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Liberal Arts

STEM Education: Revise Or Demise?

Malcolm Kushner | Posted 01.23.2017 | Education
Malcolm Kushner

America isn't #1 in STEM. We're not even close.

The credibility of the business school and the new Carnegie paradigm

Dr. Paul Sanders | Posted 01.10.2017 | Business
Dr. Paul Sanders

In a Financial Times article that appeared in 2014, British leadership scholar David Collinson argued that the introduction of '"McDonaldised" US-styl...

Would You Let Donald Trump Coach Your Favorite Football Team?

Michael Brenner | Posted 12.13.2016 | College
Michael Brenner

The Internet is a godsend for the armchair anthropologist. Not only does it open the world to you; it allows you to observe its workings in “real ti...

A Crisis for Critical Thinking

Dan Rockmore | Posted 11.30.2016 | Education
Dan Rockmore

The ongoing revelations around the "fake news" that seems to have worked its way into the election cycle and may or may not have affected its outcome ...

A Liberal Arts Major's Guide To Handling #ThanksgivingClapBacks

Mycah Hazel | Posted 11.23.2016 | College
Mycah Hazel

PHOTO: Situation Interactive Twitter will tell you to be a savage. Come to the function with enough clapbacks for the dinner table at Thanksgiving a...

Beyond Words Alone: Poets as Artists of the Intentional

Harold Lloyd | Posted 09.25.2016 | Books
Harold Lloyd

In his wonderful The New Book of Forms, Lewis Turco tells us that poets "focus on mode, on language itself." Focusing on language, a poet in Turco's ...

Extinction and the Integrated Liberal Arts

Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D. | Posted 09.07.2016 | Green
Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Although you may never have heard of Benjamin, I'm willing to bet that his story will interest you. He lived a tough and lonely life in Australia. H...

The Presidential Election, the Liberal Arts and an Engaged Citizenry

Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D. | Posted 08.17.2016 | College
Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.

In the midst of a presidential campaign in which bigotry, lack of respect and an absence of critical thinking have become the hallmark of one candidat...

In Defense of Liberal Arts

Dr. Dustin Swanger | Posted 07.11.2016 | Education
Dr. Dustin Swanger

More and more, those of us in higher education, particularly at community colleges like Fulton-Montgomery Community College, hear from elected officia...

Basic Training

Terence Clarke | Posted 06.13.2016 | Education
Terence Clarke

Photo: Terence Clarke There is a difference between education and training. Education is an exploration of the soul--aided by deep study in the arts...

Verse Translation: A Call for Harder Work and Greater Care

Harold Lloyd | Posted 06.08.2016 | Books
Harold Lloyd

Too much verse translation is much too free and loose. We must take the time and effort to preserve both meaning AND form (including meter and rhyme ...

Nicholas Kristof Decries 'Liberal Intolerance' in Academia

Joseph A. Palermo | Posted 06.02.2016 | College
Joseph A. Palermo

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof argues there's a great injustice going on at colleges across the country where "liberal" professors in disciplines such as English Literature, History, and Anthropology show "intolerance" towards underrepresented "conservatives."

Commencement Still Something to Cheer About, Especially at this Small College

Susan Amberg Biggs | Posted 05.23.2016 | College
Susan Amberg Biggs

Despite today's many challenges in higher education--in the world for that matter--I know I can count on the feel-good energy that comes from the sentiment served up at graduation. Even a reporter told me, amid the clapping and cheering, "SVC's Commencement is my favorite." Somehow, I feel that we are all the better for it, because it reminds us of what we're here for.

Religious Hypocrites and Their Timeless Tactics: McCrory, Tartuffe, and House Bill 2

Harold Lloyd | Posted 05.22.2016 | Politics
Harold Lloyd

With HB 2, Pat McCrory fleeces every worker of employment protections including the right to sue in state court for discrimination based on "race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap."

The Trinity and Social Capital, or, Some Benefits of Teaching Theology in a Liberal Arts Curriculum

Devin Singh | Posted 04.27.2016 | Religion
Devin Singh

What place do theological, confessional, and other religiously normative texts have in a secular, liberal arts curriculum? This is a longstanding deba...

Kentucky Lt. Governor Bashing the Study of History (updated April 9)

Don McNay | Posted 04.09.2016 | Politics
Don McNay

I was stunned when Kentucky's Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton told the Eastern Kentucky University Progress (a paper that I wrote for from 1978 to 1980) that, "I would be looking for degrees that would land a job. I would not be studying history."

Liberal Arts, Public Policy and Public Service: A Perfect Combination

Noah S. Leavitt | Posted 04.06.2016 | College
Noah S. Leavitt

Our students came away from the week telling us that they gained an expanded appreciation for why their liberal arts experience can help them play a role in shaping their communities, on behalf of their communities.

As You Decide on the Path for Your Future, Ask Colleges Hard Questions

John A. Roush | Posted 03.22.2016 | Education
John A. Roush

With "College Choice" season upon us, I'm often asked by prospective students what advice I might offer as they come to the end of their high school careers and weigh the important decision about where to continue their education. Parents are full of questions, too.

How Can Colleges Take Recruiting to the Next Level to Really Work for Their Students?

Noah S. Leavitt | Posted 03.16.2016 | College
Noah S. Leavitt

Last Tuesday at Gonzaga University I had a great opportunity to hear Dr. Phil Gardner present his latest insights about how organizations are bringing...

Season of Choice

Seamus Carey, Ph.D. | Posted 03.07.2016 | Education
Seamus Carey, Ph.D.

Each year at this time, high school seniors and their families wait for acceptance letters from colleges and then agonize over the choice of where to go. This decision-making process has become a time of deep anxiety for many families.

Ethics -- The Means and End of a Liberal Education

Noah S. Leavitt | Posted 02.24.2016 | College
Noah S. Leavitt

Last Saturday afternoon I found myself standing in the middle of a series of curved wood and glass bookshelves with a group of students from Whitman College.

The Advantage of a Liberal Arts Living Space

Caitlyn McCain | Posted 02.05.2017 | College
Caitlyn McCain

When you enter a liberal arts living space, the people you spend your time with will help you become a well-rounded student and individual. They demonstrate every day how valuable differing perspectives are to your academic and social experience at college.

On the Impossibility of Teaching Creative Writing

Tara Skurtu | Posted 02.01.2017 | Arts
Tara Skurtu

Have you ever heard of a tipperau? This is the first thing I ask my composition and creative writing students when I walk into a classroom on day one....

Marietta College McDonough Leadership Conference Set for 2016

Jim Luce | Posted 01.19.2017 | Education
Jim Luce

The 2016 McDonough Leadership Conference of the McDonough Center at Marietta College has received its lead sponsorship - The McDonough Corporation. Ba...

Eckerd College Isn't Religious and It Doesn't Matter

Victoria Carodine | Posted 01.20.2017 | Religion
Victoria Carodine

Eckerd students don't need to be religious -- they need to be able to talk about religion and its relationship to the world.