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Jerry Jones

Sport and Society for Arete -Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Richard Crepeau | Posted 11.22.2016 | Sports
Richard Crepeau

Four years ago Ben Fountain's disturbing novel, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, was published to critical acclaim and an eventual National Book Award...

Jake Plummer Slams 'Billionaire A*****e' Jerry Jones Over CTE

The Huffington Post | Juliet Spies-Gans | Posted 01.03.2017 | Sports

It’s become increasingly difficult to deny some connection between the game of football and long-term head trauma. With new, damning research sugges...

How One Hour Changed My Image of Jerry Jones

Christopher A. Brown | Posted 03.10.2017 | Sports
Christopher A. Brown

My misgivings created an image of Jerry Jones in my mind that was, to say the least, not a positive one. I've often thought that as long as he's in charge the Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl.

Cowboys Reportedly Want To Part With Greg Hardy Because Of His ... Partying?

The Huffington Post | Juliet Spies-Gans | Posted 01.29.2016 | Sports

Just about 10 months after they first picked up the defensive end, the Dallas Cowboys are reportedly wiping their hands clean of the problematic Greg ...

Sport and Society for Arete-The Rams Move On

Richard Crepeau | Posted 01.16.2017 | Sports
Richard Crepeau

For the past eighty years Los Angeles has loomed large in the History of the NFL and has shaped the league in significant ways. The centerpiece of course was and is the Rams.

Man Starts Petition To Get Greg Hardy Out Of The NFL

The Huffington Post | Erick Fernandez | Posted 12.03.2015 | Sports

A man by the name of Freddy Martinez has started a petition to try and kick Greg Hardy out of the NFL. "The Cowboys should immediately release him, a...

Ex-Cowboy Joseph Randle Jailed After Allegedly Assaulting Officer

The Huffington Post | Juliet Spies-Gans | Posted 01.03.2017 | Sports

NFL free agent Joseph Randle was arrested in front of the Kansas Star Casino shortly before 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday night, charged with misdemeanor assa...

All That Talk Of Greg Hardy Being A Locker Room Leader Is BS

The Huffington Post | Justin Block | Posted 11.16.2015 | Sports

With each passing week, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' October comments on defensive end Greg Hardy being "one of the real leaders on this team" lo...

Sport and Society for Arete -- A Month to Remember

Richard Crepeau | Posted 11.08.2016 | Sports
Richard Crepeau

For the past several weeks I have seen a multitude of stories from the wild world of sport that have struck me as something about which I wanted to write and set my brain whirring.

Jerry Jones Stands By Greg Hardy After Deadspin Article

The Huffington Post | Erick Fernandez | Posted 01.03.2017 | Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Friday repeated his support for defensive end Greg Hardy after a Deadspin investigative report detailed Hardy's 20...

Dallas Cowboys: Everything Wrong With America

Rhett Grametbauer | Posted 10.29.2016 | Sports
Rhett Grametbauer

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are what is wrong with America. The Greg Hardy situation is unprecedented territory even for Jerry Jones. It is symptomatic of how we collectively as a country have placed a higher value on winning and profit than on decency and morals.

The Dallas Cowboys Are Going All-In On Abusive Greg Hardy

The Huffington Post | Justin Block | Posted 10.27.2015 | Sports

There's no turning back. Within the Dallas Cowboys organization, the reaction to Greg Hardy's Sunday night sideline fight with special teams coordinat...

Reporter's Pained Expression Is How We All Feel About Greg Hardy

The Huffington Post | Juliet Spies-Gans | Posted 10.26.2015 | Sports

Watch the reporter's face in the background while Jerry Jones calls Greg Hardy a "real leader"— John Gonzalez (@gonzoCSN)...

Greg Hardy Explodes On Cowboys Sideline But Goes Quiet Postgame

The Huffington Post | Justin Block | Posted 10.26.2015 | Sports

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy let his emotions fly on the team's sideline during their 27-20 loss to the New York Giants before delivering a...

Determined Tom Brady Let's Jerry Jones Know That PSI Has Nothing To Do With Winning

Michael Lazar | Posted 10.21.2016 | Fifty
Michael Lazar

Even after getting sacked five times, Tom Brady is a determined quarterback whose only end goal is getting the win. That's the mantra this season for a player that is hell-bent on proving to the world that he is deserving of his four championship rings, and on his way to getting one more.

Greg Hardy Is Going To Play On Sunday Without Ever Apologizing

The Huffington Post | Justin Block | Posted 10.08.2015 | Sports

Fresh off a four-game suspension for his domestic violence offense, Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy is set to play in an NFL game this Sunday ...

Cowboys Owner Defends Hardy Signing By Saying 'He's Paid A Terrific Price'

The Huffington Post | Lucy McCalmont | Posted 03.26.2015 | Sports

He's paid a terrific price? Really?

Browns Owner Haslam Mixes Republican Politics With Football

Eric Ehrmann | Posted 05.06.2015 | Politics
Eric Ehrmann

Last July, when Dawg Pound fans thought Johnny Football was their ticket to the Super Bowl, Cleveland topped Dallas in the political arena, winning the right to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Charlie Hebdo, Kinky Friedman and the Art of the Provocateur

Robert David Jaffee | Posted 03.16.2015 | Politics
Robert David Jaffee

The controversy over Charlie Hebdo's cartoons of Muhammad, as well as President Obama's boneheaded decision not to go to Paris for the Unity March, got me thinking about another satirical cartoon that graced the cover of an august publication in this country.

Joy to the World, the Dallas Cowboys Lost

Eric Marmon | Posted 03.15.2015 | Sports
Eric Marmon

This week the sun shines a little bit brighter, food tastes just a little bit better, and a stranger's scowl during the morning commute seems just a little bit less menacing. The world is a happier place this week, as the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the NFL playoffs.

WARNING: This Is What Chris Christie Would Like As A Cowboys Cheerleader

The Huffington Post | Chris Greenberg | Posted 01.10.2015 | Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has called New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie part of his team's "mojo." But New Jersey newspapers have been imagining hi...

Chris Christie: Superfan

Jon Reiner | Posted 03.11.2015 | Politics
Jon Reiner

I never thought I'd say it, but despite looking like a stuffed potato in a Cowboys aluminum foil jacket, Chris Christie is not only a man of principal, he's a man of our time.

Kim, Cosby and Kim: 2014's Greatest Fails

Steve Young | Posted 03.03.2015 | Comedy
Steve Young

While the prospect of patching up the road ahead may be bumpy, especially when you trudge through the potholes of 2014, some past wisdom may help us along the way.

Tony Romo May Not Be NFL MVP, But He Has Become An Elite Quarterback

Jordan Schultz | Posted 02.16.2015 | Sports
Jordan Schultz

Tony Romo is not going to win the NFL MVP this season, that much is clear. There are too many other great quarterbacks having monstrous seasons: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck, to name a few. And his teammate in the Dallas Cowboys backfield, running back DeMarco Murray, is firmly in the conversation as well. But at 34 years young, Romo, fresh off his second serious back surgery, is enjoying the best season of his illustrious (if highly criticized) career, and he has most definitely earned the right to be at least in the conversation about MVPs and elite quarterbacks.

Why The Dallas Cowboys Are Not For Real

Jordan Schultz | Posted 12.13.2014 | Sports
Jordan Schultz

On the heels of the most impressive win of the Jason Garrett era and of this NFL season, the 5-1 Dallas Cowboys sit tied atop the NFC East after out-Seahawking the Seattle Seahawks 30-23 Sunday. For a franchise that has been mired in mediocrity (four games over .500 during the last 16 seasons), it was as much a statement to itself as it was to the rest of the league. This comes after falling behind 10-0 to the defending champs, a team that had won 17 of its previous 18 home games. And yet, all is not perfect with Dallas -- far from it actually.