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Respect for Marriage: An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

Rev. Susan Russell | Posted 01.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Rev. Susan Russell

But please - with all due respect - let's stop perpetuating the lie that marriage equality is a threat to religious liberty. Because nothing could be further from the truth. And that, you will recall, is covered in the Ninth Commandment.

Violence Against Police Should Not Be Prosecuted as Hate Crime

Innokenty (Kes) Grekov | Posted 01.08.2015 | Politics
Innokenty (Kes) Grekov

In the wake of the murder of two New York City police officers, the National Fraternal Order of Police sent a letter to the White House and Congress asking that "bias attacks" against police be prosecuted more harshly through hate crime laws.

You Never Know Who Is Watching

Marsha Aizumi | Posted 01.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Marsha Aizumi

You never know who is watching, listening and looking for a sign that they have value, that life can be good, that they will still be loved. I will speak up for those individuals, just like Dean did.

Justice for Leelah Alcorn: Pass Leelah's Law

A.J. Walkley | Posted 01.06.2015 | Gay Voices
A.J. Walkley

In an effort to hasten change, the Transgender Human Rights Institute has begun a petition calling for a permanent end to transgender conversion therapy in Leelah's name. At this point, only with help from the federal government can we hope to see differences made quickly in the United States on this front.

I Have Three-and-a-Half Gay Exes and This Is Why I Support Marriage Equality

Cassie Delaney | Posted 01.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Cassie Delaney

Support marriage equality not just for the LGBT community, –but for the awkwardly pubescent girls having their hearts broken by well-dressed, closeted young men.

Real Talk With Rob Smith -- Race and Racism in the Gay Community (VIDEO)

Rob Smith | Posted 01.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Rob Smith

On this episode, I take on the recent "I don't date black guys" piece from "I'm From Driftwood" and the debate about racism within the gay community.

Supporting the HIV-Positive Community Requires New Tools for Ending Stigma

Sean Howell | Posted 01.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Sean Howell

When we at Hornet, a gay social network with 4.4 million users, launched our "Know Your Status" campaign in 2011, it was received with such fanfare that we decided to make it a permanent feature in our app. Now, in light of new science, the feature is evolving with significant enhancements.

African HRC Reflects on 2014

Melanie Nathan | Posted 01.05.2015 | Gay Voices
Melanie Nathan

As Americans revel in equality gains, we cannot forget that as LGBTI people, we are all members of a persecuted global minority with a responsibility towards one another, regardless of who we are or where we live.

A Dad Dropped His Son Off on a Date and It Restored My Faith in Humanity

Benjamin O'Keefe | Posted 01.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Benjamin O'Keefe

I held it together in public, but I really wanted to cry at the beautiful moment I had just witnessed. But then it hit me; I had just judged someone. I had assumed that because this man fit a certain stereotype that he was instantly against equality, and there was no way that he could possibly approve of his son's sexuality.

Fear and Ignorance Are the Locks

Stephanie Mott | Posted 01.05.2015 | Gay Voices
Stephanie Mott

It is not possible for anyone other than me to know my gender. But I cannot hate the people whose actions and beliefs are at the very root of why a transgender teenager would find it necessary to end their own life.

Why Liberal Protestantism Should Quit Living in Fear of Its Own Death

Derek Penwell | Posted 01.05.2015 | Religion
Derek Penwell

Are we too liberal? Do we have enough arbitrary rules to halt the decline and sustain a stable membership? These are questions that should be qualified by being asked in light of the most important question: Are we following Jesus faithfully?

When Being Trans Is Not Trans Enough

Kelsie Brynn Jones | Posted 03.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Kelsie Brynn Jones

Let us not forget that transgender is an umbrella that encompasses all persons whose authentic identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female genders and assigned gender at birth. Male and female are increasingly being presented as two distinct states, with nothing between.

Of Rose Parades in Pasadena & Marriage Equality in Florida

Rev. Susan Russell | Posted 03.04.2015 | Gay Voices
Rev. Susan Russell

Yes, we are still on a journey toward making that dream of liberty and justice for all not just a pledge we make to our flag but a reality we live in our nation. And next week -- when same-sex couples start getting married in Florida -- we will be a little closer to that goal.

How A Football Game Changed Inspired This Man To Build A Beautiful Family

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 01.02.2015 | Gay Voices

To start the New Year’s weekly Huffington Post Gay Voices RaiseAChild.US “Let Love Define Family™” series, Rich Valenza shares a personal stor...

'You're Really Nice, but I Don't Date Black Guys': Racism or Preference? (VIDEO)

Nathan Manske | Posted 03.02.2015 | Gay Voices
Nathan Manske

2015-01-01-20141231NelsonMosesLassitersmall.jpgNelson Moses Lassiter was excited about coming to terms with his sexuality. He imagined that, upon venturing out into the gay scene, he'd encounter a world more accepting than the one he was used to. What he discovered was not unlike the one he came from, though.

Gay Men: What Is Your New Year's Contribution?

Josh Hersh | Posted 03.02.2015 | Gay Voices
Josh Hersh

January is often the month when many of us feverishly start to fulfill or come up with what we want to change in our own lives in the coming year. We become a nation of wide-eyed idealists, hell-bent on doing more, becoming more and repairing the so-called chinks in our armor.

In Defense of the "Social Justice Warrior"

Tile Wolfe | Posted 03.02.2015 | Gay Voices
Tile Wolfe

We're winning when young people have the internet's arsenal at the ready. We're winning when online discourse translates into offline action. We're winning when seemingly "niche" groups reflect a new generation of LGBT people who defend their own survival, and others.

Whatever Moves The Project Along

Liz Margolies, L.C.S.W. | Posted 03.02.2015 | Gay Voices
Liz Margolies, L.C.S.W.

I am not making any resolutions this year to change for the better. I have plenty of room for improvement but, like gender and sexuality, resolutions that are based in the binary of success/failure simply don't work for me.

I Was a Teenage Fundamentalist: How I Resolved the Conflict Between Jesus and My Sexuality

Kevin Thornton | Posted 03.02.2015 | Gay Voices
Kevin Thornton

It was the early '90s. Southern Indiana. My entire world revolved around Jesus, and I was hiding the darkest secret. "I'm gay." I remember scribbling those words into my cheap, paperback journal.

Gay, Asian and Christian: Hank Chen Shares His Struggles With Family and the Holidays (AUDIO)

JR Tungol | Posted 03.01.2015 | Gay Voices
JR Tungol

Hank recently recounted his story in Kevin Allison's popular stage show and podcast RISK. He candidly talks about his childhood struggle for acceptance in his family and church, which I found hilarious, sad and surprising. Even if you aren't gay or Asian, there are universal truths about family and the holidays that everyone can relate to.

Gay Black Men, It's Time to Do Away With 'Trade' and Down-Low Brothers in 2015

Ernest Owens | Posted 03.01.2015 | Gay Voices
Ernest Owens

We have to encourage our gay friends and each other to value ourselves more, not to succumb to the easy temptation of quick, cheap ego boosts that will actually set us back socially, for we are not just satisfying sexual cravings when we indulge down-low men but committing self-betrayal and hypocrisy.

Pittsburgh Reaches Out to LGBTQ Elders During Holidays

Sue Kerr | Posted 02.28.2015 | Gay Voices
Sue Kerr

So many of our seniors live alone, compared to heterosexual seniors. This situation can create many kinds of health disparities: falls, depression, increased substance abuse, poor nutrition. Our LGBTQ elders need connections to other people who can provide socialization and reduce isolation.

19 Ways Of Looking At Queer Life That Made Us Think Differently In 2014

The Huffington Post | Noah Michelson | Posted 12.29.2014 | Gay Voices

The end of the year is upon us and we'll be spending the last week of 2014 looking back at some of the biggest, best, worst and most inspiring moments...

Mormon Allies Promise LGBT Christians: You Can Sit With Me At Church

The Huffington Post | Carol Kuruvilla | Posted 12.28.2014 | Religion

It’s painful to feel like an outsider -- especially during Christmas. However, it’s a feeling that LGBT members of The Church of Jesus Christ o...

Meet The Incredible Woman That Is Fighting To Create LGBT Acceptance In The Mormon Church

Posted 12.30.2014 | Gay Voices

Of the 75 or so articles that RaiseAChild.US wrote this year for our Huffington Post Gay Voices “Let Love Define Family™” series, the readers’...