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Male Breast Cancer

Male Breast Cancer Is Rare, But Lack Of Awareness Is Hurting Men

The Huffington Post | Erin Schumaker | Posted 10.13.2015 | Healthy Living

Although breast cancer is about 100 times less common in men than in women, a lack of education about it can lead to late diagnoses -- a complication ...

Double Mastectomies For Men With Breast Cancer Are On The Rise | Anna Almendrala | Posted 09.03.2015 | Healthy Living

By: Sara G. Miller Published: 09/02/2015 06:06 PM EDT on LiveScience More men with breast cancer are opting to get both breasts removed, even the heal...

A Movember Moment

Judith A. Salerno | Posted 01.05.2015 | Impact
Judith A. Salerno

"Movember" seeks principally to raise awareness about cancers affecting males, including prostate and testicular cancer, but we should not forget that breast cancer, while rare, is a potentially fatal disease in men.

The Art of Surviving Breast Cancer

Antonia Marrero | Posted 12.22.2014 | Women
Antonia Marrero

Marion Behr discovered that typically, survivors feel responsible for helping others through the ordeal of cancer and find purpose in that mission. By sharing their honest stories, survivors are doing just that.

My Right Breast: A Man Facing a Breast Lump and Mammogram

B. D. Colen | Posted 09.28.2014 | Healthy Living
B. D. Colen

Mammowhat?! Mammogram? Me? But I'm a man! And at 67? Is this some really, really weird dream I'm about to wake up from? How in God's name were they going to do a mammogram when there's practically no mam on my chest?

The Sunday Series (Get Your Motor Runnin') With Mark Brodinsky

Mark Brodinsky | Posted 09.20.2014 | Good News
Mark Brodinsky

When life comes at you on a curve, you adjust your swing, change your approach, maybe alter the way you live your life and the way you share that life with others. You show courage, channel hope and inspire by your example.

Male Breast Cancer: Grappling With a 'Woman's Disease'

Sharlene Hesse-Biber | Posted 06.11.2014 | Healthy Living
Sharlene Hesse-Biber

Someone calls out your name and as you enter the consultation room, you hear the words, "You have breast cancer." It is not often we read stories about men with breast cancer. Yet for some men, this scene is their reality.

A Few Feet in Their Shoes

Reid Stanley | Posted 07.10.2013 | Healthy Living
Reid Stanley

And then, I had an experience which may be normal for you ladies, but for me was a whole new world -- I laid back and had a medical breast exam there in the doctor's office. Like thousands of women every day, I wonder what the future holds.

Married Couple, Both Cancer Researchers, Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

The Huffington Post | Katherine Bindley | Posted 11.27.2012 | Healthy Living

The odds of a man getting breast cancer are about 1 in 1,000, which makes the story of the Boglers all the more surprising when it comes to statistics...

The Silent Story of Male Breast Cancer

HuffPost Live | Posted 10.24.2012 | Healthy Living

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time we typically associate with women, mothers, and pink ribbons. But what many of us don't realize is th...

WATCH: 'I Didn't Think That Men Could Get Breast Cancer'

Posted 10.19.2012 | Healthy Living

Harvey Singer was touched by breast cancer for the first time after his mother and sister were diagnosed one month apart. And later, Singer himself wa...

Why This Mississippi Farmer Wants Attention For The 1 Percent

The Huffington Post | Ann Brenoff | Posted 10.17.2012 | Fifty

For years, Dale Pillow knew he had a hard lump under his left breast but he didn't think much about it. Breast cancer was a woman's disease, he figure...

A Male's Thoughts On His Own Breast Cancer

Charles Pelkey | Posted 12.04.2012 | Healthy Living
Charles Pelkey

With those words, I joined the elite ranks of the 1 percenters. Alas, not those who've been the focus of the Occupy Wall Street movement. No such luck on my part. No, I am among that small group of breast cancer patients who happen to pee standing up.

Catherine Pearson

Male Breast Cancer: Is Limited Awareness Costing Lives? | Catherine Pearson | Posted 12.27.2011 | Healthy Living

Men have a breast cancer incidence rate less than 1 percent of that of females, but when they do get the disease, it is often more advanced, according...

Celebs, Nonprofits Partner For Lifetime Movie On Impact Of Breast Cancer

Marcia G. Yerman | Posted 12.10.2011 | Impact
Marcia G. Yerman

Since 1994, Lifetime Television has been a leader in promoting awareness and activism around the issue of breast cancer. Combining advocacy work with ...

Is Male Breast Cancer Treated Less Seriously By Society?

Good Enough Mother | Rene Syler | Posted 10.08.2011 | Black Voices

I cried when I first heard about this story and I am crying now as I write this piece. I’m sure it’s because it hits so close to home, though I...

Catherine Pearson

When Men Get Breast Cancer | Catherine Pearson | Posted 08.15.2011 | Healthy Living

Shock is a major part of a breast cancer diagnosis for many men, who are surprised to learn that they can even get the disease.

Abandoning America's Soldiers: The Decay of The US Military

R. B. Stuart | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
R. B. Stuart

The inadequacy of the VA and a majority of military doctors in theater that fail to diagnose or misdiagnose is at the crux of the soldiers diagnosed with rare, advanced cancers.