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Kenya Violence

The Best Answer to Bad Guys With Qur'ans Is Good Guys With Qur'ans

John Barton | Posted 01.19.2017 | Religion
John Barton

The geopolitical and theological stakes are too high to be distracted by caricatures and reductionism. To move forward, we must embrace our shared and complex humanity, and honor one another's virtues.

Grieving For Pairs Is Not About Political Correctness

BJ Gallagher | Posted 11.17.2016 | Politics
BJ Gallagher

There are those who scold us for our outpouring of grief in the wake of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks on Paris. They try to make us feel guilty for not demonstrating the same grief over the slaughter in Beirut, Lebanon, just a day earlier, or the massacre in Kenya. Political correctness has no place in matters of the heart.

What Life in Chicago and Nairobi Taught Me About Stress

Debra Pickett | Posted 09.10.2014 | Healthy Living
Debra Pickett

There's no question that life is stressful, but, for most of us lucky enough to be reading here, our stresses are not the life-and-death struggles of urban war zones and developing world slums. We worry about our health, that of our family, about money and our kids' futures. But we don't have to let these worries isolate us. We can find, even within our darkest troubles, opportunities to connect with one another.

Africa's New Generation of Young Leaders

David Weiss | Posted 02.01.2014 | Impact
David Weiss

While the Mo Ibrahim Foundation announcement conveys a bleak message about some aspects of Africa's politics, there is great reason for optimism in that continent.

Kenya: The Empire Strikes Back, Kind Of

Michael Brenner | Posted 01.23.2014 | World
Michael Brenner

Our rulers who run the Global War on Terror can be counted on to observe one imperative: never miss an opportunity to exaggerate the threat and to sow anxiety

Terror Has No Religion

Harun Yahya | Posted 10.02.2013 | Religion
Harun Yahya

No religion commands violence. No religion encourages ruthlessness, selfishness, lovelessness and massacre. Violence and the conditions that pave the way for violence develops when ideologies that promote conflict replace the moral values of religion.

Kenya: Why a President Kenyatta May Never Stand Trial for Crimes Against Humanity

Edwin Okong'o | Posted 05.26.2013 | World
Edwin Okong'o

Kenya is the staunchest and most docile proxy of the two countries' regional war on terror, so it makes sense to think that they would worry about the implications of working with a president accused of crimes against humanity.

Kenya's Second Chance

David Hoffman | Posted 03.01.2013 | World
David Hoffman

There has been a sea change in the mindsets of ordinary Kenyans that in large part is the result of government reforms and transformation of its media. We are heartened that Kenya's next election is unlikely to provoke the extreme levels of ethnic violence that followed the last contest.

Kenya Hopes To Avoid Repeat Of 2007 Violence In New Election

Reuters | Posted 05.01.2013 | World

By Edmund Blair NAIROBI, March 1 (Reuters) - Kenyans choose a new president on Monday in a closely fought election that has divided th...

Killer SMS: Incitement and the Kenyan Elections

Simon Adams | Posted 04.28.2013 | World
Simon Adams

Although hate speech may have been curtailed, campaigning along ethnic lines remains the standard operating procedure of Kenyan politics.

Law and Order: Special Kenya Unit

Donatella Lorch | Posted 02.02.2013 | World
Donatella Lorch

My work and travels have taken me across large swaths of Kenya, from its densely populated agricultural heartland and crowded cities to the pastoralist semi-arid lands. My husband and I dream of retiring here. So why did the news of a murder leave me so troubled?

Plane Crash in Kenya Kills Two German Tourists

Reuters | Posted 10.22.2012 | World

NAIROBI, Aug 22 (Reuters) - Two German tourists and two Kenyan pilots were killed when a plane carrying safari tourists crashed in Kenya's Maasai Ma...

HORROR: At Least 48 Hacked To Death In Ethnic Violence

The Huffington Post | Mark Hanrahan | Posted 08.22.2012 | World

Scores of people, the majority women and children, were killed in ethnic violence in the Tana River district of Kenya on Tuesday. "It is a very bad...

Gunmen Kidnap 4 Foreign Refugee Workers In Kenya

Reuters | Posted 08.29.2012 | World

NAIROBI, June 29 (Reuters) - Gunmen kidnapped four foreign refugee workers and a driver at Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp near the border with Somalia ...

Being the Change That I Wish To See In the World

Soiya Gecaga | Posted 03.18.2012 | Good News
Soiya Gecaga

Upon my return to Kenya, I initially thought I would get involved in peace and reconciliation activities. However, I couldn't help but notice the hundreds of very young children that I saw running around unsupervised on a daily basis.

Four Years After Kenya's Post-Election Violence, Impunity Reigns

Neela Ghoshal | Posted 02.08.2012 | World
Neela Ghoshal

Four years after the violence, Kenya's victims are tired of empty promises. Another election is scheduled for 2012. The government should demonstrate that violence will not be tolerated this time around.

A Kenyan Street Boy's Quest for Survival

Michael Mungai | Posted 12.21.2011 | Impact
Michael Mungai

Life in the streets for many Kenyan children is not an entirely a hopeless situation. The following narrative proves that with small, persistent efforts, they can be helped to realize their own utmost potential.

Calculated Rift: Alleged War Criminals In Kenya Campaign For Higher Office

Guernica | Robbie Corey-Boulet | Posted 11.15.2011 | World

Bernard Orinda Ndege, 54, lives outside the Kenyan town of Kisumu, on a small patch of land at the edge of Lake Victoria. He moved there over three ye...

The Globe's Not Only Getting Hotter, It's More Unjust and Unstable, Too

Michelle Chen | Posted 09.10.2011 | Green
Michelle Chen

Over the next few decades, tens of millions of people will be driven from their homes. Unlike other refugees, though, their plight won't be blamed simply on the familiar horrors of war or persecution; they'll blame the weather.

International Court To Begin Inquiry Into Kenya Violence | JEFFREY GETTLEMAN and ALAN COWELL | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

NAIROBI, Kenya After months of political wrangling, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Thursday that he will initiate an in...

Kenya Replaces Most Top-Ranked Policemen

BBC NEWS | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

The government in Kenya has replaced almost all of the country's most senior police officers in what analysts say could be the start of major reform. ...

Kenya-Somalia Border To Be Secured

BBC News | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

Kenya has promised to reinforce its border with Somalia after several abductions near the frontier....

Kenya Tribunal On Violence To Be In Place By 2010

UPI | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

Kenya has agreed to a July 2010 deadline to set up a tribunal to try those responsible for inciting violence that killed 1,500 people in 2007, officia...

Kenya Machete Attacks: How The Mungiki Performed The Bloody Night Raid

The Daily Nation | PATRICK NZIOKA and JOHN NJAGI | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

They crept out of the night like ghouls, dozens of Mungiki followers, the axes, pangas and rungus in their hands betraying their intentions: to kill....

Kenya Machete Massacre Leaves 29 Dead

Daily Nation | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

At least 29 people have been killed in Monday overnight clashes between Kirinyaga residents in central Kenya and suspected Mungiki members. The sect ...