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Lip Syncing

Elton John Would 'Rather Go And See A Drag Queen' Than Janet Jackson

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 02.26.2016 | Queer Voices

The always-opinionated Elton John has no love for Janet Jackson these days. John, who is never one to miss a chance to start a catfight, blasted the p...

Ellie Goulding Blames Alleged Lip Syncing On 'The Sound Guy'

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 10.03.2015 | Entertainment

Ellie Goulding's alleged lip-syncing scandal is turning into one hell of a something. The incident happened Saturday at the Australian Football League...

Guy Lip-Syncs Throughout A 7-Hour Road Trip, And His Sister Is Not At All Amused

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | Posted 08.13.2015 | Comedy

Road trips are the ultimate test of a relationship. Whether you're friends, significant others, or in this case, brother and sister, all is revealed. ...

Sean Hayes Is Totally Charming As Iggy Azalea

The Huffington Post | Katie Sola | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

Here's one married couple that knows how to have fun. Sean Hayes and husband Scott Icenogle are devastatingly funny lip-syncing Iggy Azalea and Jennif...

Dear Mary Cheney: Here Are Reasons Why Drag Is Socially Acceptable and Blackface Is Not

Domenick Scudera | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Domenick Scudera

Drag is a celebration. Drag is an attitude. Characterizing drag queens as "bitchy, catty, dumb, slutty" is reductive and insulting. The female persona created by a drag queen is robust, powerful, enduring. She has moxie, smarts, humor and beauty.

Opera: Excitement, Drama and Wipeouts

Kim Witman | Posted 04.03.2013 | Arts
Kim Witman

Rabid opera fans are (sometimes justifiably) taken to task for wanting blood, and there's always the chance that someone will crash and burn. Spectacularly.

Pro Musician: Beyonce Wasn't Lip Syncing

Slate | Posted 01.23.2013 | Entertainment

I'm hoping for a flurry of retractions. A Marine spokesperson said yesterday that she couldn't confirm or deny that Beyoncé wasn't lip-syncing, and p...

Beyonce's Not Alone

Huffington Post | Liat Kornowski | Posted 01.23.2013 | Celebrity

Unless you've just landed after a 16 hour flight, there's no way you could've escaped the news about Beyonce's lip-syncing debacle. The world is abuzz...

Lip Syncing Singer Fails At Holding Microphone (VIDEO)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy

The most important thing to to keep in mind when lip syncing is that you must create the illusion that you are actually singing. You know, remembering...