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Land Use

The Future of Food: How to Feed 9 Billion People?

Gaia Paradiso | Posted 01.23.2015 | World
Gaia Paradiso

The scarcity of healthy options in low-income neighborhoods in developed countries and the decreased purchasing power make people opt for a unhealthy and cheap processed foods rather than seasonal and local fruit and vegetables.

Outraged Miami Residents Confront Walmart Developer in Kendall

Grant Stern | Posted 11.12.2014 | Miami
Grant Stern

Walmart is looking to fill a gap in their chain's lockdown coverage of southwest Miami by building a SuperCenter into one of only three endangered pine rocklands habitats in all of Florida, as part of Coral Reef Commons.

Two Big-Box Decisions Show How Smart Planning Policies Protect Good Jobs

Stacy Mitchell | Posted 06.15.2014 | Business
Stacy Mitchell

Although few cities take full advantage of them, planning and zoning powers are among the most potent tools communities have for shaping their economi...

Oklahoma State Senator Aims To Block Non-Binding Sustainability Resolution

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 12.27.2012 | Politics

A Republican state senator in Oklahoma has introduced legislation seeking to block the implementation of United Nations Agenda 21, the international o...

Worm: the Other Red Meat

OnEarth | Posted 02.20.2013 | Green

By Rachel Nuwer, OnEarth The first time I ate insects was at a party. For a semester-ending celebration, the professor in my undergraduate entomology...

GOP State Senator Resigns After Attending Controversial Birther Lecture

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 12.04.2012 | Politics

The Georgia Republican leader who organized an October lecture for GOP lawmakers in which a birther activist said that President Barack Obama and the ...

John Celock

Lawmaker Seeks To Keep Out 'Dangerous' And 'Cushy' Program | John Celock | Posted 11.27.2012 | Politics

The battle over Agenda 21, the United Nations' sustainability agenda, moves back to New Hampshire as a Republican state lawmaker has signaled her inte...

GOP Hears About Obama 'Mind-Control' Program

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 11.15.2012 | Politics

Republican state senators in Georgia attended a four-hour closed door briefing last month in which they were told that President Barack Obama and the ...

John Celock

Agenda 21, UN's Sustainability Measure, Banned By New Hampshire House | John Celock | Posted 05.17.2012 | Politics

The Tea Party-controlled New Hampshire House of Representatives voted Wednesday afternoon to ban implementation of policies connected to the United Na...

John Celock

Kansas Lawmakers Condemn U.N. Sustainability Plan | John Celock | Posted 05.11.2012 | Politics

The Republican-controlled Kansas House of Representatives on Thursday adopted a resolution condemning the United Nations' Agenda 21 environmental acti...

Help Stop a Proposed Ordinance That Will Devastate Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

Mark Horvath | Posted 07.02.2012 | Impact
Mark Horvath

Sober living homes are a crucial component to rehabilitating drug addicts and people getting out of prison. There is also a huge housing need for people who cannot qualify for SSI, yet for whatever reason are not employable.

The Global Economy Depends On China's Rural Population

The New York Times | Joshua Muldavin | Posted 12.31.2011 | Business

Two weeks ago peasants in Wukan, a fishing village in the prosperous southern Chinese province of Guangdong, took over their village, throwing out loc...

Virtue Grain & Feed's Outdoor Deck Permit Goes Before Virginia Supreme Court

The Huffington Post | Arin Greenwood | Posted 01.03.2012 | DC

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Ah, the "Virtues" of outdoor dining. They're about to go before the Virginia Supreme Court. In May 2010, Alexandria's Planning C...

When OWS Protesters Become Trespassers

Jeff Norman | Posted 12.14.2011 | New York
Jeff Norman

Is fighting economic injustice such a righteous pursuit that it entitles Occupy Wall Street protesters and their disciples to indefinitely control whatever space they invade?

Nurturing Arts Districts for the New Economy

John M. Eger | Posted 11.13.2011 | Arts
John M. Eger

The economy is in the toilet and it is hard, some would say impossible, to talk about the future. "Arts districts"? You have got to be kidding.

Gas is Greener? Smearing Renewables Over Land Use Exposes Ignorance of Fossil Fuel Lovers

John Farrell | Posted 10.16.2011 | Green
John Farrell

Cost-effective distributed wind and solar power can be built in large numbers (but small sizes) without using undeveloped land.

Lynne Peeples

Beefing Up The Case Against Meat: Environment Group The Latest To Advise Eating Less Meat And Cheese | Lynne Peeples | Posted 09.17.2011 | Green

Gidon Eschel, a professor of climate physics at Bard College in New York, spent much of his youth in Israel with cows — tending to a dairy farm as a...

Village Green: New California Report Shows Dramatic Potential of Smarter Land Use

F. Kaid Benfield | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
F. Kaid Benfield

A new state-sponsored report reveals that smart planning could bring dramatic environmental and economic benefits to California, while troub...

What's at Stake in the Golden State? Corporate Cash vs. Progressive Populism

Christine Pelosi | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Christine Pelosi

Nothing less than the biggest statehouse, the biggest Senate seat, and the future presidency of America is at stake here in the Golden State.

Logging loophole gets spotlight at Bonn climate talks

Kevin Grandia | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Kevin Grandia

With media rightly focused on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster it's understandable that the climate talks under way in Bonn, Germany this week ar...

The Future of China - An Interview with Peter Hessler

Elizabeth Lynch | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Elizabeth Lynch

I sat down with Hessler to discuss his new book and his thoughts on China -- its problems, its future, its people. How have things changed? How have the people responded? What is the impact of rule of law in China?

House Trio Moves To Block EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulation

Mother Jones | Kate Sheppard | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

A bipartisan trio of House members announced yesterday that they are sponsoring a bill to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating gr...

ReThink Interview: Phillippe Diaz (part 2) -- The End of Poverty? and Changing the System

Jonathan Kim | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Jonathan Kim

Unless we change the system, it will collapse under its own unsustainability -- or the victims of that system will revolt and smash it. That's why Philippe Diaz made The End of Poverty?.

The Grande Dame Of NYC Land Use

The New York Observer | Reid Pillifant | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York

Doris Diether, a member of Save the Village since 1959, has fought dictatorial landlords and campaigned to preserve the environment and history of her...

VOICES FROM JERUSALEM: What Is Behind Jerusalem's First Master Plan Since 1967?

Ir Amim | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Ir Amim

Today, 42 years since the annexation of East Jerusalem, it seems that the future of Palestinian Jerusalemites is gloomier than ever, and that their pathways of existence are narrowing.