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Marcus Bachmann

Vote in Lester and Charlie's Annual Prediction Poll

Lester & Charlie | Posted 02.28.2015 | Comedy
Lester & Charlie

For more years than we care to count, you readers have helped us bet on what the big news stories of the next year will be. Sometimes, to our astonishment, we get something right.

'Bachmann Abbey' Photo Features Michele Bachmann's Family's Best Imitation Of The Crawleys

The Huffington Post | Paige Lavender | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) seemed to be channeling the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey in a photo posted to her daughter Sophia's Facebook page...

WATCH: Michele Bachmann Reveals REAL Reason For Retirement

Posted 05.30.2013 | Comedy

Michele Bachmann (Erin Gibson) and her life partner Marcus (Bryan Safi) are back on Funny Or Die for their final (?) video, explaining why Michele is ...

Did Michele Bachmann Get Her Own '50 Shades Of Grey'?

Posted 05.22.2013 | Politics

Politics and romance novels might just make sexy bedfellows. Tréy Sager, author of "Fires of Siberia," joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to explain why ...

Gay Marriage in Minnesota: Another Milestone Is Reached

Michelangelo Signorile | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Michelangelo Signorile

Minnesota's marriage equality win also represents a stinging blow to the anti-gay evangelical right. This is the state that brought us Michele Bachmann, an evangelical Christian who made her political career by pushing boilerplate religious bigotry about gays.

The Daily Double Punch

Lester & Charlie | Posted 04.09.2013 | Comedy
Lester & Charlie

Extraterrestrial Culture Day is coming up next week, so we figured it would be a fitting time to hold up our Romper Room mirror and find what Michele Bachmann has been up to.

Yellow Peril

Lester & Charlie | Posted 01.30.2013 | Comedy
Lester & Charlie

We're surprised it hasn't occurred to them that they could make a lot more money just eliminating the yellow all together. Entering an intersection could be a lot like playing Russian roulette!

Romney: It's Not My Platform...Those Guys Are NUTS!

Andy Ostroy | Posted 08.27.2012 | Politics
Andy Ostroy

So here we have the presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, on the eve of the GOP convention, distancing himself from his party's oppressive platf...

Bachmann Has Been A Swiss Citizen All Along

Posted 05.10.2012 | Politics

Michele Bachmann has been a Swiss citizen ever since 1978, she says now, following reports that she just recently exercised her eligibility for dual-c...

Bachmann Becomes Citizen Of Another Country | TIM MAK | 5/8/12 7:19 PM EDT | Posted 07.09.2012 | Politics

Rep. Michele Bachmann is now officially a Swiss miss. Bachmann (R-Minn.) recently became a citizen of Switzerland, making her eligible to run for o...

WATCH: Kimmel Talks WHCD, Offends Barbara Walters

Posted 05.01.2012 | Comedy

Monday marked Jimmy Kimmel's first night back at "Live!" since hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday, and the comedian took a few min...

California Bill Could Protect Patients From 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

In what could be a potential blow to the "ex-gay" movement, a proposed California bill seeks to protect gay patients from the mental and physical harm...

Lesbian Filmmaker Goes Undercover To Experience Bachmann Clinic's 'Ex-Gay' Practices

Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

Although Marcus Bachmann has continually denied that his Christian counseling clinic practices so-called "pray away the gay" therapy, yet another prom...

WATCH: The Bachmanns Reveal Their Next Plans

Posted 01.05.2012 | Comedy

If there's one reason we're saddened to hear that Michele Bachmann has dropped out of the race for President, it's that we'll miss all the parodies of...

Pictures Of The Bachmanns And Dogs Wearing Sunglasses

Posted 01.04.2012 | Comedy

Before Michele Bachmann dropped out of the GOP presidential race race on Wednesday after the Iowa caucus, her husband Marcus spent the day with anothe...

WATCH: Michele Bachmann And Husband Marcus Dance In Iowa

Posted 01.04.2012 | Politics

Following a speech by Michele Bachmann in Iowa Tuesday night, where results showed her placing sixth in the state's GOP caucus, Bachmann and her husba...

Christina Wilkie

Bachmann Plays The Gender Card | Christina Wilkie | Posted 01.03.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Four of Rep. Michele Bachmann's (R-Minn.) five biological children joined the candidate and her husband, Marcus Bachmann, in Iowa on Tue...

Marcus Bachmann Talks Potential Agenda As First Gentleman

Posted 12.16.2011 | Politics

Michele Bachmann's husband, Marcus, gave some insight Friday into what the U.S. can expect him to pursue as pet causes if he becomes first gentleman. ...

Bachmann Drops Activist's 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Bill

Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

A dispute between Marcus Bachmann and a prominent LGBT activist over unpaid charges for counseling sessions has been resolved. A voice message, le...

Michelangelo Signorile

Rosie O'Donnell No Holds Barred HuffPost Interview | Michelangelo Signorile | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

"I feel super gay!" says Rosie O'Donnell, bursting with pride and attributing it to the fact that she is newly in love, engaged to Michelle Rounds, an...

What Did Rosie O'Donnell Send To Michele Bachmann?

Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

In addition to facing allegations that his Christian clinic endorses so-called "ex-gay" reparative therapy, Marcus Bachmann has been the subject of in...

Ann Coulter Weighs In On Marcus Bachmann's Sexuality

Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

Another day, another controversial soundbite from Ann Coulter. The right-wing pundit, who seems to stir up drama whenever she opens her mouth, will...

After Dropping Out Of GOP Primary, Republican Named 'Least Influential' Person Alive

The Huffington Post | Luke Johnson | Posted 04.26.2013 | Politics

GQ named former Republican presidential candidate and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty as the "least influential" person alive in its December 2011 ...

Bachmann Talks 'Ugly Duckling' Past

Posted 11.28.2011 | Politics

Michele Bachmann might have been a smiley cheerleader in high school, but that doesn't mean she was popular with the boys. "I wasn't invited to my...

Michele Bachmann Addresses 'Submissive Wife' Comments

Posted 11.23.2011 | Politics

Michele Bachmann is still trying to explain the remarks she made at the Living Word Christian Center in 2006, when she told the congregation, "The Lor...