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Juice Cleanses

You Don't Need To 'Detox' And More Myths About Juice Cleansing

Posted 11.17.2014 | Healthy Living

By: Cari Nierenberg, Live Science Contributor Published: 11/17/2014 09:47 AM EST on LiveScience There's nothing wrong with drinking juice, altho...

WATCH: This Green Juice Has More Sugar Than 5 Cookies

The Huffington Post | Meredith Melnick | Posted 01.25.2014 | Healthy Living

Unreal Eats is Healthy Living's original video series, where we go behind calorie counts and health claims to examine what's really in the processed f...

The Real Reasons Juice Cleanses Can Get Your Health Back on Track

Woodson Merrell, M.D. | Posted 03.10.2014 | Healthy Living
Woodson Merrell, M.D.

Most people this time of year are thinking about buckling down on their diets. What I have found works best is to take it in small steps. Start with changing your eating for just a few days -- with a 3-day juice cleanse -- and it is remarkable what positive transformation will follow.

Juice Cleanses: The New Eating Disorder?

Judith J. Wurtman, PhD | Posted 10.01.2013 | Healthy Living
Judith J. Wurtman, PhD

Might the chronic nutrient deficiency associated with prolonged cleanses and juice fasts lead to degenerative changes in bones and muscles two or three decades later? If we want to be healthy in brain and body, we must not rely on nutrients that would not even nourish a gnat.

Chrissy Teigen On Juice Cleanses: 'That's No Way To Live'

Posted 07.03.2013 | Style

It's nice to be reminded that for every juice-drinking, carb-eschewing, cleanse-loving model like Miranda Kerr, there are models whose less virtuous e...

Catherine New

Rebuilding A Juice Empire At Age 89 | Catherine New | Posted 11.21.2016 | Small Business

NEW YORK -- Anyone who found herself zoned out on late-night television in the 1990s may remember the informercials starring Jay Kordich and his Juice...


Posted 03.15.2013 | Los Angeles

LA is running on juice. Apparently it's not enough for Angelenos that, in true Starbuck's fashion, there are now multiple juice bars within blocks of ...

Thinking Of Trying A Juice Cleanse? Read This First!

Posted 02.21.2013 | Healthy Living

By Abigail Cuffey for Juicing can do a body good if you do it right. Make sure you note these four things before proceeding on your c...

New Year, New You Cleanse Comparison

Louise McCready Hart | Posted 02.28.2013 | Style
Louise McCready Hart

Holiday season is nearly over and if you've enjoyed yourself, chances are your pants are a little tighter than they were earlier this fall. With dozens of cleanses out there, I conducted a side-by-side comparison of several to start the year on the right foot.

America's Best Juice Bars

Food & Wine | Posted 11.11.2012 | Taste
Food & Wine

Freshly squeezed, pressed or blended with a bit of green algae, raw fruit and vegetable juices at new juice bars across the country are being lauded by everyone from celebrities to soccer moms with a vigor that recalls the '90s smoothie craze. Here is a list of the best in America.

The Secret Ingredient of the Juice Cleanse: Nausea

Linda Flanagan | Posted 05.29.2012 | Healthy Living
Linda Flanagan

It's juice cleanse day for my daughter, Julie, and me. We decided weeks ago, after too many days of too much garbage, that we'd try a cleanse.

Fruit: Fads, Digestion and Cleanses

Carrie Wiatt, M.S. | Posted 12.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Carrie Wiatt, M.S.

The Internet provides us with news on the latest fad diets and health trends. On top of this, we receive emails with drastic nutrition recommendations... These incorrect statements really get to me.