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Former Ex-Gay Leaders Alliance (FELA) Denounce GOP Platform Supporting Conversion Therapy

Tim Rymel | Posted 07.14.2016 | Queer Voices
Tim Rymel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: UNITED STATES – The Former Ex-Gay Leader Alliance (FELA), a coalition of former leaders and founders of conversion/ex-gay th...

An Open Letter To The GOP: 'We Are You'

Tim Rymel | Posted 07.14.2016 | Politics
Tim Rymel

For years I supported your party and platform. I voted in every election possible and sought out the most conservative candidates who upheld my God-fearing beliefs. But there was a problem. I was gay.

Saving Lives; Black And Blue

Nadine Smith | Posted 07.14.2016 | Black Voices
Nadine Smith

Bad cops make the job dangerous for good cops.

The GOP Has Jumped The Shark (and How That Affects LGBT Youth)

Karen Topham | Posted 07.15.2016 | Queer Voices
Karen Topham

In 2002, as a junior in high school, my oldest child told me that he was trans.This was a child who had been through one personal and gender identity ...

It's All About Sex, Says Christianity

Matt Hawley | Posted 07.13.2016 | Religion
Matt Hawley

When we refer to bigotry against the LGBT community, where exactly does it from? Opposition to gay marriage has traditionally been a mainstay on the Republican platform, which has a predominantly Christian base.

TEDx Talk: Why LGBT Equality Is Gender Equality

Sarah McBride | Posted 07.13.2016 | Queer Voices
Sarah McBride

I didn't transition to be happy, I transitioned to be me. I didn't transition to create a positive, but to remove a negative; to alleviate a nearly constant pain and incompleteness. Transitioning didn't bring me happiness; it allowed me to be free to pursue *every* emotion.

No, Actually Transgender Soldiers Make Us A Stronger Military

Lionel Beehner | Posted 07.13.2016 | Queer Voices
Lionel Beehner

The criticisms that the military isn't a place for social experiments is true. But don't call acceptance an experiment. Acceptance is a mental frame of mind influenced by culture. Soldiers want the best of the best on their team.

5 Estate Planning Tips LGBT Families Need to Follow in 2016

Melissa Chapman | Posted 07.13.2016 | Queer Voices
Melissa Chapman

LGBT families are experiencing major financial implications following Obergefell v. Hodges, a landmark ruling from the United States Supreme Court tha...

Fight Over LGBT Rights Spawns Last-Minute Drama At GOP Platform Committee

The Huffington Post | Igor Bobic | Posted 07.13.2016 | Politics

CLEVELAND ― The GOP on Tuesday successfully drafted a platform ― a statement of its core values and principles ― but not before some last-minute...

Guidelines Without Love

Stephen Seufert | Posted 07.14.2016 | Religion
Stephen Seufert

Instead of the guideline looking inward and addressing the Catholic Church's own shortcomings, Archbishop Chaput chooses to blame society for spreading "confusion" on issues related to marriage, the family, and LGBT people. This so called confusion on these issues isn't caused by society, but rather the Church's unwillingness to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

The GOP Really Doesn’t Want ‘LGBT’ To Appear Anywhere In Its Platform

The Huffington Post | Igor Bobic | Posted 07.12.2016 | Politics

CLEVELAND ― Two separate attempts to recognize lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in the Republican Party platform ― a statement o...

The Case For Julian Castro -- Why Obama's HUD Secretary Is The Right Man To Be America's Next Vice President, For The LGBT Community -- And America

James Duke Mason | Posted 07.12.2016 | Queer Voices
James Duke Mason

Even then there was a lot of speculation about whether or not he might end up on the Democratic ticket come 2016; he showed a lot of promise, not just due to his superb oratory skills but because of his remarkable life story and the accomplishments he had accrued in just a short amount of time.

Openly Gay Delegate Makes Impassioned Plea To Soften GOP Stance On Gay Marriage

The Huffington Post | Igor Bobic | Posted 07.12.2016 | Politics

CLEVELAND ― An impassioned plea by a gay Republican delegate for the party to soften its stance on same-sex marriage failed to sway enough of her co...

The Kinsey Sicks: Can The Longest-Running Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet Save America?

Greg Archer | Posted 07.11.2016 | Queer Voices
Greg Archer

If it feels as if America suffers from Electile Dysfunction, that's because it does. With the train wreck that is presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump...

GOP Platform Committee Bucks 21st Century, Reaffirms Anti-LGBT Stance

The Huffington Post | Igor Bobic | Posted 07.12.2016 | Politics

CLEVELAND ― Republican delegates tasked with drafting the party’s official platform on Monday rebuffed several efforts aimed at bringing the GOP i...

Racist Police Brutality Is An LGBT Issue

Tony Varona | Posted 07.18.2016 | Queer Voices
Tony Varona

The LGBT community reflects the rainbow. The rainbow flag, in fact, is a fitting symbol of our motley movement.

From A Murrow Moment To A Murrow Mindset: How Not To Normalize Donald Trump

Arianna Huffington | Posted 07.18.2016 | Politics
Arianna Huffington

Donald Trump is fond of claiming that everyone loves him. Hispanics love him. African Americans love him. Women love him. The LGBT community loves him. And Texas won't secede because Texans love him, too. But there's one group he doesn't make this claim about. "I think the political press is among the most dishonest people that I have ever met," he said last month. "The press should be ashamed of itself. You make me look bad." But Trump is as wrong about the press hating him as he is about Hispanics, African Americans, women and the LGBT community loving him. The press has had a very strange relationship with Trump since the beginning of his campaign. From the moment he descended the Trump Tower escalator in June 2015, his ascent has been aided and abetted by a very willing press.

No Exceptions To Equal Protection

Joe Kennedy III | Posted 07.11.2016 | Politics
Joe Kennedy III

One month after a deadly attack against the LGBT community in Orlando, Republican Leadership in the House of Representatives will mark this week's anniversary in an ugly way.

More States Sue Obama Administration Over Transgender Directive

Reuters | Andrew Hart | Posted 07.09.2016 | Politics

Ten states including Nebraska, Michigan and Ohio sued the Obama administration on Friday, saying the federal government does not have the power to tel...

See Something, Say Something

Crystal Cheatham | Posted 07.08.2016 | Impact
Crystal Cheatham

Not only was that email reassuring but the next time I jumped on a Delta flight -- last week in fact -- I was delighted to see that the safety video not only incorporated all skin tones, it was created using multiple languages and subtitles to boot.

In The Matter Of Black Lives...

The Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D. | Posted 07.14.2016 | Religion
The Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D.

He is dead. We are dead. Reciting from our graves the names of the all-too-many killed at the hands of the state or by those who know the state will exonerate them.

My Son Was Not in Orlando That Night, But All My Children Were

Krista Barth | Posted 07.07.2016 | Parents
Krista Barth

My son started out in this world momentarily shattering my heart before he even took his first breath, as they rushed me to a cesarean section before his heart rate dropped again, with the cord wrapped tightly around his neck.

The Pride Series; Rehoboth Beach, DE

Michael Cook | Posted 07.07.2016 | Queer Voices
Michael Cook

This season more than ever, the month of June, typically "Pride" month, means just that much more. I thought that rather than just dedicate one month ...

Michael Adams Talks LGBT Senior Housing Project & More (AUDIO)

Charlotte Robinson | Posted 07.07.2016 | Queer Voices
Charlotte Robinson

This week I talked with Michael Adams, Chief Executive Officer of Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders which is the country's largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT older adults founded in 1978 and headquartered in New York City.

NC's HB2 reflects unfounded fear of the other

Daniel Becton | Posted 07.07.2016 | Religion
Daniel Becton

Originally published in the Chapel Hill News on June 29, 2016. The lynchpin underlying support for House Bill 2, the Public Facilities Privacy and Se...