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Kim Il Sung

Kim Jong Il's Death: Time to Stir Up Robber Baron Envy?

Steve Clemons | Posted 02.18.2012 | Politics
Steve Clemons

Now may be the time for Obama, as well as leaders in Japan, South Korea, China and Russia, to offer trips to North Korea's political and military elite -- to show them what they could have if they engineered some shifts inside the regime.

Kim Jong Il Death: A Reclusive Leader In A Hermit State

Posted 12.19.2011 | World

SEOUL, Dec 19 (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, revered at home by a propaganda machine that turned him into a demi-god and vilified in the...

Why 2012 Will Shake Up Asia and the World

John Feffer | Posted 12.04.2011 | World
John Feffer

The United States has long styled itself a Pacific power. It has, however, reached the high-water mark of its Pacific presence and influence. The geopolitical map is about to be redrawn.

North Koreans Mark Founder's Birthday

AP/The Huffington Post | Posted 06.15.2011 | World

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) - Bearing bouquets and dressed in their finest, row after row of North Koreans bowed deeply on cue at the foot of a toweri...

Propaganda: Art Of Gaddafi, Hussein And Kim Jong Il

BLTWY | Posted 05.25.2011 | Arts

Gaddafi has posed beneath a giant gold fist in Tripoli, but he's hardly the first dictator to use art to create the illusion of victory. From Ramses I...

Diplomatic Impunity

Sunil Adam | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Sunil Adam


North Korea Is in China's Strategic Backyard: It Should Deal With It

Leon T. Hadar | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Leon T. Hadar

The most effective way for the U.S. to help achieve a stable balance of power in the Korean Peninsula is not by sending more war ships, but by providing incentives to the Chinese to stop making excuses for the North Koreans.

North Korea's Economy Is a Disaster, But the Family Business Is Thriving

Sheldon Filger | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Sheldon Filger

As nation builders, the Kim dynasty is a train wreck. But as the managers of a very lucrative family business, they are obviously brilliant. Maybe there is something after all to their title, "Great Leader."

Kim Jong-ryul Gives Insider Account Of Kim Jong-il In New Book

Christian Science Monitor | Donald Kirk | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

Firsthand exposés about the personal lives of North Korea's leaders can put the lives of their authors at risk, even if they are far away.The latest ...

Pete Seeger, "Folk Music" and the Left

Jesse Larner | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Jesse Larner

As someone on the left who loves folk music, I understand that I'm supposed to feel mystically uplifted by the dean of activist folkies. But I never could stand Pete.

New From Lil' Kim Jong Il!

John Marshall | Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy
John Marshall