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Jeff Bezos

Sail On, Sail On, Sailor

John Fullerton | Posted 09.22.2016 | Business
John Fullerton

"Our vision is millions of people living and working in space, and New Glenn is a very important step," said Jeff Bezos, unveiling this week his space travel company Blue Origin's giant rocket named after Astronaut John Glenn.

It Doesn't Happen Often, But Jeff Bezos Is Getting One Important Thing Wrong

Quora | Posted 08.01.2016 | Business

What are Jeff Bezos' biggest mistakes as CEO of Amazon? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are an...

Liberating Ourselves from Our Dependence on Traditional Careers

Leigh Searl | Posted 07.13.2016 | Business
Leigh Searl

As we reflect back on another Independence Day filled with family, fireworks, and food, let us remember the sacrifices that are made every day by members of the armed forces who are serving our great nation.

Get 'em While They're Young: The Hearts and Minds of Coding and Data Science

Phil Simon | Posted 07.05.2016 | Business
Phil Simon

"We live in a culture where we're dissuaded to do things that are technical," says Diana Navarro, an 18-year-old Rutgers University computer science m...

The Washington Post Has an Uber Problem

Pete Tucker | Posted 06.21.2016 | DC
Pete Tucker

In May of this year an Uber driver was charged with attempted murder of two Montgomery County police officers. After dramatically displaying the suspe...

Donald Trump Blacklists The Washington Post In Latest Assault On The Press

The Huffington Post | Michael Calderone | Posted 06.13.2016 | Media

Donald Trump's campaign revoked The Washington Post's press credentials on Monday, the latest salvo in an unprecedented assault on the media this elec...

Hacking TV: Bezos At Code Con, Future of TV, more

Steve Rosenbaum | Posted 06.06.2016 | Technology
Steve Rosenbaum

The Wizard of Bezos comes out from behind the Curtain - on Hacking TV. And Roku... can they beat Google? The CEO says they can...  In Chapter #3 - T...

Jeff Bezos and Amazon's Book Review Policy Is Destroying Indie Authors' Ability to Sell Books

Anthony Papa | Posted 06.06.2016 | Books
Anthony Papa

Without a doubt it has been a struggle to bring my story to the big screen. But now I realize, it's even harder to get an online review posted on Amazon because of the unfair book review policy they have.

Jeff Bezos Tells Peter Thiel to 'Develop a Thick Skin' About Being 'Outed.' He's 100 Percent Right.

Michelangelo Signorile | Posted 06.03.2016 | Queer Voices
Michelangelo Signorile

"I would say that as a public figure, the best defense to speech that you don't like about yourself as a public figure is to develop a thick skin," Bezos said. "If you absolutely can't tolerate critics, then don't do anything new or interesting."

Jeff Bezos Warns That Revenge Against Gawker Is Pointless

The Huffington Post | Willa Frej | Posted 06.01.2016 | Media

Jeff Bezos did not mince words when throwing shade on fellow tech billionaire Peter Thiel over his war with media company Gawker. “Seek revenge and ...

New Amazon Video Offerings Fulfill Bezos' Vision of 'an Everything Store'

Steve Rosenbaum | Posted 05.31.2016 | Technology
Steve Rosenbaum

If there's one thing about Jeff Bezos that's clear, it's that he has the rare entrepreneurial ability to see around corners. Add a solid operator's sk...

10 Ways to Make Your First Billion Dollars

GOBankingRates | Posted 05.16.2016 | Business

By Stefanie O'Connell The six-figure salary has long stood as an income ideal -- representing, for many, a milestone of having "made it." However, th...

Blue Origin Rocket Sticks Third Landing Test

Reuters | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 04.04.2016 | Science

Jeff Bezos' space transportation company Blue Origin successfully launched and landed for the third time a suborbital rocket capable of carrying six p...

Jeff Burkett Explains How Innovation, Editorial Expansion Is Driving Success at the 'Washington Post' (VIDEO)

Andy Plesser | Posted 03.29.2016 | Media
Andy Plesser

MIAMI -- What has Jeff Bezos ever done for print? Transformed the fortunes of the Washington Post, for one. Since acquiring the paper in 2013, the A...

MAG: Jeff Bezos's Power And Influence Reaches New Heights

Fortune | Whitney Snyder | Posted 03.26.2016 | Business

More has gone right for Bezos lately than perhaps at any other time during his two-decade run in the public eye....

You Could Travel To Space As Soon As 2018

The Huffington Post | Casey Williams | Posted 03.10.2016 | Technology

If you're itching for a spot on a private space flight, you might soon have several options to choose from. Jeff Bezos announced Tuesday that his comm...

The Relationship Between Rocket Science and Human Resource Management

Brian Cheung | Posted 03.06.2016 | Science
Brian Cheung

It's too early to tell but if Bezos and Musk can prove themselves to be the great creators of our generation, these undeniably demanding work environments will be validated as its own innovation, one independent of the ingenuity that gave us online shopping, electric cars and rockets to outer space.

The Drone Invasion

John Sanbonmatsu | Posted 02.04.2016 | Politics
John Sanbonmatsu

If Jeff Bezos, the billionaire CEO of Amazon, has his way, thousands of drones could soon be hurtling through the airspace above our heads, delivering millions of packages to Amazon's customers. Instead of having to wait the eternity of a day to receive their orders, consumers could get them in 30 minutes, or less.

Buffett, Bezos and the Case for Investing in News Media

David Chavern | Posted 02.03.2016 | Media
David Chavern

If you want to know who still believes in a future for news media, just turn to some of our most respected businessmen: Warren Buffett. Jeff Bezos. Jo...

Jeff Bezos Gets Rave Reviews From Washington Post Veteran

The Huffington Post | Chloe Fox | Posted 01.21.2016 | Business

While one tech giant admitted crushing defeat in the publishing world this month, another is enjoying enthusiastic thumbs-up from an industry veteran....

Let's Honor the 'Thing' of the Year

Llewellyn King | Posted 01.04.2016 | World
Llewellyn King

People change the way we live, but so do things. We now talk about the "Internet of Things," where our home and work machines are all connected to the Internet.

2015's Most Memorable PR Moments and Cringeworthy Catastrophes -- The Year's PR Winners and Losers

Eric Yaverbaum | Posted 12.28.2015 | Business
Eric Yaverbaum

Having managed crises and public relations disasters for the past three decades, I can't help but see the headlines through a particular lens. Suffice it to say, as far as PR goes, 2015 did not disappoint.

SpaceX's Successful Landing Means You And I Might Go To Space Soon

The Huffington Post | Andy Campbell | Posted 12.22.2015 | Science

SpaceX has plenty to gloat about this week. As of Monday night, it can say its Falcon 9 rocket was the first to launch into orbit, deploy satellites a...

Holiday Season Giving to Jeff Bezos

Dean Baker | Posted 12.15.2015 | Business
Dean Baker

However brilliant Jeff Bezos may be, the public should recognize that his success has come with a huge helping hand from the taxpayers. He has received in the neighborhood of $4 billion in subsidies from taxpayers over the last two decades to help his business grow.

Amazon Founder Offers To Send Donald Trump To Space

The Huffington Post | Alexander Howard | Posted 12.07.2015 | Technology

After billionaire Donald Trump commented that Jeff Bezos was "screwing the public" by sheltering his money through an investment in The Washington Pos...