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The Week's Hottest Reads: Who Is Number 1?

-- HARDCOVER FICTION 1. "Zero Day" by David Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing)

Week's Hottest Reads: What Book Topped The List?

11. 4.2011
HARDCOVER FICTION 1. "The Litigators" by John Grisham (Doubleday)

Deconstructing Harry Jackson: Is Jim Wallis' Ideology Really "The Doctrine of Devils"?

"I don't think Bishop Jackson is offended by my ideology but by scripture itself. If he wants to toss out what the Bible has to say about...

God Shares 'It Getteth Better' Video, New Memoir Clarifies Bible Passages On Homosexuality

According to its book jacket, "The Last Testament," written by God (with the help of Emmy award-winning comedy writer David Javerbaum),...

This Week's Hottest Reads - Who Is Number One?

-- HARDCOVER FICTION 1. "Shock Wave" by John Sandford (Putnam)

Come, Let Us Reason Together: Joel Osteen And The Lack Of Argument Construction In Religious Moral Conversations

10. 7.2011
What we call sin is sin for a reason. I believe it's important to share those reasons as we dissect and discuss the ethical implications...

The Week's Hottest Reads: A New Number 1

10. 7.2011
-- HARDCOVER FICTION 1. "The Affair: A Reacher Novel" by Lee Child (Delacorte Press)

Week's Hottest Reads: What Book Topped The List?

-- HARDCOVER FICTION 1. "Heat Rises" by Richard Castle (Hyperion)

Rob Bell, Megachurch Pastor, Seeks Life Beyond The Pulpit

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald Religion News Service (RNS) For pastors with ambitions to reach huge audiences, there's often no better platform...

This Week's Hottest Reads - Who Is Number One?

-- HARDCOVER FICTION 1. "New York to Dallas" by J.D. Robb (Putnam)
Televangelist Brings 'Night Of Hope' To Chicago

Televangelist Brings 'Night Of Hope' To Chicago

08. 4.2011
With attendance down at its baseball games this season, it makes good sense for the Chicago White Sox's bottom line that they would allow...

Controversial Day Of Prayer Shadows Rick Perry's 2012 Ambitions

08. 3.2011
AUSTIN, Texas — Openly and deeply religious, Texas Gov. Rick Perry organized what seemed like a slam-dunk event for a politician...

A Call to Authentic Patriotism

It is both sad and ironic that in a time of steady and fervent patriotism we seem to care so little for our republic.

America's Next Revival

The temptation at a moment like this is twofold. Unable to see our way forward, we can give into despair. We can also succumb to optimism...