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What My Divorce Taught Me About Quitting

What My Divorce Taught Me About Quitting

Nicole Jankowski  05.26.2015
Tomorrow I will load up my backpack with sharpened number #2 pencils and brand new textbooks and head off, once again, to begin yet another...

I Am a Package Deal

Terri Linton  05.25.2015
So a couple of weeks ago, I was supposed to have lunch--with a man. I would not quite call it a date. I've known him for many years and...

Old Flames: Are We Playing With Fire?

Jennifer Ball  05.25.2015
I am so glad the meeting with Old Flame never took place. Looking at it from other perspectives made it perfectly clear: the past needs...

Divorce Made Me a Narcissist

Laura Robinson  05.25.2015
Divorce made me into a narcissist. How could it not have happened? My divorce forced me to focus on my survival. As a result, I was consumed...

Life After Divorce: The Road From Grief to Triumph

Valerie Albarda  05.23.2015
Divorce is never easy. How you handle the aftermath is up to you. While there is no one right answer for everyone, there is growth in your...
Real Relationships Renegotiate

Real Relationships Renegotiate

Lillian Daniel  05.23.2015
Renegotiating isn't easy. But the heart of the gospel is this: everyone gets to grow and change. Discerning the will of God isn't about...

How to Protect Your Credit Score During a Divorce

Curtis Arnold  05.23.2015
Divorce is messy. Even the most amicable split touches every corner of a person's life: loved ones, homes, routines, jobs, finances and,...

He's a Little Bit Country, I'm a Little Bit Rock and Roll

Michelle Faulkner  05.22.2015
Last year, after the sudden death of a boyfriend, I found myself single for the first time in a while. After months of watching me grieve...
What I Learned About Stepparenting After Having 5 Stepparents Of My Own

What I Learned About Stepparenting After Having 5 Stepparents Of My Own

Lara Lillibridge  05.21.2015
I really thought I knew exactly how ill-fated these relationships were. But then I met my ex-husband, and he had a great relationship...

Leaving My Safe House

Paula Sistare, MA, LPC, NCC  05.21.2015
I will arrive on the other side of this. I know this to be true because after all my years I have had the honor of more than a few life...
Don't Tell Me I'm Lucky To Have A 'Good' Divorce

Don't Tell Me I'm Lucky To Have A 'Good' Divorce

Laura Lifshitz  05.20.2015
Everyone tells me how lucky I am to have the best divorce ever. Lucky my ex is a good dad. Lucky my ex and I are not psychopaths. Lucky...

When Parents Part

Penelope Leach  05.20.2015
When a family breaks down what matters most to children of all ages is not their physical separation but their enmity. If mothers and fathers...

My First Family Vacation As A Single Mom

Tammy Letherer  05.20.2015
I stick close to the lodge the following day, made safe by sunshine, staff members, and internet access. That's when I overhear the director...

Putting Our Kids First

Jessica Kahan  05.19.2015
We did it and no one turned into a pumpkin. We did it and no one cried. We did it and while parts of it were awkward and new, overall it...