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Mario Batali

Mario Batali Reveals Why He Left 'Iron Chef'

Posted 05.29.2012 | Home

Mario Batali has never been afraid of speaking his mind and we mostly love his off-the-cuff candor (save for maybe the banker-Hitler fiasco of last ye...

Chefs Love Democrats: The Top 15 Chef Political Donations

The Braiser | Posted 07.21.2012 | Home
The Braiser

How do celebrity chefs support political candidates? With fancy dinners? With non-connected joint expenditure committees? With hundred dollar bills baked into pies?

WATCH: Lawrence O'Donnell Rips Fox News Host

Posted 05.17.2012 | Media

Lawrence O'Donnell had some rather harsh words for Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday, after the Fox News host criticized celebrity chef Mario Batali for attem...

Along for the Ride: Caviar and Foie Gras at Petrossian West Hollywood

Andrea R. Vaucher | Posted 07.15.2012 | Los Angeles
Andrea R. Vaucher

When I lived in Paris, my boyfriend and I would go often to A Douchka in the Marais and eat blini after blini topped with those glistening, steel-grey pearls. But it's been awhile since I've indulged in a true caviar-orgy.

Mario Batali Living On Food Stamp Budget For One Week

AP | LEANNE ITALIE | Posted 05.15.2012 | Home

NEW YORK -- To much of the world, it was Monday. To Mario Batali, it was Day Four. The chef, his wife and their two teenage sons are eating for a wee...

Rachael Ray: The Most Media-Covered Food Personality Of The Year?

Posted 05.08.2012 | Home

Who's the food personality with the most media buzz of 2011? It's Rachael Ray, according to calculations by news archive company HighBeam Research. ...

Pig Master April Bloomfield Talks Perfection

AP | MICHELE KAYAL | Posted 05.03.2012 | New York

-- April Bloomfield harbors a deep fear that keeps her from joining the ranks of tattooed top chefs. But it's not the needles that bother her. "I'm ...

WATCH: Mario Batali Cooks Shrimp In 'Crazy Water'

Posted 05.02.2012 | Home

Mario Batali stopped by "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" last night to make shrimp in acqua pazza ("crazy water" in Italian) with Jimmy and Mark Ruffalo...

On Julia Moskin, Celebrity Ghostwriters and the American Love Affair With Self-Deception

Christopher Atamian | Posted 06.26.2012 | Books
Christopher Atamian

I fear that many Americans prefer to live with the illusion that celebrities are truly superhuman, rather than just slightly more gifted people with the power of big corporations -- and a phalanx of editors and ghostwriters -- behind them.

Daring Deals and the Art of Taking Risks

Jeryl Brunner | Posted 06.24.2012 | Home
Jeryl Brunner

I love hearing stories about people who take risks to make life-changing deals. Wasn't it Donald Trump who once said, "Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals. That's how I get my kicks"?

Mario Batali On How To Make Pasta

Food & Wine | Posted 08.31.2012 | Taste
Food & Wine

The satisfaction derived from making something so delicious out of a pile of flour and eggs is incredible, and the difference between that and store-bought 'fresh' pasta is night and day.

WATCH: A Day In The Life Of Mario Batali

Posted 03.27.2012 | Home

Mario Batali is a busy man. He owns an empire of restaurants, hosts "The Chew" and constantly has his hands in various projects and charity events. So...

PHOTOS: Signature Dishes From America's Greatest Chefs

Posted 03.08.2012 | Home

Every year since 1991, the James Beard Foundation picks one chef, out of all the hundreds of thousands in America, to be its Outstanding Chef of the Y...

Batali Settles Worker Lawsuit For Over $5 Million

The Huffington Post | Joe Satran | Posted 03.07.2012 | Home

Mario Batali's long-running legal dispute with workers at his New York restaurants, over improperly withheld tips, is almost over. Law360 reported Tue...

PHOTO: 'The Chew' Hosts Celebrate Presidents Day Rather Literally

Posted 02.17.2012 | Home

Sometimes, a picture is all you need. In honor of Presidents Day, the hosts of "The Chew" are really getting into the spirit. Monday's episode (1pm, ...

Your Start-Up Life: Advice on Work, Life, and Play

Rana Florida | Posted 04.17.2012 | Business
Rana Florida

This week I spoke with food entrepreneur Mario Batali: "Prove you can do something for someone else first and do not be afraid to work well below your pay potential to get essential experience at the ground level. All great workplace leadership positions merit five years of practice."

Mario Batali Makes Homemade TV Dinner Inspired By The 50s

Posted 05.23.2012 | Fifty

Who said you can't enjoy an amazing meal with a TV dinner? In the above video, Mario Batali makes a homemade salisbury steak TV dinner, inspired by th...

Anna Almendrala

Mario Batali On Eataly LA, His Fave Cocktail & Vespa Love | Anna Almendrala | Posted 01.31.2012 | Los Angeles

Who: Mario Batali While he's a New York native (and damn proud of it), we're going to be seeing a lot more of this orange-croc wearing celebrity ch...

Mario Batali's Half-Million Dollar Ponytail

Posted 01.10.2012 | Home

Mario Batali might chop off his trademark ponytail, if the price is right. The chef has partnered with Food & Wine magazine and nine of the country's ...

NYC Chefs: Don’t Frack With Our Ingredients

| Posted 01.05.2012 | New York

By John Farley Move over Mark Ruffalo -- Mario Batali has entered the anti-fracking fracas. As the Jan. 11 deadline for public feedback on hydraul...

Mario Batali Named In Sexual Harassment Suit

Posted 12.23.2011 | Home

Mario Batali is in legal hot water yet again. Fourteen months after being hit with a lawsuit by employees who claimed he and his partners had skimmed ...

WATCH: Weird-Acting Mario Batali's Cooking Tips

Posted 12.14.2011 | Home

The bromance between Jimmy Fallon and Mario Batali is unstoppable. Neither Tracy Jordan's incomprehensible japes nor the horrible sweaters that are ap...

Mario Batali: The Importance Of Family Dinner

Mario Batali | Posted 08.31.2012 | Taste
Mario Batali

Cooking family dinner should start long before bags full of groceries are on the counter. Conversation and democracy are two essential tenets to dining as a family.

Invoking Hitler's Name: A User's Guide

Brandt Goldstein | Posted 01.11.2012 | Media
Brandt Goldstein

On November 9, celebrity chef Mario Batali made the mistake of comparing Wall Street bankers to Hitler. (He also threw Stalin in there, but let's keep this simple.)

Bankers Boycotting Batali Over Hitler Comparison

Posted 01.09.2012 | New York

Celebrity chef Mario Batali compared bankers to some of history's worst dictators Tuesday at a panel discussing who should be 2011 Time's Person Of Th...