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Best Ways To Take In Maui

Findery | Posted 05.08.2015 | Travel

There are many different hotel options for the budget-conscious, but luxury Maui is an experience all onto itself and worth splurging on, if only for a few days in your stay.

Shark Kills Woman Off Maui Coast

AP | Posted 05.09.2015 | Green

HONOLULU (AP) -- A shark killed a 65-year-old woman in an attack off the shore of Maui on Wednesday, officials said. Maui Fire Department said in a...

Eating, Sleeping, Surfing and Zoning out on Maui

John Mariani | Posted 04.27.2015 | Hawaii
John Mariani

If this was the only thing I could have eaten all day, I would have been a very happy man.

Researchers Are Super Excited About This Whale's Penis

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 04.24.2015 | Green

Here's a fun fact: A humpback whale's penis can be up to 10 feet long. Getting a glimpse of the impressive appendage, however, is surprisingly rar...

Money Saving Tips On Maui

Viator | Posted 04.20.2015 | Travel

While this should come as little surprise, one of the best ways to save money in Maui is simply to hang at the beach. Though some people might argue the beach is expensive (after parking, cabana, and drinks), the key to making it a cheap trip is to match the beach with your budget.

Moving to Maui: One Year Later

Kimanzi Constable | Posted 04.07.2015 | Hawaii
Kimanzi Constable

My wife and I decided Maui would be a cool place to vacation. We got off the plane and felt "something" we had no way of explaining. The walk through the semi-open airport alone excited us.

A Taste of Maui

Carly Cylinder | Posted 03.25.2015 | Travel
Carly Cylinder

Three or four nights may not be enough, but you can see a lot in a little amount of time. It was a perfect long-weekend getaway that gave us just what we needed -- a taste of Maui.

The Best Thing You Can Do When Moving to Hawaii

Kimanzi Constable | Posted 05.17.2015 | Hawaii
Kimanzi Constable

One lesson that we had heard, but really saw when we moved here, was leaving the mainland in the mainland. No matter where you moved from, you have to leave that attitude and that way of life there. You have to embrace what Hawai'i is and means. Those that try to bring the mainland here don't last very long.

Solo and Loving it in Hawaii

Fathom | Posted 04.27.2015 | Travel

Forget the notion that Hawaii is only for romance. I let go of the idea that it's a place exclusively for lovers looking to get away, and decided to take a long-desired trip to the islands on my own. It was amazing.

I Can't Find a Place in Maui

Kimanzi Constable | Posted 04.26.2015 | Hawaii
Kimanzi Constable

If it's your dream to move to Hawaii (or any dream destination), you can and should make that dream a reality. I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, and I'm not saying we should overcrowd Hawaii, but dreams are in our mind and heart for a reason.

14 Photos That Will Want to Make You Fly to Maui Now

WHERE | Posted 02.20.2015 | Travel

When you think of Maui, gorgeous beaches with enormous waves that are perfect for surfing come straight to mind. This Hawaiian island has even more to...

The Remarkable Ruins Of Maui's Abandoned Highway

The Huffington Post | Landess Kearns | Posted 02.17.2015 | Travel

Once upon a time, over 500 years ago, the island of Maui was circumnavigated by a vital trade route -- the King's Highway. The road was originally...

10 Hotel Water Parks Your Kids Will LOVE

Oyster | Posted 03.30.2015 | Travel

We scoured the country for hotels that have on-site water parks that are fun for both little splashers and thrill-seeking teens. From Wisconsin to New York to Tennessee, there's a waterslide -- or surf simulator -- with your family's name on it.

Instagram Envy: Grand Wailea, Maui

David Duran | Posted 03.30.2015 | Travel
David Duran

Now when visiting Hawaii, it's pretty hard to take a bad photo of all the island beauty, but don't even need to leave your hotel to get those photos that will cause pure envy.

10 Luxurious Health and Wellness Escapes

Joy Pecknold | Posted 03.21.2015 | Travel
Joy Pecknold

Breaking out of bad habits can be a whole lot easier when you leave regular life behind, especially if you chart a course for one of these 10 hotels and resorts with serious health and wellness programs to help. Raw food or wine therapy? Take your pick.

The Far Side of Paradise

Jim Calio | Posted 03.19.2015 | Travel
Jim Calio

I first learned about Hana some 20 years ago when I was living in Los Angeles and looking for a respite from a high pressure job I'd just finished. I asked around and, lo and behold, it turns out that a lot of people I knew pointed to one place and one place in particular: Hana.

This Humpback Whale Is About To Rock The Boat, Quite Literally

The Huffington Post | Landess Kearns | Posted 01.15.2015 | Green

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? On a Jan. 10 whale-watching tour off the coast of Lahaina, Maui, passengers got more than they bargained...

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to Hawaii

Kimanzi Constable | Posted 01.25.2015 | Hawaii
Kimanzi Constable

If your dream is to move to Hawaii, you can make it work. It may require sacrifice, but all things in life that are worth it do. Have a plan and you'll be fine!

Be Amazed As Surfer Slays Maui's Monster Wave

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 11.18.2014 | Sports

Hawaii's famous surf season just started, but one daring surfing legend may have already won it. On Nov. 12, the remnants of Typhoon Nuri sent a c...

Monsanto, Dow Unit Sue Maui County Over GMO Law

AP | AUDREY McAVOY | Posted 11.14.2014 | Business

HONOLULU (AP) -- Two leading developers of genetically engineered corn have sued Maui County to stop a new law banning the cultivation of genetically ...

John Musker and Ron Clements Chart an Ambitious Course for Moana, Walt Disney Animation Studios' 2016 Release

Jim Hill | Posted 12.20.2014 | Entertainment
Jim Hill

As Ron and John chart a course for their most ambitious animated feature to date through those treacherous, shark-filled waters that are known as modern motion picture production.

Watching the GMO Debate as a New Maui Resident

Kimanzi Constable | Posted 12.15.2014 | Hawaii
Kimanzi Constable

As a new resident, I don't have to right to claim these lands like someone who has loved them for years or was born here. In our short time here, however, this has truly become our "aina" and we have fallen in love with every part of it.

GMOs Attack! The Fight to Protect Maui's Environment from Big Ag

Stephen Henry Fox | Posted 12.09.2014 | Hawaii
Stephen Henry Fox

I do realize the jobs are crucial to those families involved. But the effects of mono-cropping cane and pineapple are well-known to anyone who has a house on lands turned suburban after those agricultural practices have played out.

Maui Mayor: Proposed GMO Moratorium Is Impractical

AP | Posted 12.03.2014 | Green

WAILEA, Hawaii (AP) — A moratorium on genetically modified crops is impractical, incumbent Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa said. A pro...

The E in TEDx Maui 2014

Paul Janes-Brown | Posted 11.13.2014 | Arts
Paul Janes-Brown

The third TEDx Maui is coming on September 28, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 pm at the Castle Theater of the Maui Arts & Cultural Center in Kahului, Maui, HI. ...