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This Pregnant Orangutan Is Having A Baby Shower, Registered At Target

The Huffington Post | Emily McCombs | Posted 12.15.2016 | Parents

Here at HuffPost Parents, we celebrate parenthood in all its forms, including the beauty of motherhood in the animal kingdom. Which is why we were so...

How to Buy Maternity Clothes You Won't Hate

The Cut | Posted 09.01.2016 | Style
The Cut

By Izzy Grinspan and Diana Tsui Figuring out what to wear when you're pregnant isn't easy -- not everyone has a bomber jacket sans shirt coupled with...

Kerry Washington Just Wore The Cutest Maternity Outfit Ever

The Huffington Post | Jamie Feldman | Posted 08.19.2016 | Style

You know that saying about how some lucky people can wear a paper bag and still look good? We’re sure you already knew that Kerry Washington is one ...

Early childhood development begins with a mother's breast

Flavia Bustreo | Posted 07.29.2016 | Impact
Flavia Bustreo

Exclusive breastfeeding is the best way to give your child a great start in life. We all need to do everything in our power to support women who want ...

The Reality of Premature Birth

Society for Women's Health Research | Posted 07.06.2016 | Healthy Living
Society for Women's Health Research

By The Society For Women's Health Research Mother Gina Schroeder, who delivered at 31 weeks, did not know she was at risk for having a premature baby...

Women in Business Q&A: Cecile Reinaud, CEO & Founder, Séraphine

Laura Dunn | Posted 06.13.2016 | Business
Laura Dunn

Businesswoman, designer and mother Cecile Reinaud is the founder of international maternity fashion label Séraphine, who won the Queens Award for Ent...

Tarot Card Reading for 'Mom to Be' (VIDEO)

Meredith Masony | Posted 05.20.2016 | Parents
Meredith Masony

Having a baby brings a bunch of new surprises. Check out my new video where I give a tarot card reading to a "Mom to Be." Share this with your pregnant friends, or another Mom who can relate to these struggles.

There is NO "Me" time in Maternity Meghann Foye

Meredith Masony | Posted 04.29.2016 | Comedy
Meredith Masony

Meghann Foye was in the New York Post yesterday discussing here belief that all women, whether you have children or not, are entitled to leave the wor...

Mom's Maternity Photos Serve As Touching Tribute To Kids' Late Father

The Huffington Post | Taylor Pittman | Posted 03.07.2016 | Parents

With the help of a photographer, Nicole Bennett was able to pay tribute to her children's late father in a creative and memorable way. In February, Be...

Social Responsiveness: This Week In Daily Giving

Ari Nessel | Posted 01.26.2017 | Impact
Ari Nessel

Around the globe individuals are answering the call of addressing social issues that impact the disadvantaged and underrepresented. Through $1000 seed...

The Majority of Stillbirths Occur in Africa But How Does A Mother Deal With The Loss?

Toyin Ojora-Saraki | Posted 01.20.2017 | Women
Toyin Ojora-Saraki

Nigeria suffers a rate of almost 43 stillbirths per 1000 births, whereas Iceland has a rate of only 1.3 per 1000 births. How can Nigeria simultaneously reduce its stillbirth rate and ensure that the 43 mothers per 1000 births are supported?

Maternity And Loneliness

Chiara Piazzesi | Posted 12.22.2016 | Parents
Chiara Piazzesi

We seem to ignore, or to overlook, that several aspects of the experience of motherhood place a new mother in a state of great loneliness.

Growing Graciously

Carrie Rich | Posted 12.09.2016 | Impact
Carrie Rich

I was headed to the Amani Institute in Nairobi, Kenya after spending the previous week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia visiting Global Good Fund Fellow, Bruktawit Tigabu of Whiz Kids Workshop.

How To Tell A Story With Pictures- A Labor and Delivery Story

Chelsea Hutson | Posted 11.30.2016 | Arts
Chelsea Hutson

Capturing Moments that tell a Story We all have that one friend who shares pictures to social media with an album containing no less than 50,000 pict...

Does Breastfeeding Matter? Graphing the Lives Saved

Melissa Bartick | Posted 11.05.2016 | Parents
Melissa Bartick

Is breastfeeding really being "oversold?" If breastfeeding saves lives, we should see that infant deaths go down when breastfeeding rates go up.

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Is Radiant In White

The Huffington Post | Jamie Feldman | Posted 10.14.2015 | Style

It's been less than two days since Chrissy Teigen announced her highly anticipated pregnancy, and we've already been blessed with her first maternity ...

Government Checks for Stay-At-Home Mothers Part II

Allison Chawla | Posted 09.10.2016 | Parents
Allison Chawla

Many people, no matter how hard they work, do not get the same opportunities as others. They don't get the best of choices. Others get no choice at all. Despite what many of us think or believe, having a choice is a great luxury.

Enigmatic and Sensual: Maternity Boudoir and Why I Love It

Marisa Leigh | Posted 07.29.2016 | Women
Marisa Leigh

I do feel that there is no better purpose to my creativity than capturing the blooming, radiant beauty of women full with the love for their unborn children. I am talking about the trend that is all set to become a rage -- boudoir with the bump!

Kim Kardashian's Sheer Jumpsuit Isn't Your Average Maternity Wear

The Huffington Post | Jamie Feldman | Posted 07.27.2015 | Style

Kim Kardashian's second-time-around maternity style is proving to be sheer perfection. The reality star stepped out with hubby Kanye West on Friday n...

Combating Infant Mortality: The Impact of Maternal Education on Perinatal Outcomes

Rep. Gwen Moore | Posted 06.17.2016 | Parents
Rep. Gwen Moore

The women who need the most guidance and support are often those who have faced the toughest obstacles. To reduce the infant mortality rate and play a part in making our communities stronger and healthier, we must reach out to these women and help them access the healthcare and education they need because it truly takes a village to successfully raise a child.

12 TV Shows To Binge-Watch While On Maternity Leave (If You Have Any Time)

The Huffington Post | Hollis Miller | Posted 06.09.2015 | Parents

Anyone who has been on maternity leave knows that while it's a wonderful time in your life, it's certainly no picnic. Sometimes, in those weeks when y...

Delivery in the Disaster Zone

Nate Clark | Posted 05.04.2016 | World
Nate Clark

According to a hospital director in Nepal: "At the moment of the first tremor, we were performing caesarean sections. We brought the patients outside and successfully completed the surgeries. These doctors and nurses never left the patients."

Why Young v. UPS Is a Big Win for Pregnant Workers

Tom Spiggle | Posted 05.27.2015 | Parents
Tom Spiggle

The case's effects on pregnant workers overall is not immediately clear. But as an experienced attorney dealing with these kinds of cases, I believe that it will ultimately help make the playing field a little more favorable for workers who have faced discrimination.

They Should've Warned Me

Jenny Studenroth Gerson | Posted 12.27.2015 | Parents
Jenny Studenroth Gerson

When I was pregnant, everyone was all about "warning" me about what was coming next. I walked around much of those 10 (let's face it, pregnancy is 10, not nine, months) absolutely terrified.

Great Strides for Women's Health Under the Affordable Care Act

Valerie Jarrett | Posted 03.11.2015 | Politics
Valerie Jarrett

Up until last year, insurance companies could -- and often did -- charge women different premiums than men for the same coverage. As of January 1, 2014, the ACA prohibits this gender discrimination.