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Married Men

Dating Diary 3: When Is a Date Not a Date, But Just Dinner?

High50 | Posted 09.25.2016 | Fifty

A guy I worked with ages ago once told me that if I ever got tired of my husband he'd be right there. Mutual friends had told me Abe had had the hots for me for years.

'Gay Men' Married to Women...

Craig Stewart | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Craig Stewart


Married Men, Please Stop Hitting on Me

Kelechi Ezie | Posted 03.01.2014 | Women
Kelechi Ezie

I want married men to stop trolling single women like me in an attempt to feel relevant and appreciated again. Your wife just texted me -- neither of us appreciate you. Bonsoir.

You Slept With My Stalker?

Mike Diamond | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Mike Diamond

I did have a stalker once, and a friend did sleep with him and tell me about it afterwards. That little factoid proves that there is a dearth of sane, sexy, available men. My stalker was a manic-depressive Brooklyn plumber with one testicle, yet I was still wildly upset when he "betrayed" me.

Muppets and the Married Man

Cameron Frye | Posted 06.26.2013 | Style
Cameron Frye

I don't know why I pick these fools or why these fools pick me, but for some reason, I've evidently turned into the Spanish Fly for married men.

What's Going On When You're Attracted To Married Men

David Wygant | Posted 06.01.2013 | Women
David Wygant

On the surface, he looks like the All-American dad; on the surface, he looks like a great husband; on the surface, he tells everybody that it's OK that his marriage isn't passionate -- he's grown so much as an individual that he doesn't need wild, fulfilling sex anymore. But he's lonely.

The Allure of the Married Man

Ethlie Ann Vare | Posted 05.13.2012 | Women
Ethlie Ann Vare

A wedding ring can turn a certified public accountant into a motorcycle outlaw. You have to -- get to! -- keep secrets and tell lies. Suddenly, your life is filled with intrigue and mystery,

Why'd Your Friends Bail After Your Split?

Nancy Fagan | Posted 11.26.2011 | Divorce
Nancy Fagan

A marriage isn't the only thing that gets torn apart in a divorce, so do friendships. When you officially declare that your marriage is over, some friends not only react out of character (not returning calls), but sometimes disappear from your life without as much as a goodbye.

Note to a Married Man

Lisa Derrick | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Lisa Derrick

Dear Sir: On reflection, given the circumstances to which you are wedded, I must decline your offer to recline, as I feel it is neither prudent nor g...

Infidelity in America: Decades of Cheating and Passing Judgment on Cheaters

Bella DePaulo | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Bella DePaulo

Just how often do married people cheat on their spouse? For decades, social scientists have been asking a representative national sample of Americans ...

The Facebook Other Woman and the Social Networking Casanova: An Old Story, a New Addiction

Ester Amy Fischer | Posted 05.25.2011 | Style
Ester Amy Fischer

What happened to me is that I both fell in love and had my heart broken on Facebook. On Facebook. With someone I'd never met.