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The 10-DAY Green SMOOTHIE CLEANSE Book Review

Stacey Chillemi | Posted 08.17.2016 | Home
Stacey Chillemi

I found this book to be very informative and motivational.

The Dirty Truth About Cold-Pressed Juice

Modern Farmer | Posted 06.29.2016 | Taste
Modern Farmer

Photos by Monica Buck, Food styling by Lori Powell This article originally appeared on Modern Farmer I was a cold-press virgin until the moment a pr...

Juicing vs. Smoothieng (Pros and Cons)

Nadia Khalil | Posted 05.02.2016 | Healthy Living
Nadia Khalil

The benefits of juicing and smoothieng are extraordinary and greatly enhance your health. This post clarifies how juicing and smoothieng are different...

Which Is Healthier: To Juice Or To Blend?

The Daily Meal | Posted 04.05.2016 | Taste
The Daily Meal

Are cold-pressed juices healthier than blended smoothies? To juice or to blend, that is the question. With new cold-pressed juice brands popping up...

What Is in Your Juice and Is It Really Worth It?

Anvita Bhatnagar Mistry | Posted 03.19.2017 | Healthy Living
Anvita Bhatnagar Mistry

So the next time you consider buying juice, think about what is it in your juice and it's real nutrient value. You are probably better off making your own juice at home the traditional way, like using a strainer rather than a juicing machine.

Why Juicing Fruits and Vegetables Is Stupid

Mike Sheridan | Posted 03.22.2017 | Healthy Living
Mike Sheridan

Juicing removes the two biggest benefits of eating fruits and vegetables (fiber and antioxidants). Essentially leaving us with a nutrient supplement bathing in glucose and fructose.

7 Ways to Use Your Leftover Juice Pulp

Danette May | Posted 01.20.2017 | Healthy Living
Danette May

You paid good money for those fruits and vegetables, so be sure that you're reaping optimal benefits.

Tips to Trim Your Waste

Melanie Young | Posted 08.25.2016 | Green
Melanie Young

Trimming your waste makes sense economizing at home and being more sensitive to the global issues of food waste, food insecurity and the environment. So don't trash your dinner. Reheat! Reuse! Repurpose!

A New Look at Juicing

Anita Mirchandani | Posted 08.19.2016 | Healthy Living
Anita Mirchandani

According to IBIS World, the juicing/smoothie industry had market size of 2 billion with an average of 2.9 percent growth over the last five years. A...

When the Glass Is Greener

Melanie Young | Posted 07.27.2016 | Healthy Living
Melanie Young

I finally took the plunge. After months of reading up on the pros and cons of juicing and following enlightened advocates like Kris Carr and Joe Cr...

Redefining 'Detox'

Deanna Minich, Ph.D. | Posted 07.01.2016 | Healthy Living
Deanna Minich, Ph.D.

In this modern age, I think we can take "detox" into a renewed meaning of carving out the quiet space within our busy everyday lives to get clear on what nourishes, replenishes, and supports our whole self.

WATCH: 'Juicing For The Homeless' Donates Fresh Fruit Drinks

HooplaHa | Posted 06.19.2016 | Good News

In this Chicken Soup For The Soul Moment we bring you something fresh and healthy! The GIVE Project, a non-profit organization in California, started ...

Liquid Diets Are Not My Cup of Tea

Melanie Young | Posted 05.26.2016 | Healthy Living
Melanie Young

I just don't find the appeal of a liquid meal as pleasurable as eating -- and chewing -- real food. I'd rather boost my energy taking a walk outside, doing yoga, getting a good night's sleep and eating a delicious meal prepared with farm fresh vegetables and fruits and lean proteins.

What To Eat Instead Of Going On A Juice Cleanse

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 05.18.2015 | Healthy Living

Instead of going on a juice cleanse, eat real whole foods. It's as simple as that. Going on a cleanse is “completely unnecessary,” Andy Bellat...

Edible Flowers Are the New Juicing Craze

PureWow | Posted 06.27.2015 | Taste

Juicing is obviously a ginormous trend, but the same old orange-beet-pineapple combo gets to be a snore.

Singledom to Single Motherhood: The Curse of Raw, Unsalted Sunflower Seeds

Joey Hoffman | Posted 06.16.2015 | Parents
Joey Hoffman

I've gone vegan, vegetarian and periodically nix wheat, gluten, and sugar, all which give me vile headaches and make me look and feel like Mr. Creosote, the exploding fat man in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. Why did I choose these strategies? Not strictly to lose weight, but to gain mental health.

Microwave That Lemon Before You Juice It For An Easier Squeeze

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 04.15.2015 | Taste

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The Anti-Vax Rat

J.D. Rothman | Posted 04.05.2015 | Healthy Living
J.D. Rothman

The sun shone outside but I couldn't play 'Cause I had a high fever that beautiful day I sat there with Sally, in anguish, we two. And I said, "Thi...

Green Smoothies vs. Juicing

Lindajoy Rose, Ph.D. | Posted 03.17.2015 | Healthy Living
Lindajoy Rose, Ph.D.

Most people don't have the equipment, time or patience to juice every morning. Blended green drinks take only moments to prepare and leftovers can be stored in a covered container in the fridge for up to three days.

The Journey of a Juicing Entrepreneur

Sandy Abrams | Posted 01.24.2015 | Small Business
Sandy Abrams

People are making their post school drop off, post exercise, late afternoon energy stop at the local juice bar instead of the usual coffee spot. Going 'green' doesn't just mean being eco-friendly anymore, it's all about the juice.

Orthorexia Isn't Healthful; Neither Is the Standard American Diet

Andy Bellatti | Posted 01.15.2015 | Healthy Living
Andy Bellatti

There is a world of difference between someone who inherently fears and mistrusts food to the point where they jeopardize their health and someone who is well-informed and aware of what they put into their body.

Change This One Thought and Lose Weight

Kerry Tepedino | Posted 12.27.2014 | Healthy Living
Kerry Tepedino

Your thoughts shape your body. Might sound weird, but it's true. You see, everything you do starts in the mind. So, when you emotionally eat, you had...

Free Drinks At Jamba Juice On Wednesday!

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 08.05.2014 | Taste

Everything tastes better when it's free.

A Trick For Juicing Citrus

Food52 | Posted 09.06.2014 | Taste

You deserve 10 citrus desserts for being so efficient.

Pulp Fiction? The Bottom Line on Juicing

Paul Spector, M.D. | Posted 06.16.2014 | Healthy Living
Paul Spector, M.D.

Your juicer may belong on the shelf next to the other fallen health products. It is a device that takes healthy foods (fruits and vegetables) and renders them less healthy. It eliminates fiber, turns solid food into a liquid and facilitates a huge increase in consumption.