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Laws Protect Certain Classes from Workplace Abuse: Why Not Everyone?

S. L. Young | Posted 06.11.2015 | Business
S. L. Young

The starting point for acceptable behavior begins with each individual making a choice and taking action to not allow anyone - including themselves - to be harassed, intimidated, or threatened.

Master the Art of Delegation

Emma Isaacs | Posted 06.11.2015 | Business
Emma Isaacs

Delegation is a key skill for all leaders, and necessary for any person wanting to get ahead. If you ever feel stressed and overwhelmed or feel as though your career or business has become stagnate, then it's time to sharpen those delegation skills.

Too Much Can Be Too Bad

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes | Posted 06.09.2015 | Business
Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

What is going on? It defies logic. Why did these less educated people become successful entrepreneurs while the "geniuses" failed miserably? My insight is that to know too much hinders your ability to see the essence.

The One Sign Your Employees Will Leave

Brian de Haaff | Posted 06.09.2015 | Business
Brian de Haaff

Your department is growing quickly. Life couldn't be better. Everyone is present and accounted for...hmmm...except Joe is not at his desk. In fact, it looks like he might be gone for the day. Again.

Millennials Are Motivated Most by Money

Haydn Shaw | Posted 06.08.2015 | Business
Haydn Shaw

The dramatic increases in student loans over the last 20 years that are now weighing on graduates in a tight job market have everyone from Robert Reich to Fortune magazine questioning whether some Millennials should skip college and learn a trade.

My 99-Year-Old Grandmother's Lessons on Change

Elliot Begoun | Posted 06.08.2015 | Business
Elliot Begoun

She embraces that which improves her life, tolerates what is inevitable and discounts what is meaningless to her... pretty straightforward.

The Cheesecake Factory Phenomenon

Deirdre Maloney | Posted 06.08.2015 | Business
Deirdre Maloney

There's something funny about The Cheesecake Factory. It seems no matter what time you go and no matter which location you visit, there's a wait to get in.

The Blueprint of Business Strategy Is the Business Model

Vala Afshar | Posted 06.08.2015 | Business
Vala Afshar

Osterwalder's mission is to help companies innovate with the best tools using sound business models and value propositions. In order to better understand his vision and mission, I asked Osterwalder to provide a high-level overview of business model innovation.

Communicating: Are Your Employees Afraid to Say What They Think?

Jeffrey Sharlach | Posted 06.05.2015 | Business
Jeffrey Sharlach

The management meeting is coming to close. "Everybody on board with this?" you ask. "Any questions or concerns?" They nod in agreement to the first one. By the time you've gotten to the second question, most have already pulled out their phones to check email.

Argue Like You're Right, Listen Like You're Wrong

Margaret Ruvoldt | Posted 06.04.2015 | Business
Margaret Ruvoldt

If you want to continue to be relevant and innovative, you must be open to new ideas and to voices that improve what you already hold to be true.

Why Society Is Addicted to Awful Organizations

Kylie Dunn | Posted 06.03.2015 | Business
Kylie Dunn

Maybe it's time that, as a society, we admit we don't know how to stop creating and sustaining sucky organizations. At least as individuals, we should admit that we get caught up with our Stage 3 voices, and that those mindsets are never going to move society forward.

The Jenga World of Hiring

Mona Patel | Posted 06.02.2015 | Business
Mona Patel

The incentives to act quickly are there, but is hiring a replacement to fulfill that vacant position really the right move? It's hard to see what you need when you're in recovery mode.

Why Cruel Leaders Get All the Love

Brian de Haaff | Posted 06.02.2015 | Business
Brian de Haaff

Cruel leaders inspire hatred, not love, precisely because they are completely focused on themselves and use others to get what they want. They take what could be a great opportunity to inspire others to be great, and they squander it by being ruthless.

Defense in-Depth Simplified

Richard La Bella | Posted 06.02.2015 | Technology
Richard La Bella

I like things simple. When things are simple they are easier to explain, document, implement, revise and manage. Take defense in-depth. Defense in-depth is a term, which means, security implemented in layers.

The One Word That Honest Leaders Never Say

Brian de Haaff | Posted 05.28.2015 | Business
Brian de Haaff

Did you work for a boss who said "Trust me!" and then went on to hurt you? When this happens, it is not only a sucker punch to the gut. It has lasting implications.

Want to Do Big Things? Make Yourself Small

Dov Seidman | Posted 05.28.2015 | Business
Dov Seidman

It's a question I've been asking myself for years now and one I try to ask the CEOs, business owners and managers I come into contact with. (Notice I didn't say leaders I come in contact with. A title doesn't automatically confer leadership. Too often, it's a quality we take for granted, assuming that authority comes with a position.)

The STBs Will Suck You Dry

Rena DeLevie | Posted 05.27.2015 | Business
Rena DeLevie

Does your career match what you envisioned it would look like? Are there things you expected that haven't happened? Do you torture yourself about those things? They have a name: the supposed-to-bes. I call it the STB tool, and your inner critic uses it to drain your energy and destroy self-love.

Thank You for That!

Rena DeLevie | Posted 05.27.2015 | Business
Rena DeLevie

When I was a teenager, my Grandma would compliment me. I'd answer in my "modest" way and she'd say, "Just say thank you." Her tone was kind and loving, and I did whatever she told me to do anyway, so I started to do it.

Crossing Guards and Project Managers

Rena DeLevie | Posted 05.27.2015 | Business
Rena DeLevie

The silent source of comfort to parents everywhere, the crossing guards are there to make sure our kids cross busy intersections safely. Yes, at first glance they seem to be unnecessary, almost joke worthy.

The Ick of No

Deirdre Maloney | Posted 05.27.2015 | Business
Deirdre Maloney

Last year I stepped into a volunteer leadership position for an organization. I did my best with it, but I really didn't feel useful. Nor did I enjoy it at all. And so when the time came to renew it, I decided not to. But there was one problem.

Management Vs. Labor Is Floyd Mayweather Vs. My Grandma

David Macaray | Posted 05.25.2015 | Business
David Macaray

Working people have no leverage. They aren't allowed to engage in meaningful strikes, they aren't allowed to engage in meaningful boycotts, and they aren't even allowed to keep their jobs during a walkout. Which gives a whole new meaning to the term "stacked deck.

How Chief Digital Officers Transform Businesses

Vala Afshar | Posted 05.26.2015 | Technology
Vala Afshar

Healthcare is undergoing a major transformation and IMS Health, a multi-billion supplier of health care and prescription data along with related services, is responding by putting Chief Digital Officer Richie Etwaru at the helm of a digital transformation effort.

Are You an Ethical Leader?

Michelle McQuaid | Posted 05.22.2015 | Business
Michelle McQuaid

If you're really honest with yourself for a moment how ethical are your leadership behaviors? Are you trustworthy? Do you always show others respect? Are you willing to forgo potential profits if it means looking after the needs of your employees better?

When Your Mind Is Out Of Ideas, Try Your Body

Jessica Wang | Posted 05.22.2015 | Business
Jessica Wang

Most people exercise to clear their minds. I don't. I use this time to meet with myself and to tap into my inner wisdom.

A Day in the Entertainment and Media Business, as Told by My Blood Pressure

Damian Bazadona | Posted 05.21.2015 | Business
Damian Bazadona

When I strapped on the new Apple Watch this past week, I inadvertently got a sneak peek into how much energy it actually takes me to make it through the day. There I was at the end of the day, exhausted, winding down, when I began playing around with the watch.