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Obama Emphasizes Bipartisanship: Dems And GOP Unite In Displeasure

How Will Jon Kyl And Exit Strategy Opponents Reconcile McChrystal's Own Deadlines?

GOP Needs Six Weeks To Debate Health Care Bill That All Republicans Will Oppose

Kyl: I've Talked With Lieberman About His Filibuster Threat

Kyl Falsely Accuses Reporter Of Inaccurate Story

Schumer Privately Urging Dem Senators To Lay Political Groundwork For Dem-Only Health Care Bill

Kyl: "I Don't Think A Single Republican" Will Support Health Care Reform

Kyl: Co-Ops A "Trojan Horse" For Public Option, GOP Won't Support

Kyl Calls DeMint And Inhofe's Health Care Remarks "Unfortunate"

Kyl Accuses Sotomayor Of "Relativism Run Amok" (VIDEO)

GOP: Let's Hold Sotomayor To Standard Of Judge We Voted Against

Grassley, Kyl, Sessions Could Take Specter's Powerful Judiciary Committee Post

Sen. Inhofe Claims Obama "Disarming America"

Senate Republicans Skip White House Afghan Briefing [UPDATED]

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