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Recent MLB Incidents Reveal Warped Ideas of Manhood in Sports

Ken Reed | Posted 06.11.2016 | Sports
Ken Reed

The definition of manhood in our sports culture is archaic. It's as if SportsWorld has been frozen in time - Neanderthal time.

'Joy' Star Explains How Feminism Benefits Men

The Huffington Post | Kira Brekke | Posted 12.16.2015 | Women

Actor Edgar Ramirez is proud to call himself a feminist, and he shared the many reasons why with HuffPost Live on Monday. The actor, who stars alongsi...

How Machismo Culture Impacts Gay Latinos

The Huffington Post | Tanisha Ramirez | Posted 09.04.2015 | Latino Voices

Machismo is an attitude or “a way of behaving” that perpetuates traditional ideas about men as being very strong and aggressive, and requires that...

Homenaje a Un Macho Mexicano

Ana Guerrero | Posted 06.21.2016 | Latino Voices
Ana Guerrero

As I approach my second Father's Day without him, I keep thinking of that father, quietly standing in the back, supporting his child in pursuing noble work and the American dream. Like my father, he had the bearing of a Macho Mexicano. Not the Mexican macho of our stereotypes -- the kind of Mexican macho that is a responsible, honorable and caring provider.

For Daniel Holt, Honesty Is More Than a Virtue -- It's a Lifestyle

Alexandra Villarreal | Posted 05.20.2015 | Arts
Alexandra Villarreal

The music stopped. Hearts stopped. Holt paused but didn't stop because he had to bow and prove that it was only a performance, that he would wake up tomorrow and rehearse the same solo for his next gig. But really that's a lie, because it wasn't only a performance.

Bill O'Reilly and the Conservative Crisis of Macho

Steven Conn | Posted 04.29.2015 | Media
Steven Conn

Are Bill O'Reilly's trousers really ablaze at the moment? Is he really just lying about his "combat" experience down there in the no-man's-land of Bue...

7 Desserts For The Manliest Of Men

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 12.05.2014 | Taste

Finally, men can eat sweets without being judged.

What Is the Manliest Thing You Have Seen Somebody Do?

Quora | Posted 08.14.2013 | Parents

This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Brian Browne Walker, Serve, soften, and endure.I have known some good, strong, capable men. ...

M.A.C.H.O.S. In The U.S.A.

Posted 05.25.2012 | Latino Voices

Macho. The image of a manly, tough and assertive male figure comes to mind. He has an overly exaggerated masculinity. He's strong, well-built, and wal...

The New Macho

Tom Matlack | Posted 10.25.2011 | Home
Tom Matlack

"The New Macho" is a guy who has an aggressive moral compass that prioritizes the things that he finds important: family, being honest, making a difference in the world.

How to Succeed in a Macho World

Valerie Orsoni | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Valerie Orsoni

The vast majority of women think they need to behave like men in order to be successful, whereas most men believe that what makes a woman successful is, in fact, her femininity!

Señorita Palin's Cojones

Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto

Sarah Palin's cojones outburst was about her long-term image construction project where she simultaneously fosters feminine and masculine stereotypes.

Why Do These Wimps Need a Magazine?

Tom Matlack | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Tom Matlack

From the very beginning, I said that ten percent of men will "get" the Good Men Project right away, ten percent will never get it, and eighty percent will need convincing.

Wall Street: Women The Female Factor | GERALDINE FABRIKANT | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Women have always been drawn to finance in smaller numbers than men. But after nearly two decades of increased hiring and promotion of women on Wall S...

"Patriotism" "Machoism," and Profit: Obama the War President

Myriam Miedzian | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Myriam Miedzian

Now embraced by Obama, our long-standing tradition of viewing support for war as patriotic and opposition as unpatriotic plays right into the hands of the people who stand to make money from those wars.