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Life Skills

What We Remember About Home Economics -- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Huffington Post | Ann Brenoff | Posted 12.02.2014 | Fifty

There was a time when "home economics" meant something other than the family budget. To young teens in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, it meant a school c...

Navigating the Waters of Time and Expectation

Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld | Posted 12.01.2014 | Healthy Living
Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld

As I sit down to write this, I am two weeks away from my 60th birthday. That means that 240 seasons, 720 months, 21,900 days and 525,600 hours have co...

Neuroscience Improves Early Childhood Education Quality

Ellen Galinsky | Posted 11.17.2014 | Education
Ellen Galinsky

Who doesn't want the education and care for young children to be high quality? Parents look for it, advocates fight for it, policy makers debate it. But just what is it?

4 Imperfection Rules to Shift from Busyness to Effectiveness

Lucinda Cross | Posted 11.06.2014 | Women
Lucinda Cross

You have to divorce yourself from being a perfectionist. Don't let the perfect time, the perfect situation, and the perfect financial status stop you from starting. I am encouraging you to get unstuck and become an "imperfectionist."

Becoming a Fully Invested Dad

Ron Reardon | Posted 10.31.2014 | Parents
Ron Reardon

Nothing. I felt nothing the first time I held my twin boys in the hospital. I was expecting to feel a rush of emotion, a tidal wave of love and dizzying heights of nirvana.

One Practical Benefit of a Liberal Arts Education: Knowing What You Know

Keith Wade | Posted 12.08.2014 | College
Keith Wade

"Why doesn't a philosophy professor need an umbrella?" went the old campus joke. "He can just presume it's not raining." Funny on campus; less so in the board room.

Clearing Life's Clouds With Fogg

Stephen Henry Fox | Posted 11.17.2014 | Hawaii
Stephen Henry Fox

"A behavior change isn't really about motivation or willpower," pronounces BJ Fogg.

A Purchased World of Distractions

Dr. Jonathan Gibralter | Posted 11.12.2014 | College
Dr. Jonathan Gibralter

It is my responsibility as a president to remind our students that our portable devices should never derail building relationships or limit the experiences that are the hallmarks of an in-person, on-campus higher education experience.

49 Life Skills Every Modern Woman Should Have

Wendy Atterberry | Posted 10.19.2014 | Women
Wendy Atterberry

This isn't the same world that our mothers and grandmothers grew up in, and although some things never go out of style (like good manners), a lot has drastically changed in the last half century.

The Advantage In Our Uniqueness

Olayiwola A. Alara | Posted 10.10.2014 | Impact
Olayiwola A. Alara

We are not meant to fill the shoes of others only meant to fill our own because they fit perfectly.

Time Out Before Summer Slips Away

Leigh Roche | Posted 09.13.2014 | Healthy Living
Leigh Roche

Getting into the zone of quieting the mental chatter is the essence of mindfulness practice. Being ambitious and driven is necessary and beneficial for working toward life goals, but it's also crucial to shut off the overdrive and relax, in the interest of finding balance in life.

Step Back and Watch Your Child Build His Own Self-Esteem

Todd Kestin | Posted 08.31.2014 | Parents
Todd Kestin

When we tell them they're the best at everything or the smartest of all, it creates a problem when they figure out they aren't. Let's not raise a bunch of ego maniacs who don't have the skills to live healthy rounded lives.

Teach Your Child to Lead

Dr. Gail Gross | Posted 07.29.2014 | Parents
Dr. Gail Gross

Here are five ways to help teach your children how to lead through your daily interactions with them.

Why Many Unemployed Workers Will Never Get Jobs

Ira Wolfe | Posted 07.07.2014 | Business
Ira Wolfe

The problem with traditional job skill training in many cases is that you can walk a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Far too many workers -- employed and unemployed -- don't seem interested in finding water on their own.

Teaching Empathy; A Matter of Life and Death

Marilynn Halas | Posted 06.25.2014 | Parents
Marilynn Halas

As a parent, as a Connecticut resident and as a human being I can only say that I am heart broken and mad as hell. When did killing another child become an option? Why isn't conflict resolution a class in all our schools?

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life

Raymmar Tirado | Posted 04.12.2014 | Technology
Raymmar Tirado

Because while you're out spending your money on new outfits, new cars, overpriced meals or nights at the bar, I'll be investing in myself. And while you try to fit in with the world I'll make the world fit in with me.

6 Life Skills Every Grandparent Should Master

2013-02-21-grandparentslogo.jpg | Sara Schwartz | Posted 02.07.2014 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM It can't be restated too many times: 50 is not old. In fact, between age 50 and whatever you consider "elderly," we'r...

What Really Drives Success: Lessons For Tiger Mom

Ellen Galinsky | Posted 04.01.2014 | Parents
Ellen Galinsky

What research tells us is that it is the children who learn throughout their lives to set goals and to be held accountable for achieving those goals who thrive.

How to Adapt for Tomorrow's Jobs: An Open Letter to My Niece and Nephew

Uri Dadush | Posted 03.09.2014 | Business
Uri Dadush

Where will tomorrow's good jobs be? Knowing where the jobs will be only takes you so far. What skills you will need to be marketable, able to adapt and happy?

8 Things You Could Be Doing Better Today

Posted 12.21.2013 | OWN

Our team of wise and witty experts reveal the solutions to life's perplexing problems. Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost OWN on Facebook an...

How to Reinvent Yourself After 50

Dorie Clark | Posted 02.16.2014 | Fifty
Dorie Clark

It's true: reinvention is different later in your career. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. It's critical to keeping your skills fresh and your work fulfilling.

How Well Do You Face the Trials and Tribulations of Your Life?

Judith Johnson | Posted 10.27.2013 | Healthy Living
Judith Johnson

Have you noticed that it isn't so much what happens to you that determines the quality of your life, but rather how well you deal with your life? It's about what goes on inside of you that matters far more than how you measure up to some external measurement of success.

What Game Changes Teach Us About Students Today

Tim Elmore | Posted 10.27.2013 | Parents
Tim Elmore

While it's important for us to exegete today's young person, it's also important to recognize what we've done to them. Have we done too much? In our effort to keep them happy and entertained, have we sabotaged their ability to persevere, bounce back, learn soft skills and find internal motivation?

8 Basic Solutions For Things You're Totally Messing Up

Posted 07.24.2013 | OWN

By Jena Pincott We found the real reason our bedtime reading is keeping us up -- along with seven other everyday habits we’re going about the wro...

5 Reminders When Teaching Kids Life Skills

Leslie Hendry | Posted 09.20.2013 | Parents
Leslie Hendry

Using the following five steps to teach your kids discipline and responsibility can go a long way towards helping them get with the program and start good life habits.