

Prosecutors Now Want To Bar James Risen From Testifying

AP | By MATTHEW BARAKAT | Posted 03.14.2015 | Media

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — After pushing for years to get testimony from a recalcitrant New York Times reporter in a CIA leak case, prosecutors launched...

James Risen Testifies, Refuses To Give Information On Sources

Reuters | Posted 03.07.2015 | Media

By Aruna Viswanatha ALEXANDRIA, VA Jan 5 (Reuters) - New York Times reporter James Risen refused on Monday to answer all but a few bas...

Why Jeffrey Sterling Deserves Support as a CIA Whistleblower

Norman Solomon | Posted 03.06.2015 | Politics
Norman Solomon

The trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, set to begin in mid-January, is shaping up as a major battle in the U.S. government's siege against whistleblowing.

Torture, Fear, and American Psychology: An Insider's Perspective on the Debacle Within the APA

Bryant Welch | Posted 02.28.2015 | Politics
Bryant Welch

There can no longer be any doubt that psychologists with considerable support from APA played key roles in our nation's most shameful incursion into human torture, violating one of the few veneers we humans have been able to place over our inhumanity to one another.

No Limits to Freedom of the Press?

Amitai Etzioni | Posted 02.21.2015 | Media
Amitai Etzioni

As long as one grants that the United States' security requires that the state be able to keep some secrets, the question stands: should there be some limitations on the freedom of the press and who and how will determine what these ought to be?

New York Times Reporter James Risen Will Be Subpoenaed After All

AP | MATTHEW BARAKAT | Posted 02.15.2015 | Media

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A New York Times reporter will be subpoenaed to answer questions ahead of an upcoming trial of a former CIA officer accused o...

Attorney General Won't Force New York Times Reporter To Reveal Source

AP | ERIC TUCKER | Posted 02.11.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — A source familiar with the case says the Justice Department will not compel New York Times reporter James Risen to testify about h...

Official: Holder Won't Force New York Times Reporter To Reveal Source

NBC News | Posted 12.12.2014 | Politics

Attorney General Eric Holder has decided against forcing a reporter for the New York Times to reveal the identity of a confidential source, according ...

DOJ Has One Week To Decide On James Risen Subpoena

The Huffington Post | Jackson Connor | Posted 12.10.2014 | Media

Attorney General Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice Department have until 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 16, to decide if New York Times reporter James Risen ...

Michael Calderone

Dick Cheney, CIA Urged New York Times Not To Run Secret Prison Story | Michael Calderone | Posted 12.09.2014 | Media

NEW YORK -- In November 2002, then-Vice President Dick Cheney and senior CIA officials succeeded in urging The New York Times not to run an article di...

After 13 Years Is a Name Change in Order for the War on Terror?

Tom Engelhardt | Posted 01.24.2015 | Politics
Tom Engelhardt

Our four trillion dollar-plus investment gave rise to a crew of war profiteers that Risen dubs "the oligarchs of 9/11" and who are now wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. And how has it gone for the rest of us?

Still No Deal In Place With James Risen

AP | Posted 01.04.2015 | Media

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Federal prosecutors said Monday they have no deal in place with a New York Times reporter whose testimony they want as they p...

Michael Calderone

New York Times Reporter Laments Lost Art Of Undercover Reporting | Michael Calderone | Posted 10.28.2014 | Media

NEW YORK -– New York Times reporter James Risen acknowledged in his new book, Pay Any Price, that he posed in one instance as an investor to look in...