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Lindy West

This Memoir Is Full Of Period Jokes, But It’s Not A ‘Woman Book'

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 05.18.2016 | Women

Minutes before my interview with Lindy West, a 15-year-old told her not to drink Powerade. "That's not healthy unless you're engaging in some strenuou...

#HashtagActivism -- Turning Whispers Into Shouts and Fighting Stigma With Story

Eric Yaverbaum | Posted 12.09.2016 | Impact
Eric Yaverbaum

While many still wish to denounce hashtag activism as narcissistic, lazy, and ultimately devoid of real solutions, I have to firmly disagree.

Sweet Dreams, Mama Cass

Julie Gray | Posted 09.20.2016 | Women
Julie Gray

That voice - that rich, sultry, gorgeous voice was the soundtrack of my childhood. I used to gaze at The Mamas and the Papas album covers with fascination, flipping them front to back, reading every word.

Why Women Are Shouting Out Their Abortion Stories On Twitter

The Huffington Post | Nina Bahadur | Posted 09.23.2015 | Women

Women on Twitter are sharing their stories to help end the shame and stigma surrounding abortion. Activists Lindy West, Amelia Bonow and Kimberly Mor...

An Open Letter (aka a Very Long Tweet) to Lindy West About Retweeting My Tweet

Travis Irvine | Posted 09.02.2013 | Comedy
Travis Irvine

I do not make rape jokes and I do not think rape is funny. I support you in your fight against domestic violence, the abuse of women and misogyny, but your fight to ban horrible things from comedy is fruitless.

Guys, We Can Counter Rape Culture

Mike Amato | Posted 08.10.2013 | Comedy
Mike Amato

Comics don't take well to being told they're misogynist and yet they love being told that they're offensive.

What Happens When Women Tell Rape Jokes?

Gina Barreca | Posted 08.06.2013 | Comedy
Gina Barreca

The funny woman wields humor in such a way as to remove one gag (through her refusal of silence), even as she makes another -- a joke. Thus, she simultaneously resists shutting down and shutting up.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape (and Lindy West)

Fariha Roisin | Posted 08.04.2013 | Media
Fariha Roisin

Hi, I'd like to share a story. Once in New York I watched a comedy show where the last and headlining comedian made a barrage of rape jokes to much of...

Jim Norton & Lindy West Debate Rape Jokes

Posted 05.31.2013 | Comedy

If you've noticed that comedians and feminists have been butting heads more and more lately, you're not alone. With "rape jokes" at the heart of the o...

What College Students Are REALLY Like Across The Country

Posted 10.18.2012 | Teen

College guidebooks can only tell you so much about what university life is really like -- but there's a whole lot more to know about navigating your f...

5 Things We're Into This Week! (VIDEO)

Posted 10.10.2012 | Teen

This is the latest installment in a series where the HuffPost Teen editors round up five things they're excited about each week -- from new video game...

Zadie Smith, Chuck Klosterman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Books

OK, so you may remember that a few months back a little magazine called The New Yorker decided to make a list of 20 top fiction writers under the age ...

Sex and The City 2: Sad And Trivial Cliches 2

Lisa Guest | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Lisa Guest

Sex and The City was a huge disappointment. Sitting there in that total surround sound huge multiplex theater I was embarrassed to be a woman and a Westerner.