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God's Emotions: Does God Get Angry?

Valerie Tarico  12. 2.2010
You might think that if someone is powerful enough, say ... omnipotent, then anger would be unnecessary. And yet it makes a lot of sense...
Prosperity Gospel: Will Jesus Buy Me A Double-Wide Or What?

Prosperity Gospel: Will Jesus Buy Me A Double-Wide Or What?

Christine A. Scheller  11.19.2010
What began as a humorous look at a troubling phenomenon took a serious turn when the U.S. economy tanked in 2008. Prosperity preaching...
The Myth of Progress

The Myth of Progress

The Myth of Progress  11. 1.2010

God in Grand Junction

Michael Conniff  10.28.2010
Jesus Christ is this town's Lord and Savior -- end of story. Even so the Ramada Inn on Horizon Drive took me surprise.
Filling the Government Gap: Churches and Community Coping

Filling the Government Gap: Churches and Community Coping

Curtis Valentine  10. 5.2010
The financial crisis has elevated the church to more than a place of worship but a place of refuge for the millions of Americans struggling...

Noa and Amara: A Real Interfaith Dialogue

Rabbi Naomi Levy  09.20.2010
Yes, we are all different and the same. And I believe a true religious experience is one that leads us to see our differences as variations...

Obama, the Middle Class and Pundit Myopia

Mayhill Fowler  08.27.2010
One untruth about the President that has had some currency among liberals this summer is that "Obama is out of touch with the middle class."...

Open Your God Account Now, and Get a Free Gift!

Clay Farris Naff  06.23.2010
It used to be that religions proselytized with promises about the hereafter. If there was a present-day benefit to be gained, it was generally...

Uganda, Gay Rights and the Mandates of Compassion

Rev. Dr. Cindi Love  05.24.2010
Some high-profile pastors and religious leaders in the United States used their influence to pressure Ugandan religious and political leaders...

Forgiveness as a Way of Life

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater  05.12.2010
Years ago, I got really into this Texas mega preacher, Joel Osteen. Maybe you have heard of him, as he is a best-selling author, tours...

Forty Years of Fear: Kent State in Retrospect

Rev. Dr. Cindi Love  05. 5.2010
Some sociologists now believe that Kent State may have triggered the next forty years of fear-based politics in the United States and catalyzed...

BET Finally Gets it Right With "The Game"

Cocoa Popps  04. 7.2010
I have a feeling we'll still see various manifestations of low-brow ridiculousness from BET because it's a business and their bottom line...

Vendors Stiffed by Crystal Cathedral

John Shore  03.26.2010
Vendors say Crystal Cathedral owes them tens of thousands of dollars.

Is God A 6'-3" Invisible Rabbit?

Clay Farris Naff  03.15.2010
Today, encouraged by promise-the-world preachers, we Americans seem increasingly ready to leave our civic duties and personal responsibilities...