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K 12 Education

The Benefits of Lengthening the Tenure Process for California Public School Teachers

Teach Plus | Posted 01.26.2015 | Education
Teach Plus

By Camille Hommeyer For a teacher in the Los Angeles public school system, tenure is an incredibly important benefit. In an environment where budget...

'State of the Union' Relies on Stronger Elementary, Secondary STEM Offerings

Vince Bertram | Posted 01.22.2015 | Education
Vince Bertram

As the president stated, to ensure a more prosperous future, we must continue to focus on education. At the K-12 level, we must equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate post-secondary education and their careers.

What Would MLK Say About Education in Mississippi?

Matthew Lynch, Ed.D. | Posted 01.20.2015 | Black Voices
Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.

I didn't live in MLK's lifetime, but I'd like to think that if he were still around today, he would agree with me on the injustices that Mississippi K-12 students are experiencing. I have a dream that this generation of Mississippi students will be the ones to break the cycle of poverty in their home state -- but it starts with strong educational access.

Honoring the Dream: An Education Bill of Rights

Terry Blackhawk | Posted 01.18.2015 | Detroit
Terry Blackhawk

I hope our leaders can, as iO's mission states, "think broadly" enough to let go of rigid, behaviorist notions of what education means. I hope they will heed the many stories like this one that prove the dramatic, turn-around impact of the arts on "under-performing" schools.

From the Court to the Courtroom: Why It's Unconstitutional for Fort Bragg High School to Silence Mendocino's Student-Athletes

Cynthia Liu | Posted 01.17.2015 | Education
Cynthia Liu

I believe that Fort Bragg's decision restricts much more speech than reasonably necessary. I believe that Fort Bragg's decision was made because they didn't want any any disruption to the tournament.

Two Strikes and You're Out (But Only If You're Black)

Wray Herbert | Posted 01.14.2015 | Science
Wray Herbert

According to the U.S. Office for Civil Rights, black students are more than three times as likely as white students to be suspended or expelled from school. Surprisingly, there has been little scientific study of the psychological processes underlying this discipline gap.

6 Things That Barack Obama Did for P-20 Education in 2014

Matthew Lynch, Ed.D. | Posted 01.01.2015 | Education
Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.

Given the nature and sheer number of challenges, his administration has done a great deal to foster positive change and progress. In a bid to build upon his already stellar record on education Obama implemented a number of education reform initiatives in 2014.

Getting SMART About Education

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici | Posted 12.23.2014 | Politics
Rep. Suzanne Bonamici

Assessments should strengthen teaching and learning. Too often, however, test scores have become the focus of our students' education.

The Solution to Teacher Equity? Empower Teachers

Teach Plus | Posted 12.17.2014 | Education
Teach Plus

Despite the clear need for change, the obvious question remains: How do we get highly effective teachers into high-need schools? The answer, my own experience tells me, is simple: Empower teachers as leaders so that the difference they are making can be that much greater.

Think Promise Neighborhoods Before Promise Neighborhoods Were Cool

Karin Chenoweth | Posted 12.17.2014 | Education
Karin Chenoweth

The school's ambition is an integral part of an even bigger one -- to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty that has been endemic to its section of Atlanta.

How to Introduce Your Kids to Internet Ethics

Suren Ramasubbu | Posted 12.05.2014 | Parents
Suren Ramasubbu

It is easy to teach a child that stealing other people's pencils, crayons -- "stuff" -- is unacceptable and, more importantly punishable. But in the online world, the idea of stealing becomes murky.

Leading Coherence

Karin Chenoweth | Posted 12.03.2014 | Education
Karin Chenoweth

Over the past 10 years, I have visited dozens of schools with significant populations of students of color and students living in poverty that demonst...

In Room 201, It Takes Two to Tango

Teach Plus | Posted 12.03.2014 | Education
Teach Plus

"What's your job?" I ask my third grade students. "To learn!" they exclaim enthusiastically. "And what's my job?" I follow up. "To teach us!" they reply, matter-of-factly.

Our Students Can't Wait; The Time To Revise Teacher Prep is Now

Teach Plus | Posted 12.01.2014 | Education
Teach Plus

By Claire Steinbeck When I completed pre-service training to become a teacher through the DC Teaching Fellows program, I performed well on rubrics ...

How to Save the Lost Students In Your Classroom

Karl Gude | Posted 01.17.2015 | Education
Karl Gude

Instead of focusing on the high performing, front-row kids and neglecting the lost, skid-row kids in the back of the room, teachers can turn their classrooms into fertile ground that nurtures all students.

Education Is a Becoming Process

Isa Adney | Posted 01.13.2015 | Education
Isa Adney

How do you measure who someone has become after an education, a class, a teacher, a degree? How do you measure hope, trust, citizenship, critical thinking, art, respect, self-esteem, or a desire for growth and contribution?

Women in STEM: Progress, Asymptote, and Equality

Marvi Matos | Posted 01.13.2015 | Science
Marvi Matos

Today, in United States we face very limited progress towards the inclusion of women in fields such as Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering.

The Education Paradox Requires New Ways to Think About Schools

Karin Chenoweth | Posted 01.12.2015 | Education
Karin Chenoweth

It is physically impossible for every teacher to know everything necessary to teach every student. Is it possible to solve this paradox? Yes. But it requires doing things a little bit differently.

Where the Data Speak of Capacity

Karin Chenoweth | Posted 01.05.2015 | Education
Karin Chenoweth

Brimley is a school that helps dispel the myth that there is little schools can do to help students overcome poverty, isolation, and discrimination. But such schools can't be reduced to just a couple of practices. They do a lot of things right, not just a few.

States Should Spend Less on Prisons, More on Schools

Michael Mitchell | Posted 12.29.2014 | Politics
Michael Mitchell

The savings from criminal justice reforms wouldn't fully finance the increased education investments needed, partly because states will likely spend much of the savings elsewhere. But reordering state priorities away from maintaining large prison populations and toward investing in human capital will pay off over the long term.

Big School, Small School

Karin Chenoweth | Posted 12.27.2014 | Education
Karin Chenoweth

A new study of the small high schools that New York City opened in the last decade seems to have re-ignited a debate about whether small high schools are better for kids than large schools and whether it's possible to really measure which is better.

The Virtualization of Childhood

Suren Ramasubbu | Posted 12.17.2014 | Parents
Suren Ramasubbu

Internet, the global system of interconnected computer networks that was created to defend geographic boundaries, has now morphed into a system that transcends the very same boundaries

"Every Number Represents a Kiddo's Face"

Karin Chenoweth | Posted 12.17.2014 | Education
Karin Chenoweth

Last week I quoted a principal who said about the student achievement data in her school, "They are just numbers, but the teachers here know that every number represents a kiddo's face."

The Number One Question We Should Be Asking Low-Income Students

Isa Adney | Posted 12.15.2014 | College
Isa Adney

One of the faculty who had worked with an elementary school where the teachers visited the homes of each parent shared how they start each meeting with a simple, yet profound question: "What are your hopes and dreams for your child?"

A Global Model for STEM Education

Vince Bertram | Posted 12.08.2014 | Education
Vince Bertram

The United States has long been a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. But a 2012 report from the President's Council of Advisors on Scie...