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Jurassic Park

The Best Books on Screen

Culturalist | Posted 03.13.2015 | Entertainment

Make your list now! is the place to shape, share and debate your opinions on anything and everything through Top 10 lists. Want to jo...

'Jurassic Parks And Recreation' Is The Greatest Thing You'll See Today

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 01.06.2015 | Comedy

This is a mashup 65 million years in the making. Ever since it was announced that Chris Pratt stars in "Jurassic World," the Internet seems to have...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Spielberg!: Celebrating 40 Years of Movie Magic

Culturalist | Posted 02.17.2015 | Entertainment

Make your list now! is the place to shape, share and debate your opinions on anything and everything through Top 10 lists. Want to jo...

Steven Spielberg's T-Rex Impression Stinks

HuffPost Live | Ryan Buxton | Posted 12.04.2014 | Entertainment

Steven Spielberg is a legendary filmmaker, a box-office behemoth and an Oscar winner, but there's one thing he can't do very well: imitate a Tyrannosa...

The 'Jurassic World' Trailer Looks Oddly Familiar ...

The Huffington Post | Ryan Kristobak | Posted 12.02.2014 | Entertainment

It's been over 21 years since "Jurassic Park" first clawed its way into our lives -- 13 years since the third installment -- and with "Jurassic World"...

5 Huge Mistakes You'll Make in the Film and TV Business (and How to Avoid Them)

Dean Silvers | Posted 12.29.2014 | Entertainment
Dean Silvers

Why did no one see your short film? Why didn't it get into those festivals? Why wasn't your feature film bought and distributed? Why couldn't you sell your script?

Juliette Binoche Offers One Last Apology To Steven Spielberg

HuffPost Live | Emily Tess Katz | Posted 10.07.2014 | Entertainment

Juliette Binoche is "fed up" with constantly being asked about "Jurassic Park." The Academy Award winner was offered the part in the 1993 film that...

Legendary 'Jurassic Park' Star Dies At 90

AP | GREGORY KATZ | Posted 08.24.2014 | Entertainment

GREGORY KATZ, Associated Press LONDON (AP) — Acclaimed actor and Oscar-winning director Richard Attenborough, whose film career on both sides of ...

WATCH: Just How Wild Is YOUR Dinosaur Impression?

The Huffington Post | Posted 08.28.2014 | Science

It's hard to imagine that anyone would enjoy being chased and eaten by a real dinosaur. But we love being terrorized by make-believe dinos, like the o...

Jeff Goldblum Channels 'Jurassic Park' For Epic Wedding Photo

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 08.06.2014 | Weddings

Jeff Goldblum attended a wedding this weekend, so naturally this happened. Credit: Adam Biesenthal Photography Yes, the dinosaur is Photosh...

An Interview With Legendary Designer Chip Kidd on DC Comics and Batman

Bryan Young | Posted 09.21.2014 | Books
Bryan Young

You know his work even if you don't realize it. He designed the cover to Jurassic Park and Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

'Jurassic Goat' Is Bleating Brilliant

The Huffington Post | Sarah Barness | Posted 07.02.2014 | Comedy

If you love the "Jurassic Park" theme song, then your heart will bleat wildly for this goat version. Listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of goats si...

10 Things I Will Never Do Again In Summer

Marcia Kester Doyle | Posted 08.30.2014 | Fifty
Marcia Kester Doyle

My folks were always avid travelers in search of new adventures. Once the last school bell rang in June heralding the beginning of summer break, our suitcases were packed and loaded into the station wagon.

Dude Spared No Expense Putting His Dog In 'Jurassic Park'

The Huffington Post | Sarah Barness | Posted 06.18.2014 | Comedy

The makers of "Jurassic Bark" spared no expense for high-quality special effects to make Wally the dog a Jurassic star. So hold on to your butts, ...

Kauai, Hawaii -- The Garden Island

Barbara Barton Sloane | Posted 06.07.2014 | Hawaii
Barbara Barton Sloane

"We can never have enough of nature" -- Henry David Thoreau Is it possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to? You might say I've done H...

'Frozen' Tops 'Jurassic Park' And 'The Phantom Menace' At The Box Office

Posted 03.21.2014 | Entertainment

Moviegoers just wouldn't let it go, and now "Frozen" is more successful than "Jurassic Park" and "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace." The ...

Cats Meet 'Jurassic Park' And It's So Cute It's Scary

The Huffington Post | William Goodman | Posted 03.06.2014 | Comedy

What happens when you blend the film classic "Jurassic Park" with cats? See for yourself in this video titled "Cat Raptor" from We Are Camera Studi...

Mike Ryan

Why Jeff Goldblum Isn't In 'Jurassic World' | Mike Ryan | Posted 02.27.2014 | Entertainment

While doing press for his new film, Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (the full interview will publish closer to the film's March 7 release), ...

These 'Jurassic Park' Items Will Help You Prep For Dinosaurs (Duh)

The Huffington Post | Gregory Fink | Posted 01.30.2014 | Entertainment

There's no better way to prepare for the return of dinosaurs than by snatching up the velociraptor cage from "Jurassic Park" and the RV from the sequ...

This Wedding Photo Is A 'Jurassic Park' Fan's Dream Come True

Posted 01.25.2014 | Weddings

Bride and grooms like to do wonderfully creative things in their wedding photos to capture the magic of their Big Day... like, for instance, making ev...

Mike Ryan

Thought Jason Schwartzman Was Earnest Before? Wait Til 'Saving Mr. Banks' | Mike Ryan | Posted 01.25.2014 | Entertainment

Jason Schwartzman has played a lot of earnest characters. Max Fischer from "Rushmore" (actually, quite a few of his Wes Anderson parts would qualify) ...

As Close To A Real 'Jurassic Park' We'll Ever Get

The Huffington Post | Katla McGlynn | Posted 11.05.2013 | Comedy

New Yorkers have seen a lot of ridiculous things over the years thanks to Improv Everywhere, but we definitely weren't expecting to ever see a 15-foot...

Beyond The Beach: Six Hawaii Excursions That Stray From The Shore

Posted 09.30.2013 | Travel

With 75 degree water temperatures, year-round surf and some of the most vibrant sea life in the world, it would be easy to never leave the ocean on a ...

PHOTO: Out Of The Oil Emerges Venezuela's 'Jurassic Park'

Agence France Presse | Maria Isabel Sanchez | Posted 11.05.2013 | Science

Picture of the skull of a scimitar cat --of the saber-toothed cat genus-- as seen on August 12, 2008 at the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Resea...

'90s Movies That Will Make You Feel Like It's 1993

The Huffington Post | Matthew Jacobs | Posted 07.25.2013 | Entertainment

This weekend will find Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg flashing back to 1993 in "The To Do List." Naturally, we've decided to do the same. B...