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Mad Men Season 6

'Mad Men' Crushes The Competition With Vintage Emmy Ads

The Huffington Post | Jessica Toomer | Posted 06.05.2014 | Entertainment

There's only a few months left until the Emmys air on Aug. 25, and "Mad Men" is making sure it gets plenty of consideration this year with a totally '...

Hey, You Can't Please Everyone

The Huffington Post | Jessica Toomer | Posted 05.02.2014 | TV

Things haven't been looking good for Don Draper lately. "Mad Men," a show that consistently does well in the ratings department has been flounderi...

Mad Men: More Hope and Some Change

William Bradley | Posted 06.21.2014 | Entertainment
William Bradley

Valentine's Day 1969 finds not much romance amongst the Sterling Cooper crew and no little consternation over work. But there are some definite green shoots of hope and change popping up amidst the confusion and anger.

Next Week On 'Mad Men'...

The Huffington Post | Jessica Toomer | Posted 04.16.2014 | TV

The final season of "Mad Men" premiered last week, and we were all happy to see Don Draper and Co. back in action. The premiere of the final season br...

Have We Hit Rock Bottom?

The Huffington Post | Jessica Toomer | Posted 04.14.2014 | TV

On AMC's "Mad Men," we're used to seeing characters struggle, but last night's premiere saw the show itself fighting for ratings. Don Draper made h...

How Tina Fey And Bryan Cranston Helped Jon Hamm Say Goodbye To 'Mad Men'

The Huffington Post | Jessica Toomer | Posted 04.14.2014 | TV

Everything has an end. For the cast of "Mad Men," the premiere of the final season last night marked the beginning of theirs. While it's difficult...

Why Joan Deserves More Attention On 'Mad Men'

The Huffington Post | Lauren Duca | Posted 04.14.2014 | TV

Spoiler Alert: Do not read unless you have seen "Time Zones," the Season 7 premiere of "Mad Men." There are plenty of excellent recaps covering las...

'Mad Men' Star Has A New Look

Posted 04.10.2014 | TV

You might be seeing a bit more of Megan Draper when "Mad Men" returns for its final season. Jessica Pare, who plays Don Draper's pretty new wife o...

This Is What The 'Mad Men' Cast Looks Like In Real Life

The Huffington Post | Leigh Weingus | Posted 04.09.2014 | TV

With "Mad Men" coming back this Sunday, we have a lot to look forward to ... especially because the few teasers we've seen have given almost nothing a...

A 'Mad Men' College Class Now Exists

Posted 04.08.2014 | TV

How are you getting ready for the final season of "Mad Men"? Binge watching the show on Netflix? Digging around online for reviews and recaps of past ...

'Mad Men' Just Got Even More Mysterious

Posted 03.20.2014 | TV

Okay, so we don't know much about the new season of "Mad Men" ... except that there are a lot of airports, airplanes and snazzy outfits involved. T...

'Mad Men' Golden Globes Snub Stings Second Year In A Row

The Huffington Post | Leigh Weingus | Posted 01.25.2014 | TV

For the second year in a row, "Mad Men" failed to pick up a nomination in the Best Drama category. The AMC series -- starring Jon Hamm and Elisabe...

11 Pieces Of 'Mad Men' Advice You Can Actually Take To The Boardroom

The Huffington Post | Leigh Weingus | Posted 10.24.2013 | TV

In the '60s, the workplace was overflowing with whiskey, secretaries and men on the prowl for their next mistress ... at least according to "Mad Men."...

Will A 'Mad Men' Spinoff Happen?

Posted 09.20.2013 | TV

Although its final episodes will be split across two years, "Mad Men" will eventually come to an end. And according to series creator Matt Weiner, fan...

When Will 'Mad Men' End? | Posted 08.30.2013 | TV

Since the very beginning of Mad Men, Don Draper has seemed doomed. From the show's opening-credit sequence, with a silhouetted suit falling helplessly...

Life After Mad Men: Peggy & Megan

Aimee Anderson | Posted 08.27.2013 | TV
Aimee Anderson

Already I sense a collective worry, panic -- how would these characters live without Don Draper at the center, calling all the shots?

'Mad Men' Gets 'The O.C.' Treatment | Posted 08.26.2013 | TV

At the end of this season of Mad Men, not everyone wanted to stay put among the skyscrapers of Manhattan. A few, in fact, were looking to head west: D...

The Inspiration Behind Sylvia

Posted 06.26.2013 | TV

When Linda Cardellini burst on the "Mad Men" scene in the Season 6 premiere, viewers were shocked. Not only had Dan Draper (Jon Hamm) gone back to his...

Don Draper's Pursuit of a Good Prostitute: A Promising Take on Season's End

SaraKay Smullens | Posted 08.25.2013 | TV
SaraKay Smullens

Obviously, Mad Men revolves around Don; and this is the season that has explained in fullest detail how and why Don Draper is the opposite of how he has presents himself.

Maureen Ryan

'Mad Men' Creator On Don, Megan, Sharon Tate And The Shocking Finale | Maureen Ryan | Posted 06.25.2013 | TV

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen the Season 6 finale of AMC's "Mad Men," titled "In Care Of." Could Don Draper finally be growing up?...

Shocking Developments In A Revelatory Finale

Maureen Ryan | Posted 06.23.2013 | TV
Maureen Ryan

As it so often has in the past, "Mad Men" took my expectations and subverted them as it expanded my idea of what the show could do or be. I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor.

The Best 'Mad Men' GIFs Of The Season

The Huffington Post | Jaimie Etkin | Posted 06.23.2013 | TV

"Mad Men" has always been filled with quotable lines from the ever-sassy Sally Draper to "Sterling's Gold" ... and everyone in between. But "Mad M...

The Secret Life Of James Wolk

Posted 06.23.2013 | TV

Mysterious as he is on "Mad Men," James Wolk is just as full of surprises as his character Bob Benson. Although he's made quite a name for himself ...

The Women Are Winning On 'Mad Men'

AP | FRAZIER MOORE | Posted 08.23.2013 | TV

NEW YORK — Breaking up is hard to do. That is, unless you're "Mad Men," which this season has been free-and-easy in its fragmentation. By now P...

'I Feel So Bad For Peggy'

Posted 06.21.2013 | TV

Feeling bad for Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) on "Mad Men" this season? You're not alone. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (above), Kevin Rahm...