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Feds Issued 600 Mine Safety Violations In September

Obama Push To Unclog Backlog Of Contested Mine-Safety Citations Is Backfiring

Coal Giant Cited For Dangerous Mining Violations In West Virginia

'MSHAgate': Massey CEO Accuses Feds Of Lying In Mine Disaster Investigation

Feds: West Virginia Mine Contained Excess Of Highly Explosive Coal Dust Prior To Disaster

Doomed West Virginia Miners Warned Of Coal Dust

Activists Enraged Over Nike's WVU Football Uniform Ad For Allegedly Endorsing Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

West Virginia Mine Explosion Leads To More Enforcement And Disclosure

New Evidence Of Explosive Methane Levels Found In West Va. Mine

West Virginia Mine Explosion Investigator: Methane May Be Bubbling Up

Massey Settles With 4 Families Of Miners Killed In West Virginia Disaster

Surprise! Unannounced Inspections Reveal Coal Mines Still Violating Laws Despite Increased Enforcement

Federal Mine Inspectors Told To Step Up Ventilation Enforcement

Coal Giant: Don't 'Rush To Judgment' Blaming Us For West Virginia Mine Explosion