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Eric Holder Urges U.S. Allies To Adopt FBI Terror Sting Tactics

GE Capital Pays Up For Denying Spanish Speakers Access To Credit Card Repayment Program

Eric Holder Goes From DOMA Defender To Gay Rights Honoree

Eric Holder: Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Policy 'A Relic Of An Age Of Prejudice'

Prosecutor Who Accused Feds Of Bullying Backs Down On Sexual Assault Reforms

ACLU Report Reveals Immigrant Abuse In 'Shadow' Private Federal Prisons

DOJ Backs Proposal To Make Drug Sentences Shorter Retroactively

Doctors Say DEA Blackmailed Them Over Medical Marijuana Ties

House's Pro-Medical Marijuana Vote Shocks Even Longtime Supporters

House Blocks DEA From Targeting Medical Marijuana

Seven Republican Governors Won't Comply With Anti-Rape Rules

Top DOJ Official Implies Reporter May Not Be Jailed In Leak Case

Eric Holder: 'Sweeping' New FBI Recording Policy Will Protect Both Suspects, Agents

Guantanamo Defense Lawyers In 9/11 Trial Aren't Under FBI Investigation, DOJ Tells Court