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Male Violence

You Should Know How The Male Brain Reacts To Handling A Gun

The Conversation | Nico Pitney | Posted 12.04.2015 | Science

Men commit over 85% of all homicides, 91% of all same-sex homicides and 97% of all same-sex homicides in which the victim and killer aren’t related ...

The States Where Women Are Most Likely To Be Murdered By Men

The Huffington Post | Melissa Jeltsen | Posted 09.17.2015 | Women

More than 1,600 women in the U.S. were murdered by men in 2013, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Violence Policy Center. Black women ...

Let's Talk About Male Hormones

Lori Day | Posted 08.14.2016 | Women
Lori Day

There are good things about testosterone, like the way it builds strong bones and muscles, or makes guys grow sexy chest hair. But I'm seeing a pattern to violence and aggression and the clouded judgment that unleashes that angry poison onto the world, namely that it is usually male.

Maren Sanchez and Rage as the Male Emotion

Ariel Chesler | Posted 07.01.2014 | Women
Ariel Chesler

Following the recent killing of Maren Sanchez, a 16-year-old honor student in Connecticut, by a fellow student -- Chris Plaskon -- who was apparently in love with her, everyone is searching for root causes for such violence.

What Is The Actual Definition Of A Bad Father?

Louise Pennington | Posted 05.20.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Louise Pennington

When did we change the definition of 'good father" to include men who murder the mother of their children? When did it begin to include men who commit murder in front of their children? When did it begin to include men who are convicted of child sexual abuse? When did we extend the term "good" to fathers who have no contact with their children?

What Difference Does It Make If Torture Works?... And a Few Other Questions...

Roger S. Gottlieb | Posted 04.06.2013 | Politics
Roger S. Gottlieb

What difference does it make if torture works? Is that all we need to know about it? Is it possible th

On Massacres, Masculinity, Human Rights and Gun Rights

Lisa Schirch | Posted 02.16.2013 | Politics
Lisa Schirch

As we grieve with the families, I hope the school massacre in Connecticut is the tipping point; the final massacre that lands like the last snowflake on an avalanche of change