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Maternity Clothes

How to Buy Maternity Clothes You Won't Hate

The Cut | Posted 09.01.2016 | Style
The Cut

By Izzy Grinspan and Diana Tsui Figuring out what to wear when you're pregnant isn't easy -- not everyone has a bomber jacket sans shirt coupled with...

Best Dressed Bumps: The Most Stylish Celeb Moms and Tips for Getting their Looks

zulily | Posted 04.14.2015 | Style

For your own maternity fashion, moms-to-be should forget everything you think you know when it comes to maternity style! You don't need to hide in black leggings and an oversized top for nine months.

8 Chic Winter Looks for Pregnant Gals

Amy E. Goodman | Posted 02.08.2015 | Style
Amy E. Goodman

When our bodies are morphing seemingly out of control before our very eyes, YES, we want to look good! And we can absolutely do so without spending a small fortune.

What Maternity Clothes Looked Like 60 Years Ago

The Huffington Post | Michelle Persad | Posted 01.30.2014 | Style

It is a common misconception that maternity clothes used to be... well, awful. People think that once upon a time pregnant women only wore oversized s...

Maternity Clothes You'll Want To Wear (Even If You're Not Pregnant)

Posted 01.25.2014 | Style

In the '80s and '90s, maternity clothes meant oversized t-shirts and loose-fitting dresses (a la Princess Diana), but not anymore. Today there are ent...

How to Cope When You Don't Fit into Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

Maia James | Posted 03.18.2014 | Parents
Maia James

In any event, it was great to fit into a pair of pants that donʼt look like my grandmother should be wearing them. Until I saw my husband wearing them.

Is Retail Therapy Tax Deductible?

Cara Paiuk | Posted 03.05.2014 | Style
Cara Paiuk

I went on a bender and it felt so good even though it was so bad. After almost four years of pregnancies, nursing, carrying extra weight from fertility meds, and then delivering twins, I finally lost it. BLACK YOGA PANTS BE DAMNED! It was time to revamp my wardrobe.

PHOTOS: See The Best Pregnancy Style Ever

Posted 06.22.2013 | Style

We've been seeing an awful lot of pregnant celebrities lately, be they royals, actresses, singers or reality stars. Naturally, we're intrigued by the ...

Maternity Style: What to Expect When You're Expecting

Elise Loehnen | Posted 03.18.2013 | Style
Elise Loehnen

I know I'm supposed to take the figure-flattering route with glee, to play up my bump and direct all eyes to the fact that yes, I'm pregnant, but I can't bring myself to do it.

Kate Middleton Maternity Wear?

The Huffington Post | Michelle Persad | Posted 02.28.2013 | Style

What fashion we can expect from the Duchess while she's got a bun in the oven.

High-Maintenance? Who, Me?

Elizabeth Dosoretz | Posted 02.02.2013 | Style
Elizabeth Dosoretz

Thanks to a good friend, I've gained a new appreciation for practical style.

Malin Akerman Is Pregnant And Wearing Leather Pants

The Huffington Post | Michelle Persad | Posted 12.02.2012 | Style

This is one brave woman.

9 Ways To Stay Stylish & Pregnant...While Steering Clear Of This

The Huffington Post | Christina Anderson | Posted 10.11.2012 | Style

I chuckled to myself recently when I caught an episode of "Mad Men" where Trudy Campbell is visibly pregnant. The look was hilarious: Her tops and dre...

Gift Guide: For the Twilight Obsessed

Catherine Moellering | Posted 01.28.2012 | Style
Catherine Moellering

From maternity t-shirts to contact lenses, here's a gift guide sure to warm even a vampire's icy heart.

PHOTOS: Why We Wear Maternity Clothes (Even Though We're Not Pregnant)

The Huffington Post | Anya Strzemien | Posted 10.11.2012 | Style

My greatest talking point of late has been how my coat is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill fall transition coat. Nay, my fall transition coat this y...

PHOTOS: Eco Etiquette -- 10 Surprising Tips For A Green Pregnancy

Jennifer Grayson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Jennifer Grayson

Send all your eco-inquiries to Jennifer Grayson at Questions may be edited for length and clarity. No one would accuse me of...

Forever 21 Maternity Line Launches In States With High Teen Pregnancy

Posted 05.25.2011 | Style

Fast fashion chain Forever 21 is launching a maternity line under the name Love 21 and, for right now, it will be available only in five states: Arizo...